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Carbon 60 C60 Oil Organic Olive 100ml

Carbon 60 C60 Oil Organic Olive 100ml

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Better Earthing C60 Olive Oil is made using the original anti-aging formula from the Baati study, the gold standard of c60 oil manufacturing.

  • At least 0.8mg of C60 per ml in each 100ml bottle.
  • We use SES Research pharmaceutical-grade C60 that is ultra-pure.

We use traditionally grown and harvested, organic, 100% cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil sourced from a small family farm in South Australia (more details below)

  • Flavour: Exceptionally smooth, mild, and fruity, with a thick buttery texture.

Experience all three oils and find your favourite with our 3-pack at 18% off or $38 off.

For health benefits of c60 and dosage see our C60 Australia information page.

Also see bulk discounts of 5-9 C60 oils at $59 per bottle or 10+ C60 oils at $54 per bottle

Sourced direct from the farm

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced fresh from a grove that has been in the same family for generations in South Australia. The oil is Extra Virgin (Kemin Labs VIC), Cold-Pressed and unfiltered, this pure product delivers all the wonderful benefits of olive oil as nature intended. It has an exceptionally smooth and fruity flavour, with a thick buttery texture. Grown in Australia using olive varieties popular in Greece for producing superb oil for all occasions. The olives are hand-picked and traditionally pressed at a local mill of which only two remain (of this type) in SA.


Our C60

For maximum saturation, 5mg of c60 is added per ml in the making process resulting a minimum of 0.8mg of C60 per ml in each 100ml bottle.

Excess unsaturated C60 is not wasted and is used in the next batch making, as quality pure C60 powder costs more than pure Gold per ounce.

We use SES Research pharmaceutical-grade C60 that is ultra-pure.

C60 Guarantee & Returns

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee on your first bottle of C60 Oil so you can see if you like it. This offer is for one bottle, irrespective of the number of bottles in your order, and is based on the price you paid. For more details see our Guarantee page.


As our C60 oils are functional food items, we cannot refund C60 oils for “change of mind” reasons even if unopened or unused. This is because of consumer laws around food items. Also, this product needs to be stored away from direct sunlight and we cannot resell returns that have been stored outside of our facilities for insurance reasons. In the rare occurrence of a defect, we will replace or refund your C60 Oil within 6 months of purchasing. We produce our C60 oils in small batches that are quality tested before shipping to stop this from happening.

1 review for Carbon 60 C60 Oil Organic Olive 100ml

  1. Caryn

    I purchased the C60 Olive Oil and it is delicious, I look forward to having a shot of it every day. I quite often experience a couple of missed heart beats, this has not happened since I have been taking the oil. It is a relief to feel my heart beating regularly now. Fasting Blood sugar readings have been close to or normal, previously they were in the low 6’s or high 5’s. Despite having normal blood sugar readings after eating, I have had trouble achieving normal readings in this area, this has been an improvement since I have been taking the oil the last 3 weeks. When doing a few sprints with my 10 year old son, he was breathless after, but for me it was like I had been walking, I was not breathless at all. The skin on my face looks very plump and hydrated, I am sure that this is from the oil and I have noticed this the past week.

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c60 oil olive by better earthing
Carbon 60 C60 Oil Organic Olive 100ml