6 Ways to Relax with an Earthing Pad

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6 Ways to Relax with an Earthing Pad

Not getting enough relax and recharge time? An earthing pad can give you a deeper relaxation experience.

Some days it can be hard to switch off. When the moment to relax finally arrives, those background stress, aches or pains can come into sharper focus. Annoying!

Earthing can help our mind-body let go.

Within 4 seconds of earthing, muscles start to return to their natural tension, and the calming mode of your nervous system kicks in. Within 30-120 minutes, you may experience pain relief and better blood flow, especially with regular use. See other earthing benefits here.

A nice bonus is that pleasant feeling of wellbeing.

More than relaxation alone, earthing improves our mood.

The great thing is you can earth while doing other things you enjoy like meditating or reading a book or simply through putting your feet up and watching a movie or show.

Here are some of the ways we use an earthing pad at home.

  • Put Your Feet Up on an Earthing Pad

I like to do this with a cup of tea and a good book!

In cooler months, slip on some big comfy socks as our Better Earthing Pads are highly conductive for earthing and work through clothing.

Put your feet up and relax with an earthing pad

  • Meditate on your Earthing Pad

Some people find their meditation practice is deeper while earthing. It’s subtle, but we notice it. It may be because earthing helps activate the calming mode of our nervous system. You can read more in our article How Earthing Calms Your Nervous System.

Meditating on a Better Earthing Pad

  • A Catnap (or Dognap)

Cats are the masters of the day-time nap. Your furry friends can show you how!

A note of caution. Your cat or dog may well claim your earthing pad as their own. Honey-bear and Pixie-boo (pictured below) sleep on a pale aqua earthing pad every night. As all pet owners know, a happy pet makes for a happy owner. And hearing your cat purr can help us relax more.

Cats napping on a Better Earthing Pad

  • Take a Nap on your Earthing Pad

Studies show that a 15-minute nap during the day can actually increase your ability to focus and get things done. Many countries in Europe and Asia have long practised this, with businesses shutting down for lunch breaks that include a meal and a nap to recharge.

Taking a Nap on a Better Earthing Pad

  • Use With Your Laptop Entertainment and Reduce EMFs

If you like surfing the web or watching a movie with your laptop, there are extra benefits while earthing with this pad. When earthing you benefit from the earth’s free electrons and are effectively shield from low-frequency EMFs (from AC electricity). In addition, this earthing pad is made from double layer fabric with a high EMF shielding rating that blocks out over 99.5% of mobile and WiFi EMFs from devices in direct line with the fabric.

Laptop Relaxation with a Better Earthing Pad

You can fold the earthing pad in half so it takes up less space on your lap. Handy on warmer days!

Laptop Lap Pad for Earthing

  • Or Simply Sit on an Earthing Pad & Relax

Sometimes the best way to rest is just to sit and watch the world go by. On a lazy afternoon, I like to take an earthing pad out on the deck and watch the birds go about their day.

How could you use an earthing pad to relax?

Relax with an Earthing Pad

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