Now I Can Get My Anti-Inflammatories via Earthing – Steve’s Story

After a very uncomfortable flight home from Thailand, Steve, an earthing sceptic aged 65, was left with severe inflammation in the neck and shoulders. He says ‘the pain radiated out from the top of the spine and out across the shoulders’ and was ‘about an 8 or 9 out of 10’ on the pain scale (with 10 being the highest). The doctor recommended prescription anti-inflammatories and opiate-based painkillers, which Steve took daily to manage the pain.

Though sceptical, Steve decided to give earthing a try.

He says: ‘The first night I used an earthing mat while sitting in a chair and didn’t feel any benefits. The second night I slept on it in the bed and yes I felt a difference.’

When he woke up after the second night, the pain and stiffness was 90% gone!

He found he could stop taking the prescription anti-inflammatories and pain-killers.

He invested in an earthing undersheet. He says ‘this helped bring the inflammation under control. I was then able to discover that the flight had upset the vertebrae in my neck. I’ve since had treatment for that too. Though the pain hasn’t gone entirely, I’m still not taking any pain killers or other medications.’

His wife Carolyn also experienced relief from stress-related tension in her neck and shoulders, that interfered with sleep. Steve says: ‘Now she very rarely takes painkillers before going to bed, whereas before she was taking over the counter painkillers every night just so she could sleep.’

During her first week of sleeping on the earthing undersheet, Carolyn gradually stopped taking painkillers and now takes them rarely.

It’s been 3 months now since Steve and Carolyn started earthing. They are experiencing a new normal with significantly less pain and little or no need for medication. It’s easy for them to forget how they felt before they started. Steve says just the other night my wife said about the earthing undersheet – this thing doesn’t do anything. But I reminded her of the painkillers that she stopped taking and better sleep she is having, and she said, mmmh you are right, it does work.’

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