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I’m taking several types of medication and have a serious health issue – will I feel better with earthing?

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Earthing can improve the functioning of the body in many ways. That in itself is good. However, one byproduct could be that a specific medication dosage may become too much. Symptoms of overdose could appear. In the case of a single medication, it is easier to notice and remedy this situation. But in the case of multiple medications, the situation can get complex as different medications interact with each other as well as Earthing. That’s why we recommend that you do not begin Earthing until you have spoken with your Doctor or health professional. They will need to closely monitor your medication and you may need to visit them more regularly for at first. We advise that you report any unusual reactions to your doctor. She or he has your health as their first priority and we recommend that you follow their advice even if they say no to earthing due to unfamiliarity with it.