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How do I set up my grounding product?

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Connection to the earth is essential for grounding as that is how the electrons from the earth flow into your product.

We supply an earthing adapter plug and a lead to connect to your grounding product with almost all of our products.

To connect your product to ground using the adapter and lead provided:

1/ Snap connect the lead onto the metal press stud on your product.

2/ Plug the other end of the lead into Better Earthing adapter. Note in Australia and New Zealand, all power outlets are grounded by law. In other countries, you may need to test your power outlet to ensure it is working for ground first.

Better Earthing adapters only connect into the ground port. The power switch can be turned off or on as no electricity is used. We have a 50,000 Ohm safety resistor in our grounding lead plus fine wire, like fuse wire. Not even a mosquito bite of electricity could pass through this resistor. That means you can leave your Better Earthing products plugged in all the time.

Alternatively, you can connect your grounding product to the earth with a grounding rod or metal stake placed in the dirt outside your window or door.

Purchase a grounding rod kit separately. Our ground rod kits come with either a 6-metre or 15-metre UV resistant outdoor lead that fits onto the rod. You insert your indoor earthing lead into the outdoor lead. You can use a splitter or 4-way box to connect multiple products to a single ground rod.

Note if you live in an apartment or double-storey home, it may not be practical to use a grounding rod.

In the vast majority of instances, the experience of earthing or grounding via the wall outlet is the same as using a grounding rod.