Yes, you can use an electric blanket alongside your Better Earthing sleep system.

Around 30-40 minutes a day is enough to start healing process. However, night-time is when the body does the major work of healing and regeneration, so that’s the optimum time for earthing. We’ve known people who’ve had reduced arthritic pain and improved sleep after only one or two nights of sleeping earthed. Those who have longstanding health issues may also benefit from additional earthing hours during the day such as going barefoot outside where possible or using an indoor earthing mat at work or at home.

Earthing isn’t a “treatment” or cure. When you stop earthing, the improvements you’ve experienced can begin to erode. That’s why it’s best to make earthing part of a healthy lifestyle routine. Even when you’re on holidays there may be opportunities to walk bare foot, or you can even take earthing products with you while you travel. Whether it’s vitamin E from the sun, clean air, or free electrons from the ground, the human body evolved in contact with the earth and we need to keep connected to keep feeling good. Earthing is for maintaining wellbeing, not just regaining it.

Pain is often related to inflammation. When electrons flow into your body from the earth, they help reduce inflammation. Try this simple test. Go outside and find yourself a patch of grass. Take your shoes off and stand, sit or walk barefoot for 30minutes or more. You may start to notice that your pain isn’t so bothersome or is a little less. Indoor earthing products mimic this process so you can be conveniently connected to earth indoors, wherever you sit, work or sleep.

Yes you can. Earthing naturally, and gently reduces joint pain and stiffness by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation in the body. Earthing will have no effect on your prosthesis and when used post-operatively, it can even accelerate the healing of the tissues. Integrative pain and rehabilitation specialist Tina Michaud-Gray, R.N, has been using earthing in combination with Cold Laser Therapy and Ondamed to half recovery time for her patients.

Some people notice tingling, warmth, or a feeling of heaviness in a particular area of their body when they start earthing. Others may not feel anything at all. It is often the case that people who are very healthy don’t notice anything while those who are very ill feel benefits quickly. Wherever you are on that scale, the best way to confirm something is happening is using a multimetre. When you connect your earthing device to the multimetre and place your hand on your earthing product, you’ll see a big reduction in volts in your body (a decrease of 10-40x). This confirms that something is happening. We believe everyone benefits from earthing. Research confirms that earthing is a powerful antioxidant and boosts your immune system. So even if you have great health, connecting to the earth can help you maintain that precious good health, and even act as a form of anti-aging medicine.

Yes, it is safe.

As cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra says ‘grounding is no different than walking barefoot outside on the grass or on the beach, which anyone with a pacemaker is fine to do.’

When we connect with the earth, we bring a gentle flow of electrons into our bodies that neutralise free radicals, reduce inflammation and help us sleep better. No electricity is involved, even with indoor earthing products. Many people with pacemakers sleep earthed indoors and experience benefits from earthing and their medical device. If you have any concerns, check with your doctor and monitor yourself for any symptoms.

In Australia, domestic electrical powerpoints are almost always properly grounded, as electrical mains are required to be earthed by law. If you are concerned that the wiring in your home is incorrect, you can verify this with a qualified electrician. It is also possible to test your earth connection with a socket tester. Contact us for more details.

Yes, you can safely use your Better Earthing Adapter with an extension cord, power board or standard double adapter provided that they are earthed. Just ensure that your extension lead or powerboard has a third pin for earthing. Then use one of our inexpensive multimetres to check that your extension lead or powerboard properly conducts earth. We’ve found that cheap powerboards from China may conduct electricity but don’t transfer earth!  The best way to verify that earth is coming through is with the simple multimetre test as outlined in our Multimetre Guide.

Both the Better Earthing Adapter and Lead have built-in safety resistors totalling 60,000 ohms. This protects against the very rare (or theoretical) event of a power surge via the earth. If the nearby ground were to be struck with lightening only a mosquito bite of electricity could pass through these resistors.

No. Better Earthing Adapters are designed to safely conduct earth not electricity. The top two prongs of our adapter are plastic, instead of metal like a normal plug so no a/c current can pass through.

The best way to check if your products are working correctly is with an autorange multimeter such as the ones for sale in our online shop. See our multimeter guide for instructions.

Better Earthing products work with the powerpoint off. For practical reasons, you can have your powerpoint on should you need to share a wall socket or power board with an electrical appliance. It’s up to you. It will make no difference to your earthing product as our Better Earthing adapter have two plastic prongs and do not conduct electricity. The bottom pin of the adapter is metal which allows the flow of electrons from the earth.

Yes, you can use your washing machine. Wash Better Earthing sleep systems on warm or cold with gentle detergent containing no oils, no bleach or whitening agents. Earth Choice blue coloured laundry detergent is good. Avoid fabric softeners, oxidising soakers (like Napisan) and detergents with whitening agents as these will oxidize the silver and conductivity in the fabric, and void your warranty. Line dry is best, but you can tumble dry on warm for final drying. Do not dry clean. Up to 3% shrinkage is usual with the first few washes. If stains occur, we find leaving some gentle liquid detergent (like Earth Choice blue coloured Laundry Liquid) on areas for an hour or two, then washing should remove them.

That’s your circulation improving. The research studies done on earthing show that contact with the earth improves blood flow around your body. That’s because it gives an extra negative charge to the surface of your red blood cells, which in turn stops them from clumping together and becoming sticky or viscous. One byproduct of this is a feeling of warmth especially in your hands and feet, but also throughout your body.

No. Your bare skin does not need to touch our Better Earthing Mat or Sleep System for it to work. Our products are designed to work through clothing. The slightest of body moisture or humidity in your socks, clothes or sheets creates conductive channels that very effectively pass earth from your Better Earthing product to you. Most other earthing sheets are designed for direct contact with bare skin as they use only 3-4% silver coated fibre. Better Earthing Sleep System has 15-20 x more silver coated fibre (45-60%). By not sleeping directly against your Better Earthing Sleep System, the silver fibre is protected from body oils, which can impair conductivity. We believe this makes for a long-lasting product.

If you do have an injury or pain in a specific area of your body, it may speed up the reduction in inflammation if you put your earthing device nearby. Approximately 60% of our body is water, and that makes it highly conductive. So if any part of your body is on an earthing device, or even touching another person’s skin who is earthing, your whole body will be earthed.

Occasionally when people first start earthing they may feel some temporary discomfort such as achiness or even flu-like symptoms. This feeling typically doesn’t last longer than a few days. It is caused by the release of accumulated toxins in the body. Once the body begins to normalise, you’ll start feeling energised and more rested. If you are uncomfortable, take a break from earthing for 4-7 days, and then begin again. Most people do not feel any discomfort when they first start earthing.

Earthing is completely natural and you can’t really overdo it. Our ancestors were in contact with the Earth 24/7. They walked, sat, and slept on the Earth. They were always in contact with it. When our bodies absorb electrons from the Earth, we’re actually filling up on fuel and we only take as much as we need. Our bodies use electrons in our normal metabolic processes (the basic cellular processes that keep us alive), so there’s always a need for more. If you are taking medications, then it could be possible that your body is functioning better and simply doesn’t need as much medication. The dosage level could now too high. Consult with your doctor and discuss the possibility of reducing your medication. This is especially the case for warfarin, coumadin, glucose medication and thyroid medication. We advise talking with your Doctor and monitoring your medication levels when you begin earthing regularly.

Tingling and warmth are a sign that your circulation is improving. It’s quite normal for people feel this when they start earthing.