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Better Earthing Sheet Underlay Fitted

Better Earthing Sheet Underlay Fitted

(117 customer reviews)


We are the original inventor-makers of the earthing sheet underlay (earthing undersheet). Our Australian-made earthing underlays are the most advanced and durable worldwide. This new Better Earthing underlay is backed with a 3-Year warranty and will outlast every other brand of earthing sheet, earthing sleep system, or earthing sleep mat worldwide.

Our earthing fabric is made using solid medical grade stainless steel fibre, cotton, plus polyester for durability. It is similar to denim jean fabric in weight, feel, and breathability. It is easy to wash and care for. Unlike silver or carbon-based earthing sheets or sleep mats, you don’t need to be concerned about damage from various ingredients in body creams, lotions, essential oils, magnesium oils, sulphur in heavy sweat or body oil or hair oil.

This earthing sheet underlay is available in many fitted Single, Double, Queen, King sizes. For odd size mattresses, please see our Universal earthing underlay for flat sheet or half-sheet sizes.

Place your Better Earthing Underlay directly under your favourite cotton sheets, and on top of your mattress protector, electric or magnetic blanket.

This earthing underlay gives big health benefits including improved sleep, reduced pain, and better circulation. See earthing benefits for more or read our 100+ customer reviews below.

Sold as a complete system with a straight lead, and AU/NZ Better Earthing adapter for earthing indoors.

If you would prefer a coiled lead, just leave a note when ordering online. For orders outside of Australia / NZ, we include an adapter to suit your country i.e. Type B (Japan, Thailand, USA etc), Type F (Indonesia) or Type G (HK, Singapore, Malaysia).

5% off for 2 or more underlay sheets (fitted or universal) applied in the cart.

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What is an Earthing Sheet Underlay?

It is a thin underlay for earthing that you place under the regular cotton sheet that you sleep on.

Better Earthing Fabric

This custom-made earthing fabric is made with the highest quality medical grade (316L) solid stainless steel fibre (30%), cotton (35%) and polyester (35%) for extra durability. It can be washed on regular setting with any clothes detergent with no damage to the fabric.

The side wall is 100% cotton and 40cm (16 inches) deep, (50 cm deep in Extra large king). The wall depth is generous to suit deep mattresses and those with an additional soft topper.

Fabric Feel & Appearance

This fabric is light grey in colour and feels like denim fabric. You can earth effectively for many years when you use your favourite regular cotton or natural fibre sheets with your Better Earthing underlay.

Comparison to Other Earthing Sheets and Sleep Mats

Better Earthing underlays are far superior to black carbon-coated Polyurethane earthing sleep mats (marketed as Leatherette and made in China). They are also far superior to silver and cotton sheets that contain 3-5% silver overall. These are made in China, low in cost, and are usually white with a grey grid pattern or are all grey.

Better Earthing fabric has improved earthing conductivity, superior durability and reliability of conductivity over time. It is also more breathable than black PU carbon-coated underlays. We back our underlays with a 3-year warranty.

Many earthing products have only a 1-year manufacturer warranty that applies only to defects, not earthing conductivity which is easily damaged. Some makers say their products should last for years or a lifetime, but they only offer a short warranty.

More about Better Earthing Underlay or Undersheet Design:

Better Earthing Sleep Systems are the world’s first earthing sheet that is designed to work through bed clothing and the fitted sheet you directly sleep on. NO direct skin contact is needed. The tiniest amount of body moisture or humidity in your clothes and sheets, compressed by your body weight, creates conductive channels that very effectively pass earth electrons from your highly conductive Better Earthing Sleep System.

By not sleeping directly against your earthing undersheet, the fabric is protected from normal wear & tear, which makes it last longer.

Other earthing sheets are designed for direct contact with bare skin and use silver-coated fibre in 3-8% of their earthing fabric compared to 30% solid stainless steel fibre.

Please note if you have an allergy to nickel in stainless steel or to 9 or 14-carat gold, then avoid direct skin contact. This product is designed as an underlay so no skin contact is needed.

Additional information


Single, Single Long, Single XL Twin, King Single (Large SINGLE bed), Double, Queen, King, King NZ, King USA, King Californian, King XL


Single Standard (short): 92 cm x 188 cm with 40cm walls (36 x 80 inches with 16-inch walls).
Single Long: 92 cm x 203 cm with 40cm walls (36 x 80 inches with 16-inch walls).
Single XL Twin: 98cm x 203 cm with 40cm walls (39 x 80 inches with 16-inch walls).
King Single: 107cm x 203 cm with 40cm deep walls (42 x 80 inches with 16-inch walls).
Double: 138cm x 188cm with 40cm deep walls (54 x 74 inches with 16-inch walls).
*****ALL QUEEN & KING SIZE have OPTIONAL 50cm (20 inch) WALLS on request.
Queen: 153cm x 203cm with 40cm walls (60 x 80 inches with 16-inch walls).
King: 183cm x 203cm with 40cm walls (72 x 80 inches with 16-inch walls).
King New Zealand: 167cm x 203cm x 40cm walls (66 x 80 inches with 16 inch walls).
King USA: 193cm x 203cm x 40cm walls (80 x 76 inches with 16 inch walls).
King Californian: 183cm x 212cm with 40cm walls (84 x 72 inches with 16 inch walls).
Extra Large King: 203cm x 203cm with 50cm walls (80 x 80 inches with 20 inch deep walls).


