Earthing or Grounding Bedding Compared

grounding bedding compared

Looking for a quick way to compare different earthing or grounding bedding on the market?

This infographic answers six important questions:

  • How long will it last?
  • How well will it earth when new and over time?
  • How easy is it to use and care for?
  • How easy is it to damage?
  • How comfortable is it?
  • Is it hygienic between washes?

It compares Premium Better Earthing Underlays (made with stainless steel filament and naturally antibacterial), 3-5% silver earthing sheets and black carbon coated PU (Polyurethane) earthing sleep mats.

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grounding products infographic

A little about us:

Better Earthing has been making earthing products since 2015 and has amassed a wealth of knowledge about different strengths and weakness of conductive materials for earthing, how they last over time and what makes them break down.

We’ve made it our mission to make long-lasting earthing products starting with our underlay design.

In 2014, when only earthing sheets were sold worldwide, we designed the world’s first earthing underlay. Our first custom-made fabric combined silver-coated fibre and Tencel / Lyocell (a sustainably produced fabric that is soft and strong), with silver-coated fibre as 50% of the fabric composition. Back then, the only alternative were grid-appearance cotton earthing sheets with silver-coated fibre in 3-5% of the fabric.

Since 2016, we’ve manufactured earthing products for Europe’s two most reputable and long-term earthing product distributors, Earthing People Sweden and Earthing Netherlands. Europeans love quality!

Then we released our innovative Premium bedding range with a 5-year warranty. This patented fabric was 2-years in the making and is well-suited to heavy sweaters, and people who don’t want to be concerned about using magnesium products, essential oils, creams and lotions before bed (for whom silver is less suitable). We expect this range to last at least 15 years for the average person. This is a big record in earthing product longevity!

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