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Single Earthing Band Kit

Single Earthing Band Kit

(12 customer reviews)


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An earthing band kit is a great intro to earthing. Earthing bands can be worn indoors wherever you relax or sleep.

Our green earthing band is adjustable, lightweight and comfortable, with an easy-to-use clip fastener.

Wear it around your wrist, foot, or ankle on bare skin.

This band is made from soft stainless steel fibre that is woven into a high quality, green elasticated band.

For larger body areas including stomach, lower back, or even knee joints, consider a Better Earthing wrap.

Better Earthing Band Kit includes:

1 x 26 cm band

1 x coiled earthing lead (6 meters)

1 x adapter for earthing suited to Australian and New Zealand powerpoints.

If you would prefer a straight lead let us know by leaving a note in the checkout.

5% off 2 or more Better Earthing Bands (applied in the cart)

Care instructions: Warm hand-wash to prevent the build-up of skin oils, which may act as a barrier to conductivity. Any gentle detergent may be used.

Band Fabric Composition: 25% Solid Stainless Steel fibre and 75% polyester with elastic for stretch.

Please note if you have an allergy to nickel in stainless steel or to 9 or 14-carat gold, then choose a different product such as our fabric grounding mat which can be used through clothing.



This Better Earthing product comes with a 2-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

Earthing Indoors Explained

Our indoor Earthing products use our custom earthing adapter plug and lead to connect with the grounding (earthing) system that’s already in your home.

See the third or bottom ‘Earth’ pin in your power point. It is wired to a metal plate or rod buried in the earth near your home that designed to get rid of excess electricity. Better Earthing products get rid of A/C electricity in our body (picked up from surrounding electrical wiring and devices). They also conduct health-enhancing free electrons from the earth to rebalance our body!

You can use our earthing products with the power point turned off!

A normal electricity plug conducts a/c current or electricity via the top two metal prongs. In earthing adapters, the top two prongs are plastic, so no A/C current from your electricity mains can pass through. Only the 3rd pin (the earth pin) is metal.

Additionally, Better Earthing leads have a 50,000 Ohm safety resistor, plus fine wires inside like fuse-wire. This protects against the very rare event of a power surge via a building’s earth wiring.

You can leave your Better Earthing products plugged in all the time.

12 reviews for Single Earthing Band Kit

  1. Carol

    Within 15 minutes of first use of band, I noted that my sinuses seemed to light up … and I had not been aware of the slightly blocked condition. Moved band to ankle, where I have a bursa ahead of heel bone – the annoying low level pain has gone after 3 days. I’d like to sleep with the band, yet am wary of self-strangulation with the cord ( not quite to that extreme). Also to remember that I cannot just stand up and go walkies. Tis great.

  2. Jordan M

    I am 28 years old. Since I started earthing I have found that I am much more relaxed day in and day out. I always slept fine but I actually wake up more energised then ever since earthing.

    It has no doubt been positive. Thank you for your products. I am keen to look into more products like the desk mat.

  3. Anne

    I am thrilled with my grounding wrist band – I wear it every night and any time I’m going to be sitting for a while during the day, as well as getting my bare feet on the ground each morning.

    I have had chronic pain in my hips for nearly two years, meaning poor sleep as I toss from one side to another all night – this has gone and I sleep a lot more and a lot deeper. I feel fresher in the morning and lately when I think I might need an afternoon cat-nap, I actually don’t go to sleep!

    I generally feel much healthier and feel I can finally get stronger and fitter after many years of chronic problems and poor mobility. Such a simple solution! Thankyou. Regards, Anne

  4. Jasmin

    I am very impressed with my earthing band. Slowly slowly I am sleeping better, I know it will take time as I haven’t slept well for about 9 yrs.

  5. Drew

    It all started when I was looking at EMF detectors to measure the electromagnetic field throughout the house to see how much RF (radio frequency) and EMF radiation I was exposed to.

    Through research I learnt about the body voltage (how much voltage my body generated from RF and EMF radiation exposure) and how to measure that voltage using a multimeter device.

    Note, the house Iam in is an old timber frame house on stumps. Electrical cabling all throughout the walls and under the floor.

    The results were quite scary and very unhealthy for my body. Whilst not earthed, standing on the floor in the kitchen and in my bedroom, my body voltage gave a reading of 20-21v. Laying on my bed, got a reading of 15-16v. I’m sleeping 5-6hrs every night with that much voltage in my body! Certainly not healthy at all. This house is one massive electromagnetic field itself. Surprised it hasn’t opened a portal to some unearthly being. Jokes aside, This no doubt explains the headaches, sleepless nights, loss of concentration at work, continuous body arthritic aches and pain, and fatigue and I had simply put it down to Aging – silly me.

