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Category Earthing

Earthing 101

Get the low-down on what Earthing is, where you can do it, and how it benefits your health in these articles.

Why Electrons and ATP Energy are Vital to your Immune


Think you are busy. Your cells certainly are. Right now, thousands of Mitochondria (tiny organelles) inside each cell of your body are working tirelessly to create fuel or energy. That fuel is called Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP. The average cell…

Grounding Earthing for Autism Case Study

grounding earthing for autism

When Chris heard of earthing, he immediately thought of his 11-year old son Thomas who has autism and sleep issues from an early age. Thomas experienced dramatic improvements in sleep, social interaction and communication after earthing overnight for 6-months and…

Better Earthing featured in The Sunday Age and The Sun Herald

Peter & Corrina Founders of Better Earthing

Better Earthing cofounders Corrina & Peter Griffiths were interviewed for 2019 Australia Day, Australian-Made Advertising Feature in Melbourne’s Sunday Age and Sydney’s Sun-Herald. Here is the article plus a “behind-the-scenes” photo that didn’t make it into the paper (scroll down…

9 Reasons to Introduce Your Mother to Earthing

9 Reasons to Introduce Your Mum to Earthing

Using nature to improve your mood and wellbeing is something that comes naturally to most of us. Who doesn’t enjoy a walk at the beach, listening to birdsong, or having a picnic in the great outdoors? Mother Earth impacts our…