Earthing 101

Get the low-down on what Earthing is, where you can do it, and how it benefits your health in these articles.

Earthing or Grounding Helps Premature Babies

A new study carried out at Penn State Children’s Hospital has found that earthing may help to lower the risk of disease and improve outcomes Read more

Watch an Uplifting Earthing Documentary

If you are new to earthing or simply curious to know more, you’ll likely enjoy watching an earthing documentary. To date, three have been created Read more

Barefoot Healing or Earthing in Ancient and Modern Times

At its simplest, earthing or grounding is the act of walking barefoot in nature. Through this essential act of touching the earth with our skin, Read more

Study Finds Earthing Helps Reduce Exam Stress

Taking exams is a major part of being a student, and it is normal to feel stressed around exam time. A little pressure can be Read more

6 Ways to Relax with an Earthing Pad

Not getting enough relax and recharge time? An earthing pad can give you a deeper relaxation experience.

Some days it can be hard to switch off. When Read more

Healthy Ageing: 9 Reasons to Make Earthing A Part of Your Lifestyle

Ageing is a natural process that cannot be controlled or prevented. Healthy ageing, on the other hand, is deliberate. It requires making correct choices and Read more