Eczema or dermatitis is a skin condition that affects 1 in 4 Australian children under the age of two according to dermatologists. It can range from mildly irritating to very severe with red blisters that cause itching and bleeding.

Brandi’s daughter Evie developed eczema rashes on her feet, hands and on the back of her knees at 6-months of age. As it worsened, her sleep and health deteriorated. Her parents started a complex treatment regime of steroid creams and body wraps with limited results. The impact of eczema on her life was profoundly negative. She wasn’t able to swim or play outdoors with friends. Her clothing choices were restricted. With school on the horizon, there was a risk it would get worse.

Severe eczema in school-aged children can cause embarrassment and be an occasion for teasing or bullying, which in turn can cause social isolation.

This was not the case for Evie, whose health was transformed through a combination of allergy testing, dietary changes and earthing.

This is her story.

Brandi says ‘from about the age of 6-months to 5-years Evie’s eczema was really quite severe. And when I say severe, I mean covered from head to toe in what looks like burns, red lumps, scars and itchy rashes. The impact on her quality of life was massive.’

‘We’d have to put steroid creams on the inflamed areas because she would just scratch them until they bled and she would end up with open sores. We’d wrap up those inflamed areas every day and rewrap them just so she couldn’t scratch them. This was so we could try and heal those open sores.’

‘She would sleep from head to toe in a one-piece suit with scratch wings covering her hands so she couldn’t scratch, and a zip at the back so she couldn’t get it off. The itch was so intense that she would try to rip her clothes off to scratch those itchy spots.’

‘It was all related to allergies.’

‘In July 2015, we did allergy testing and learned all of the things she was allergic to – cow’s milk, peanuts, wheat, eggs, bananas, dust mites, dogs and more. The list was endless.’

‘We eliminated everything we could from the environment because she was also getting contact allergies via her skin.’

Ed: Our skin is the first line of defence from air-born toxins in the environment and harmful bacteria. When our skin’s protective system goes into overdrive, and inflammatory skin conditions like eczema can arise.

‘We put an air conditioner in her bedroom, which in summer was quite a relief because she was cool enough to be able to sleep fully clothed.’

‘Then the doctors said they thought Evie would go downhill when she started school because she would be exposed to more allergens, plus the stress of the new environment would take a toll on her immune system.’

‘So we had interviews with the teacher about what sort of support mechanisms we could put in place. We expected she would have a bit of a rough time.’

‘It was just by chance that my Mom mentioned earthing to me. We were at a point where we would give anything a go.’

‘We started her with a Better Earthing undersheet in around January 2016. I think it was three to four weeks before she started school.’

‘We kept watching the eczema, expecting to get worse. But it stayed the same.’

‘And then (after a couple of months), the eczema gradually became less and less. I realised she’s actually going to be okay!’

‘And even to this day she is still getting better!’

‘Now, the eczema is predominantly on her feet, hands and on the back of her knees only, which was originally where it first started five years ago. Her torso is completely clear, and so are her legs and arms. Her skin is creamy and soft. Before it was rough, scaly and cracked. Her overall health is good. She has good colour and energy again.’

‘Nowadays she sleeps right through the night, wearing normal pyjamas (no more one-piece suit). She even seems to be tolerating her feet and arms being exposed.’

‘The earthing undersheet has been on the bed 9-months now and the change has been slow, but significant.’

Evie gets to do fun things just like a regular child now. On a recent family holiday, she went swimming in a chlorinated pool with minimal flare-ups. This wouldn’t have been possible the year before.

Early research on earthing and inflammation showed that healing was faster and chronic inflammation was less with subjects who earthed overnight while they slept. Find out more about earthing and inflammation. Or browse earthing products for daytime and nighttime use in our earthing shop.