Better Earthing Sheet Underlay, Better Earthing Adapter, Better Earthing Straight Lead (if you prefer a coiled lead please leave a note in the checkout). Product Guide & Set-Up Guide.

Fabric Appearance

This fabric is light grey and feels like denim jean fabric. It is designed as an underlay, for use with your favourite sheets (cotton or any natural fibre). Please note if you have an allergy to nickel in stainless steel or to 9 or 14-carat gold, then avoid direct skin contact. Note this product is designed as an underlay and no skin contact is required.

Washing Instructions

Machine wash with warm to hot water to help remove body oils. We suggest presoaking beforehand in an Oxidiser soaker. This helps prevent the build-up of body oils, which act as a barrier to good conductivity and can reduce earthing strength until washed out. Oxidising soakers will not damage this fabric as our Stainless Steel fibre will not oxidise.

Washing Frequency

Every 3-6 months.

Drying Instructions

Line dry in the sun or shade. Final drying in a tumble-dryer on low is okay. Do not dry clean.


Better Earthing Underlays (fitted or universal) are made with stainless steel filament come with a 3-Year repair or replace Warranty against manufacturing defects and to earth effectively when used as an underlay in accordance with the set up and care instructions.

Also, see our guarantees including our 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee.

Indoor Earthing Explained

This Better Earthing Sleep System comes with a special adapter plug and lead designed for earthing indoors.

All Australian and New Zealand power points have a third ‘earth’ pin (at the bottom) that is wired to a metal rod or plate buried in the ground. This safety mechanism is called grounding – it’s there to send excess electricity back into the ground (earth). Indoor Earthing products use ground wiring in your home to safely pass free electrons from the earth to your indoor earthing product, then to you.

No electricity is used. You can earth with the power point turned off. The top two prongs of Better Earthing adapter are plastic, instead of metal like a normal plug, so no a/c current from your electricity mains can pass through.

For added safety, Better Earthing leads have a 50,000 ohm safety resistor, plus fine wires inside like fuse-wire. This protects against the very rare event of a power surge via a building’s earth wiring. If the nearby ground were struck with lighting, barely a mosquito bite of electricity could pass through this resistor.

Better Earthing adapter and lead conduct earth’s energy only. This is a safe and easy way to receive the earth’s health-enhancing free electrons from the comfort of your home.

You can use an autorange multimeter (sold separately) to verify that your products are correctly Earthed via the power point. Compare the amount of electrical voltage carried in your body when you are not earthed, compared to when you are earthed. You’ll be amazed by how much excess AC electricity your body can pick up from surrounding electrical cables and devices and how much it dissipates (reduces) when earthed.

There is also an optional outdoor earthing rod and 15m lead if you don’t wish to earth via the indoor earthed wall socket.

117 reviews for Better Earthing Sheet Underlay Fitted

  1. Colin

    I feel so much more relaxed and centred.
    Inflammation has reduced in all areas of my body, old injuries.
    I am finding I’m looser and my flexibility has improved. I’m male 56 years.
    I exercise regularly ( weights) and post workout soreness and fatigue are dramatically reduced.
    I bought an earthing underlay for my daughter and her general mood is elevated and she sleeps soundly.
    There are still improvements to chronic injuries some going back 20-30 years. Over time these will improve , there is a lot of work to heal my body.
    I have found great improvement overall in my life and I have also purchased an underlay and mat for my partner as well.
    Thanks again the products are high quality and work well.

  2. Amy Marcos

    I have no pre -conceived chronic conditions, my aim for earthing is to keep it that way.
    My concerns are working full time in a hospital environment and siting at a computer .
    My risk reductions are walking outside for 20 minutes and I have a stand up desk .
    However, wearing shoes is not enough contact with my natural environment except on weekends.
    So what I noticed since using the earthing sheet and computer mat is better sleep, the first two days not so good but then I noticed I sleep deep.
    Vivid dreams and remember them when I wake up.
    Not longer have to blow my nose in the morning so it is an improvement with that.

  3. Gail

    We are very happy with your products. The biggest immediate improvement was that my disabled son did a lot less bed wetting. My husband’s back problems reduced significantly within days. I haven’t noticed a particular improvement but I am sure it sped up healing of my torn knee ligaments. It was a very severe injury and now it is completely healed. One thing I have noticed is that in the past six months my stomach is flatter. I suspect that my fibroids are reduced in size but I have no way of confirming that unless I had an ultra sound. Thanks to you for having this company and service available.

