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Can I use an electric blanket with my earthing sheet?

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Yes, you can use an electric blanket alongside your Better Earthing underlay sheet.

Actually it can be beneficial as earthing shields the body from AC electrical fields. With a multimeter, you can see the volts in your body go up when you sit on an electric blanket. Earthing brings those volts down.

We suggest placing your earthing underlay over the top of the electric blanket and then having the regular cotton sheet that you sleep on as the top layer.

The earthing strength will likely be a little weaker for the first 30 minutes with your electric blanket. Then it will return to normal. That’s because electric blankets will dry out the regular cotton sheets on top. When you get into bed, just the slightest of moisture from your body will go back into the regular cotton sheets being slept on (usually within 30 minutes of being in bed). This tiny amount of moisture creates tiny conductive channels for free electrons to travel through.