    I was so excited when I received my Earthing Band, I immediately tested it and here are my results.
    Standing on the floor in kitchen and bedroom whilst earthed, got a reading of 0.3v. Laying on my bed gave me 0.2v. Incredible readings of less than 1 volt!!

    A massive change just by simply Earthing my body. Depleting all that voltage back into earth and giving my body the opportunity to heal naturally. I swear I heard my body sigh out loud when I plugged myself to earth. Your body is not designed to be exposed continuously to RF and EMF radiation. The amount of those frequencies today that you and I are exposed to is very scary. This is what makes us sick. Please do check your body voltage at home and in various rooms to understand your exposure and hopefully help you take measures to reduce that exposure.

    I’m so exciting and indeed looking forward to better uninterrupted sleep, no more headaches, less arthritic pains, and no fatigue. Of course healthy eating and healthy lifestyle will continue with Earthing.

    Yes I do plan to purchase more products from here. Love the quality and warranty behind this products and even better, it’s not CCC (cheap chinese crap)

    For those, who are thinking about it, please don’t. Do it now and get yourself one of these earthing products for home. Your health will benefit greatly. And when out and about at parks, at the beach or even in your own backyard, take your shoes off and ground/earth with your feet. I promise you, your body will love it!

    Share Earthing/Grounding with all!
    Many blessings – Drew

  6. Astra, VIC

    I started purchasing from your site a couple of months ago. First, I began with the starter band, when sleeping and studying at my desk. I noticed in the first night of sleep I wasn’t waking up every hour (BiPolar Disorder Symptom) even with medication I tend to wake up a lot and never feel rested in the morning. Since I have been grounding I have been having very peaceful, deep and undisturbed sleep for the first time in many years.

    In the first week of using the band I noticed detox symptoms, I would become itchy all over with mild headaches, but this has stopped now.
    I was so impressed with the band and its effectiveness at such a great price, I purchased the fabric pet charcoal grey mat and I share this with my cat Puddy who is an inside cat. Puddy absolutely loves the mat, she laid on it straight away and still continues to lay on the mat any chance she gets, she just knew instinctively what the mat was for!

  7. Rita, NSW

    My son tried the green wrist band for strain to his arm from repetitive work. He trued it without using the underlay and in a couple if days he noticed significant pain reduction. When he started using the earthing underlay his wife said his intense grinding if the teeth at night diminished by about 80%.

  8. Frank Roper

    I have been on your wrist/ankle grounding device with a long lead for a week now. I cannot begin to tell you what a difference that silly little wire has made in my heart rhythm (AFIB), sleep, breathing, gastro intestinal, total relaxation, deep sleep and dreams and healing of even the smallest injuries as well as less pain from big injuries.

    Peter and his staff have been spot on. They have products for all types of grounding but being poor the little wrist wire and extension lead did the trick for me. My advice….it does not matter HOW you ground…………JUST DO IT!

  9. Timothy Zaccaria

    Purchased better earthing bedding and the porta earth and it works great. Highly recommend. It has got rid of aches in my knee, and my partner and I are sleeping alot better.

  10. Sue Thompson

    This band has been an invaluable aid when I can’t use my earthing mat, particularly when on my laptop. The relaxing feeling is almost instant and my arms don’t tense up with pain as they often do without it. It feels so natural the only thing is remembering to take it off before I get up! Thankyou!

  11. Simon

    I’m in chronic pain due to a back injury and two subsequent spinal fusions. As a result, my sleep has been broken and of poor quality for many, many years. I’ve worn this band every night since receiving it on 10/08/17 and I am seeing dramatic improvements to many areas of my health.

    – My sleep has not been this good since I injured my back in 2002.
    – My daily fatigue gone.
    – My focus, concentration and memory have all significantly improved.
    – I’m in less pain – not pain free, but it’s only been 2 weeks.
    – I’m a lot happier, calmer, and more tolerant (pain turns you into a grump!).
    – I’m more social and I feel like my old self is finally coming back – it’s a really nice feeling.

    I’m now using it at work and it’s having a great affect there: note the focus, concentration and memory!

    I cannot recommended this highly enough. I’m about to purchase the mat for my wife.

    Earthing will change your life – it is changing mine! 😀

  12. Julie, VIC

    I can honestly say that I have never slept better since wearing my earthing band at night.
    Also I put the band on when it pressure changes in the weather, as I suffer from migraines due to the weather pressure, this has also significantly decreased.
    Love the product.
    Cheers, Julie

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Single Earthing Band Kit
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