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Welcome to Better Earthing – we’re the first and only Australian business to make indoor earthing products in Australia. We’re proud of our practical designs and gently powerful products.

Earthing is a natural, easy way to boost your health and wellbeing. Earthing makes use of free electrons from the earth to rebalance your body. Ever walked barefoot at the beach or on the grass? Then you’ve experienced earthing outdoors.

Indoor earthing products are an easy way to tap into the earth’s energy while resting at home, working at a computer and especially sleeping in bed at night. Earthing can help a surprising number of health conditions. Browse our better health articles, read our product reviews and, of course, try earthing yourself.

What people are saying…

After 4 days of sleeping on your fitted sleep system my arthritic stiffness in my hand and hips had disappeared. It seemed too hard to believe. But now 4 weeks later, all is still good with no arthritic stiffness, and I now know the Earthing sheet did this. I’m also sleeping much better.
Lyn Harris, QLD
I get a little ragged from long working hours and long commutes to work, which can cause me to have a little bit of insomnia or deep sleep issue’s. Also I do physical work which causes aches n pains as one might expect. Having used the earthing sheet for just over two weeks now, I notice a marked improvement in sleep and feel more rested and vital as a result. Less aches and pains too, which is great. And I just feel more grounded, or earthed, if you prefer! My partner is also enjoying the benefits.
Paul Treacy, VIC

See the Power of our Earthing Products

Pain no more

Pain is often the result of underlying inflammation – a joint that is swollen, a nerve that is pinched, or a muscle that is inflamed. Earthing can reduce inflammation dramatically, relieve pain and reduce the recovery time after injury. It has been used by the USA Tour de France team for this reason!

Sleep Better

Thanks to the way it regulates overnight cortisol levels, Earthing helps you sleep more deeply, wake up less frequently, and feel more refreshed in the morning! Cortisol is a hormone produced by our adrenal glands whose functioning impacts on our stress levels and sleep quality.

Better Circulation

Researchers have found that Earthing helps red blood cells flow more freely around the body, which in turn supports blood circulation, improves blood oxygen levels, reduces inflammation and decreases the risk of developing heart disease.