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Is c60 a secret to vitality?

Discover c60s potential for anti-ageing and more

Carbon 60

A unique and powerful free radical scavenger


In the Paris University Baati study, rats lived an amazing 90% longer after regularly taking C60-infused olive oil.


C60 is several hundred times more effective than conventional antioxidants.


C60 powder costs more than gold per ounce. Our C60 oils have a minimum of 80mg of C60 per 100ml bottle, the maximum saturation, and strength possible.

DETOXIFICATION C60 can effectively reverse heavy metal toxicity, and protect against pesticide damage.

better earthing carbon 60 oils 3-pack

Better Earthing’s Australian Carbon 60 Oils are:

Organic and cold-pressed to retain their full range of qualities to further enhance the C60 benefits.

Certified Australian-made. Our C60 oils are blended and bottled in Australia, mainly using oils from Australian growers.

Great taste. Add to your food or take directly in your mouth.

Premium Grade. We use ultra-pure, 99.95% solvent-free, research-grade carbon 60 (Premium SES Research brand)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will c60 give me energy?

Some people find they experience more sustained energy throughout the day with C60. For that reason, we suggest taking your C60 in the morning with breakfast or with lunch instead of in the evening.

What is the best way to take carbon 60?

You can add your C60 Oil daily dose to any meal you eat, such as on vegetables or salad once served onto your plate. Or simply take the dose directly into your mouth using a spoon, the small measuring cup we provide, or a dropper.

We suggest taking your C60 with or around a meal.

How much C60 should I take?

Dose guidelines should be relative to your body size and weight. Research shows that an average 60-70kg person would benefit from a dose of 4-5ml, so about a teaspoon each day (see bottom of this page for studies). If you have a sensitive body, you may wish to start with a smaller dose, like 1-2ml initially, then increase the daily dose as you wish (in the following days, weeks, or months as you find comfortable). Like many antioxidants and supplements, there can still be great value in taking a small daily dose ongoing.

How often should I take C60?

While there are good guidelines on dosage, there is no specific data saying how often. We do know that C60 will last within the body for between 24-36 hours before exiting the body. One dose a day, say with a morning meal, is probably the easiest. However, if you prefer to split the dose and have your daily amount spread between breakfast and lunch, then please do so. We know some people who feel a need for more and take it twice or even three times daily, particularly if they are having a busy day.

When will I notice something after taking C60 regularly?

For some, an effect can be felt immediately. For others, it may take weeks or longer and can be more subtle. We are all so different and have different physiologies and health challenges. Our general rule is to stick with something that works on a cellular level for 3 to 4 months and then reassess. 90-120 days is the lifespan of red blood cells, so really to make a significant change on this level we need to do something consistently for at least this period of time.

Can I give C60 to my pet?

Yes, the oils used and the C60 could well benefit your pet in the same way they can benefit humans. Chacha, our Cavoodle at Better Earthing has been enjoying C60 in her breakfast. She weighs 7kg, so we give her 1/10th of a 70kg person’s daily C60 dose, about 0.5 ml or 10 drops.

Can I take C60 if I am pregnant?

There is always a need to proceed with caution when considering pregnancy. This is not because there is any data suggesting a problem. We simply don’t know. There is no long-term research looking at the use of C60 during pregnancy and so we suggest you avoid the product if you are pregnant and get advice from your health practitioner.

Are they any risks from taking carbon 60?

While more research is needed to fully understand all aspects of Carbon 60, early research and anecdotal evidence suggest that C60 offers health benefits in the areas of mental clarity, energy, and relief from pain. Always check the quality of the Carbon 60. Low-grade carbon 60 is a potential risk, and should not be used by humans. We use ultra-pure pharmaceutical-grade C60 in our products.

How should I store my C60?

As a powerful antioxidant, the C60 formulations are very stable and will not degrade easily. However, we suggest you always make sure the cap is on the bottle firmly and it is stored in a cool, dark place. There is no need to store it in your refrigerator. Too much light exposure can degrade both the oil and the C60. To mitigate the risk of damage we supply our C60 in amber glass bottles. We suggest that you store your C60 in a cupboard away from sunlight, and consume it within 3 months.

How long will Better Earthing’s carbon 60 oils keep for?

