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Earthing Case Studies

Read case studies with Better Earthing customers who found that regular earthing had a major impact on their health from improved sleep to less pain to relief fom eczema.

Grounding Earthing for Autism Case Study

grounding earthing for autism

When Chris heard of earthing, he immediately thought of his 11-year old son Thomas who has autism and sleep issues from an early age. Thomas experienced dramatic improvements in sleep, social interaction and communication after earthing overnight for 6-months and…

Feeling Free from Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Grounding for Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief

Bettina’s daughter Mariah (age 24 years) has had a difficult time with her health. She developed social anxiety at age 10, put on weight, got Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis onset at age 15, and Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 22. At age 24,…

How Earthing Improved My Child’s Sleep – Case Study

Child Sleeping Earthing

Paula, mother of two, used to feel awful waking up her 14-year-old daughter Ella for school. At 6AM, her daughter looked as tired as when she went to bed the night before. Paula felt terrible having to drag her child…

Eczema and Earthing – One Child’s Story of Recovery

eczema and earthing

Eczema or dermatitis is a skin condition that affects 1 in 4 Australian children under the age of two according to dermatologists. It can range from mildly irritating to very severe with red blisters that cause itching and bleeding. Brandi’s…

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