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Base Grounding Rod Kit

Base Grounding Rod Kit


Ground your earthing products directly to the earth outside with our handy 40 cm grounding rod and an outdoor lead. Just run the outdoor lead through a window or under a door. Then connect the lead to the grounding rod staked directly in the soil outside.

We offer 2 variations of lead length to best suit your situation, 6 metre or 15 metre. The 6 metre lead is perfect for grounding when camping in an RV or caravan. The longer 15 metre lead is good for two-storey homes. It will reach from a second or third-storey room to the earth below.

A grounding rod kit is an alternative to earthing via the power points in your home when:

  • Travelling in a country with no earthed power points
  • You have limited access to a power point
  • If your building is not earthed (unlikely in Australia and New Zealand).
  • You just prefer to earth directly via the earth outside.


This kit includes:

1 x 40 cm Grounding Rod (additional 40cm ground rod extenders available- to make 80cm)

1 x 6 meter Outdoor Lead (stainless steel with UV sunlight resistant PU coating)
1 x 15 metre Outdoor Lead (stainless steel with UV sunlight resistant PU coating)

1 x Instruction Guide

If you wish to connect a multimeter or multiple products to a single grounding rod, you will need a grounding rod kit with a 2-way splitter or 4-way splitter.


This Better Earthing product comes with a 2-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.


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Base Grounding Rod Kit