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Double Earthing Band Kit


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This earthing band kit includes 1 small 26 cm band and 1 large 59cm earthing band plus leads and adapter for earthing indoors.

Better Earthing bands are lightweight, and adjustable, with an easy size adjustment and release mechanism for clip on or off.

Use on bare skin. Place around your wrist, ankle, foot, arm, leg or thigh while relaxing indoors or even sleeping at night (ankle or foot recommended for overnight use).

Made from soft stainless steel fibre woven into a comfortable high quality green elasticated band. The stainless steel fibres and the small metal plate inside of the band are conductive for earthing.

To ease pain or reduce inflammation in larger body areas including stomach, lower back, or even knee joints, consider a Better Earthing wrap (the silver threads in our wrap are more conductive for earthing).

The Double Better Earthing Band Kit includes:

1 x 26 cm green earthing band

1 x 59 cm green earthing band

1 x straight lead (5 meters)

1 x coiled lead (6 meters)

1 x adapter for earthing (Two leads and bands can be earthed to this 1 adapter). This adapter is made for Australian and New Zealand powerpoints.

1 x guide for use.

In stock

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This premium earthing product comes with a 2-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year money-back satisfaction guarantee. Be careful when choosing an earthing product, as most other earthing product brands come with NO warranty on how long they will earth effectively for.

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