One of the helpful properties of carbon 60 is that it is a very powerful antioxidant. With this in mind, our C60 will be very stable for a long time simply due to the fact that the oil is protected by the carbon 60 molecule. This product has a best before use date of 2 years, and when unopened and stored well may maintain full potency for longer. As with any high-quality oil, we suggest that once opened your C60 would ideally be consumed within 3 months.

How is Better Earthing’s C60 made, where is it from?

The C60 used in our formulations is the purest pharmaceutical grade of solvent-free C60 by the highly respected SES laboratory in the USA. This lab has been involved with the Fullerene/C60 academic and research industry since 1991 and is a leader in the field.

What do Better Earthing’s different c60 oils taste like?

The hemp seed oil we use is cold-pressed, full-spectrum, and has a buttery finish with slightly nutty tones.
The olive oil we use is cold-pressed extra virgin and has an exceptionally smooth & fruity flavour. It is from olive varieties popular in Greece for producing superb oil for all occasions. 
Black seed oil can be quite strong and “peppery” on its own, for this reason, we blend it with hemp seed and olive oils to craft a smooth, yet tantalising flavour that tingles your tastebuds. It has a slightly peppery finish, which balances the other oils in this blend and helps cleanse the palate.
Add to your steamed vegetables or salad to take advantage of each unique flavour.

Experience C60

Carbon 60 Research

C60 is a unique and potent free radical scavenger that has the ability to both donate electrons and accept protons.

As a very small molecule, C60 can enter all parts of your body including passing through the blood-brain barrier and even into the mitochondria (tiny powerhouses of cellular energy). Each carbon 60 molecule is roughly 0.6-1 nanometre in diameter – that is really small!

Research into carbon 60 is ongoing and spans many industries and a very wide range of health topics from Alzheimer’s to liver health to arthritis and cancer. As with many “natural substances”, there are studies with positive and negative outcomes. We’ve summarised some of these below. In time, we feel confident that research will uncover more ways people are benefiting from this “magic molecule”.

Anti-Aging & Longevity

C60 hit the spotlight in 2012 when a study by Baati showed an almost doubling of the lifespan in rats given C60 in olive. Modeling shows the potential for C60 can enter the mitochondria, improve cellular metabolism and decrease ROS production (associated with ageing). However studies on mice in 2020 and 2021 got mixed results for lifespan and were critical of purity of some C60 products on the market.


Carbon 60 is a highly potent antioxidant. Research about its antioxidant properties includes a 2018 study comparing it with better known antioxidant nutrient NAC (N-acetylcysteine) for relief from muscle fatigue, a 2009 study on its ability to reduce damage from ionizing radiation, and a 2013 study considering C60’s potential as a novel treatment for intervertebral disc degeneration.

Cognitive Health / Memory

Studies on rats in 2012, 2014, and 2017 show potential for C60 to support cognitive health and memory, and lessen amyloid plaque that plays a role in Alzheimer’s. 

Fortify and strengthen Cartilage and Bones

C60 shows potential to protect against cartilage damage, and have an anti-inflammatory effect in arthritis in three small animal studies between 2013 and 2019.

Hair loss

A 2019 study on mice showed promise with stimulating hair growth, even with a topical application. There is yet to be a trial on humans.

Cancer treatment

There have been four small studies (mice, rats, invitro) between 2014 and 2020 with results including shrinking of tumors in mice, aiding the body’s immune cells to fight cancer, C60 works synergistically with Doxorubicin, and improves recovery from liver cancer in rats.

RoundUp Toxicity

Herbicide chemicals such as glyphosate have made their way into our food chain and have the potential to do significant harm. This 2021 study found promise in using C60 to deal with this pervasive environmental toxin.

Fighting against Bacterial infection

A 2001 study with mice showed C60 offered protection from Streptococcus pyogenes infection, the more C60 the better.

Liver Damage/Heavy Metal toxicity

A 2018 study showed a reduction in heavy metal toxicity from cadmium with C60 in rats.


The results from a 2103 study suggest C60 as a possible candidate for the development of novel anti-influenza drugs.

Muscle Fatigue

Studies in 2017 and 2018 on rats showed increased muscle endurance and quicker recovery time with use of C60.

Provide Protection Against the Sun

Early research on mice and human tissue shows C60 has the potential to protect against UVA and UVB.