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Carbon 60 Oil Ultimate Pack with 3 varieties

Carbon 60 Oil Ultimate Pack with 3 varieties

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Sorry Sold out of C60 Hemp Seed Oil.

3-pack will include 1 x olive, 1 x black seed, and an extra olive or black seed (your choice). Please leave an order note in the check out saying what combination you would like (2x olive, 1 black seed OR 2 x black seed and 1 olive).

Experience all three Better Earthing C60 Carbon 60 oils in this 3-pack of

  • C60 Organic Olive Oil 100ml
  • C60 Organic Hemp Seed Oil 100ml
  • C60 Organic Black Seed Oil Plus 100ml

All are 100% Cold Pressed and are made using SES Research Pharmaceutical Grade C60, which is ultra-pure and solvent-free. We follow the original Baati / Paris University protocol in the manufacturing of our Carbon 60 oils.

For health benefits of c60 and dosage see our C60 Australia information page.

For flavour comparison see the description below.

3-Pack contains

C60 Black Seed Oil Plus 100ml – a powerhouse blend of Hemp Seed Oil (Australian Grown, Organic Uncertified), Olive Oil (Australian Grown, Organic uncertified), and Black Seed Oil (USDA Certified Organic) with C60. Black seed, also known as black cumin seed, is often called a “miracle seed” for its many health benefits. This blend is mild and smooth with a pleasantly light peppery finish.

C60 Hemp Seed Oil 100ml – smooth and rich with balanced ratios of omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. This oil has a light taste with a buttery finish and a slightly nutty flavour.

C60 Olive Oil 100ml – mild and fruity with a thick buttery texture. C60 + olive oil is the original anti-ageing formula uncovered by the Baati study.

Our C60

For maximum saturation, 5mg of c60 is added per ml in the making process resulting a minimum of 0.8mg of C60 per ml in each 100ml bottle.

Excess unsaturated C60 is not wasted and is used in the next batch making, as quality pure C60 powder costs more than pure Gold per ounce.

We use SES Research pharmaceutical-grade C60 that is ultra-pure.

C60 Guarantee & Returns

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee on your first bottle of C60 Oil so you can see if you like it. This offer is for one bottle, irrespective of the number of bottles in your order, and is based on the price you paid. For more details see our Guarantee page.


As our C60 oils are functional food items, we cannot refund C60 oils for “change of mind” reasons even if unopened or unused. This is because of consumer laws around food items. Also, this product needs to be stored away from direct sunlight and we cannot resell returns that have been stored outside of our facilities for insurance reasons. In the rare occurrence of a defect, we will replace or refund your C60 Oil within 6 months of purchasing. We produce our C60 oils in small batches that are quality tested before shipping to stop this from happening.

2 reviews for Carbon 60 Oil Ultimate Pack with 3 varieties

  1. Lily

    I will most likely order the Oils again.
    I am currently taking the ‘Black Seed Oil’ and that pain at the back of my knee is virtually almost gone, so it really does work.

  2. Amy

    I have it on my cereal every morning and enjoy the taste. It’s quite
    pleasant and not overpowering. The packaging looks lovely and the glass bottle is easy to handle. I don’t think I’ve been taking it long enough to notice any big health changes but the subtle effects I notice are slight increased energy, feeling a bit lighter,
    clearer and more vital.

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better earthing carbon 60 oils 3-pack
Carbon 60 Oil Ultimate Pack with 3 varieties