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Single Earthing Band Kit


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An earthing band kit is a great intro to earthing. Earthing bands can be worn indoors wherever you relax or sleep.

Our green earthing band is adjustable, lightweight and comfortable, with an easy-to-use clip fastener.

Wear it around your wrist, foot, or ankle on bare skin.

This band is made from soft stainless steel fibre that is woven into a high quality, green elasticated band.

For larger body areas including stomach, lower back, or even knee joints, consider a Better Earthing wrap.

Better Earthing Band Kit includes:

1 x 26 cm band

1 x coiled earthing lead (6 meters)

1 x adapter for earthing suited to Australian and New Zealand powerpoints.

If you would prefer a straight lead let us know by leaving a note in the checkout.

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This premium earthing product comes with a 2-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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