This Earthing Movie is One of the Best So Far

Grounding Movie

The long-anticipated Earthing Movie has had its full-feature debut in the USA and for an available to stream for free online with no ads.

You can watch below or watch on vimeo.

This documentary, by Josh & Rebecca Tickell of Big Ranch Pictures, combines interviews with experts with real-life stories from people whose lives have been transformed by earthing. It includes has compelling testimonials from educators of children with autism, families with members facing multiple sclerosis, health challenges related to wheelchair users and more.

This movie gives an excellent explanation of what earthing or grounding is and how it works.

The movie includes interviews with Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Stephen Sinatra, Dr Laura Koniver and more. Click the play button below to watch the full-length documentary.

Watch in full screen by clicking the expand icon next to the word Vimeo in the bottom-right of the screen.

What is Earthing or Grounding?

In simple terms, earthing is being in conductive contact with the earth, and you can experience it immediately by putting your bare feet on the grass or soil. The positive health benefits of earthing include reduced chronic inflammation, pain, stress, plus improved sleep, cardiovascular function, blood pressure and more.

Why does earthing work for so many health conditions?

Earthing combats inflammation and most health problems today begin from hidden inflammation in the body that later manifest as disease. Find out more about earthing and inflammation including a list of inflammation-related health conditions.

In the earthing movie, Clint Ober (modern-day earthing pioneer) argues that lack of earthing is the root cause of too much inflammation in the body.

He explains that since the 1906s with the invention of synthetic sole shoes, we have become disconnected from the earth’s surface and are cut-off from the earth’s reservoir of inflammation-neutralising electrons.

Are you an Earthing Sceptic?

Think that earthing sounds strange or far-fetched? In the earthing movie, Clint Ober himself admits he questioned the theory of earthing for 20 years because, as he says, it sounded absurd. But the idea stuck. After a health crisis and return to health courtesy of earthing, Ober began a 20-year journey into understanding why and how earthing works, and attracted the attention and interest of scientists along the way.

The Science behind Earthing or Grounding

There are now 21 published studies on earthing in peer-reviewed journals. Earthing or grounding is a scientifically-supported health practice, albeit not yet mainstream.

One of the strengths of the earthing movie is the way it answers fundamental questions like:

• Why does earthing help with so many health conditions?
• How does the body absorb free electrons from the earth?
• Can we measure free electrons in the body?
• How does the earth’s surface get its negative charge?

Long-term earthing enthusiasts and those new to earthing will appreciate the answers, which include visual diagrams and animations along with simple scientific explanations.

The Earthing Movie Addresses Increasing Concerns about EMFs

We spend more and more time on our electronic devices, bathed in wifi networks, and the wiring in our homes, plus the power stations nearby that power our devices. This electromagnetic radiation is absorbed into our bodies.

The earth has a built-in system to helps discharge this.

The surface of the earth has a negative charge and when we touch it accumulated positive charge reduces. You can measure this.

In the earthing movie, Clint Ober stands barefoot on the ground holding an electrical meter that shows his body is conducting energy. Next to him is a man wearing rubber-soled shoes, who is insulated from the earth (the meter light is not lit). When Ober, who is grounded, touches the man, the meter lights up for the man wearing rubber-soled shoes, as he is receiving the earth’s energy from Ober.

You can do this test at home with a multimeter by attaching one lead on the multimeter to an earthing stake or metal rod planted in the ground, and holding the other lead and comparing your reading unearthed with shoes versus earthed barefoot without shoes. You’ll see a measurable drop in unnatural AC volts in your body when earthing.

Where does the earth’s negative charge come from?

• The suns rays hit the ionosphere layer of our earth’s atmosphere
• The rays split molecules into negative charge called electrons and positive charge called protons.
• When the electrons reach a certain mass, they are released down to the earth’s surface in the form of lightning.
• Repeated lightning strikes give the earth its plentiful source of negatively charged electrons.

When our bodies are grounded to the earth, we absorb these electrons and store them for later use.

How does the body store the earth’s electrons and how does it use them?

According to James L Oschmann, PhD Biophysicist & Author of Down to Earth, electrons are stored in our body inside our collagen molecules. He says:

One of the most abundant proteins in the body is collagen. It’s the building block of our tissues, and we have gazillion collagen molecules in our bodies. They are all embedded in a gel. This gel has a huge surface area and it absorbs electrons and releases them when you have an injury.

Importantly the body uses electrons to resolve inflammation.

White blood cells release free radicals and the inflammation site. They chew up any pathogens, bacteria or dead cells. They clear the area – called the repair field or the place that needs to be repaired. Without earthing, some of the free radicals that are released into the repair field, leak into the surrounding tissue. If there are not enough free electrons there to reduce the remaining radicals, they are going to steal an electron from a healthy cell and in the process damage it. Then the message goes out to the immune system and then another neutrophil does the same thing – eliminate it – and then you have a chain reaction.

Electrons also play a role in energy production within the body. As Oschmann says:

You need electrons for energy. It’s called the electron transport chain in mitochondria. It generates adenosine triphosphate or ATP. It’s the energy molecule in the body. I tell athletes before an event to stand barefoot 15mins in the grass and you will charge up your electron stores, and should you fall down, and athletes fall down, you will not have inflammation at all.

He goes on to add that our bodies absorb the earth’s free electrons really quickly.

We tried to figure out how much charge the body takes in when you touch the earth. What happens is the body saturates itself with electrons practically instantaneously. It is so fast that you can’t measure it. Electrons from the earth enter the body right away and they coat the red blood cells so that the cells repel each other And then they can’t clump, and the blood viscosity goes down. Its easier for the heart to pump the blood. The blood pressure goes down. All sorts of cardiovascular issues, they go away.

The easy passage of electrons around the body may be one of the reasons why earthing can help so many of the body’s systems.

Curious to try earthing?

Weather permitting, the easiest way is to start earthing is to slip off your shoes and take a barefoot stroll outside on the grass or soil. In 15minutes, you may notice some relaxation, tingling or a general feeling of wellbeing. You can earth for longer (1-8 hours or more) with an indoor earthing product that is connected to the earth via a lead while you are sitting or sleeping indoors. Find out more about earthing products here. There are options for the office, relaxing at home, sleeping and more. Dr Mercola enjoys it so much that he grounds 95% of the day, as he says in the earthing movie.

Earthing Research

Oschman J, Chevalier G, Brown, R. ‘The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease’ Journal of Inflammation Research, 2015. March 24.

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