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Base Grounding Rod Kit


Ground your earthing products directly to the earth outside with our handy 40 cm grounding rod and 15-metre outdoor lead. Just run the outdoor lead through a window or under a door. Connect the lead to the grounding rod staked directly in the soil outside. The lead will reach from second or third-story room to the earth below.

This is an alternative to earthing via the power points in your home when:

  • Travelling in a country with no earthed powerpoints
  • You have limited access to a powerpoint
  • If your building is not earthed (unlikely in Australia and New Zealand).
  • You just prefer to earth directly via the earth outside.

This kit includes:

1 x 40 cm Grounding Rod (additional 40cm ground rod extenders available- to make 80cm)
1 x 15 metre Outdoor Lead (stainless steel with UV sunlight resistant PU coating)

If you wish to connect multiple products to a single grounding rod, consider our other grounding rod kits.

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