Premium Earthing Grounding Bedding by Better Earthing

These are the most advanced and durable earthing sheet underlays or undersheets in the world. They are backed with a 5-Year warranty and will outlast every other earthing sheet, earthing sleep system or earthing sleep mat worldwide. They are also antibacterial for ongoing hygiene.

This patented Better Earthing fabric took us over 2 years to develop and includes solid medical grade stainless steel filament plus antibacterial German-made fibre. Our fabric is certified to reduce MRSA bacteria by over 99.94%. Much lower cost fabrics using 3 to 8% antibacterial silver coated fibre will not antibacterial results such as this. This fabric underlay is made to maximise earthing conductivity from the robust metal, and yet still be flexible with a linen-like feel.

Our premium earthing sheet underlay range is available in Super King, King, Queen, Double, King Single, custom sizes, plus Universal flat sheet sizes and pillowcases.

Earthing bedding such as this is sometimes called an earthing blanket, earthing undersheet, or earthing sleep mat.