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Should I leave my earthing product plugged into the power point when not in use?

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Yes, you can leave your earthing products plugged all the time. They do not use any electricity, only earth.

The power switch can be turned on or off. Either way, no electricity gets into the product. The top two prongs of Better Earthing adapters are non conductive plastic and only the third (earth) pin is metal.

You might like to know that Better Earthing leads have a 50,000 Ohm safety resistors plus fine wires like fuse wire.

In the very rare and theoretical event of lightning striking to the ground nearby, the power surge would need to bypass the building safety surge protectors in order to travel up the building’s earth wire system to reach the fine wires in the lead and then the safety resistor. The fine wires would burn out acting as the first barrier. The safety resistor acts as a second barrier – barely a mosquito bite of power could pass through this resistor.

It is certainly far more convenient to leave your product plugged in. But you can unplug in the event of an electric storm for extra peace of mind.