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Better Earthing Floor Mat

Better Earthing Floor Mat


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Recharge your body while standing on an earthing floor mat. The influx of free electrons into your body may reduce discomfort and inflammation, stop static electrical build-up, and help you stay energised. (Shipping to Australian addresses only due to bulky size)

This mat is 50cm x 60cm and 6mm deep. It is made from non-toxic PVC with carbon infused in the top (black layer) for earthing. This PVC is durable, recyclable, and phthalate-free. Please note this mat does not include thick foam like anti-fatigue mats, but you could place it on top of an antifatigue mat or thick yoga mat.

You can use this Better Earthing Floor Mat:

  • at the office with a standing desk.
  • in the kitchen while cooking or washing up.
  • while standing doing a hobby such as woodworking etc.

Supplied with a COILED lead (if you would prefer a STRAIGHT lead let us know by leaving a note in the checkout), an AU/NZ green earthing adapter, and product guide.

5% when you buy 2 or more mats (applied in the cart).

Benefits of using an Earthing Floor Mat during the day

  • Aid blood circulation which reduces the likelihood of joint stiffness and swelling
  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • More energy through the day
  • Calmer or better able to handle stress
  • Protection from low-frequency EMFs from surrounding electrical appliances and wiring

See research studies on earthing or download our ebook.


50cm x 60cm. 6mm thick.


Better Earthing Floor Mat, Better Earthing Adapter & 6 meter COILED Lead, Product Guide.
If you prefer a 5m STRAIGHT Lead, please add a note within your order.

Care Instructions

Wipe down the mat with warm soapy water if the surface becomes sticky or comes in contact with skin lotions.


This Better Earthing product comes with a 2-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.


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