  4. Jenny

    I’ve had chronic inflammation (FM, arthritis) for some years and I believe that i am finally getting some relief due to the earthing sheet. I don’t seem to wake during the night in pain and I also believe i am starting to sleep deeper. I’m also falling asleep better. I used to wake up with pins and needles, that seems to have subsided somewhat as well.

    I still have pain, but as it’s only been a month, i believe that it will improve more with time. So far, I’m very happy that i purchased the sheet. I also took the mat with me on my travels recently, and was surprised at how well i slept in a different bed.

    So far, i’m pretty happy with the products.

  5. Chris Burns

    My mother suffers Restless Leg Syndrome and wakes at 4am. After learning about earthing, I purchased the fitted sheet and she noticed a difference within a week. Her leg jumps a lot less and she sleeps through to 8am. They(both my parents) now sleep with an even temperature and don’t require all the extra layers of bedding and my father is now sleeping through the night as he is undisturbed. The change in mood of both is remarkable. I have just bought two more, for my brother and I, as we both are experiencing jumping legs and poor sleep.

  6. Jill N

    Hi Better Earthing we have had your products for a few months now and I know I am sleeping better as I don’t get up to go to the loo anywhere the amount I did b4 the underlay – can’t say my actual sleep is any better as both my husband & I are good sleepers – not dreaming as much as when I 1st got it too now, settled down in that department – so all good here – no big aches & pains as I have a PEMF mat I use morning & night – I really think that helps with that as I am a pickleball player who is quite physical 5 days a week – thanks for everything – Earthing is good for the body

  7. Doreen S

    I love your product, unfortunately we had a hiccup having them delivered, but that was sorted fairly quickly & Gary was a great help there. When I first started using my earthing sheet, I was actually very uncomfortable & wasn’t sleeping at all … I actually felt like there was a current running through me … I am VERY sensitive to energy … always have been & often am one of the few that can feel things that others cannot .. in any case I persevered for a couple of nights then called & spoke with Gary. We covered a lot of topics, one of them being whether my home was earthed properly, but it was just a small part of the conversation as we assumed that it would be … I had explained to Gary how I actually felt like something was running through me … but we came to the conclusion that perhaps it would take some time for me to get used to it. In any case, a bit of background, I live on my own & whilst I am very capable & aware of many things around the home, I am not electrically capable, however I am very intuitive & so when I got a flash of insight to call my electrician to make sure about the earthing of the home, it turns out that due to the age of my home, it had been most likely earthed to the galvanised water pipes which no doubt run under the home … and in other words, if there was any leakage then I would be feeling it … which I now know I was that first couple of nights … it was a weird feeling, but I definitely was feeling the electrical current small as it was. So I was not able to properly use my mat until my electrician could come & put an earthing rod in my home after xmas … I have now been sleeping on it for about a week & it is very very different & I love the feeling! I am writing this very detailed explanation just to let you know that perhaps it may be something to take into account when clients have experiences like mine. One would assume that most homes are earthed properly, but alas not, and being not well versed in this area it could well have escaped my attention as the chat we had did not pointedly cover that topic … at least from where I was sitting … not any slight on anyone at your end either as your Company has been wonderful, Gary was lovely & helpful & the product is amazing!

  8. Geoff T

    I have been using the earthing blanket now for about 3 weeks.
    Prior to using the blanket I had been suffering for about 3 months from a lot of soreness in my left hip.
    This soreness has now gone which I believe is due to using the earthing blanket.
    So far I am very impressed with the product and will be interested to see how I feel after a few months.

  9. Anthea H

    I told you about the extraordinary difference it had made to my husband.

    My husband, although he was not a snorer, was an incredibly restless sleeper and would toss and turn with sudden energy and hurl himself around the bed. Even though it is a King size, with room one would think enough to afford some comfort, for years I still never got to sleep well. He once flung himself right out of bed hitting his head on the corner of his bedside cupboard resulting in a black eye!

    A friend came to visit from NZ and told me about a marvellous thing she used on her mattress called an Earthing Under sheet and sent me one to try. The effect was extraordinary. After several years now if I wake in the night and my husband is sleeping so soundly and peacefully, I still find myself checking to make sure he is still breathing!! I would never have believed this possible and am so grateful to our Earthing Under sheet.

    Interestingly our son, now in his early fifties complained that he rarely slept well and would be up several times a night due to constant restlessness, disturbing his wife and as he needed to get up early for work was sleeping in a separate room. We decided to get him an Earthing Sheet at the end of last year. He is amazed and delighted and enjoys sleeping well and waking refreshed. This is quite an extraordinary product.

  10. Kiera-Lee

    I can’t recommend these products highly enough! I purchased the Premium Universal Underlay for myself and the Premium Fitted Queen Sheet for my parents. It’s a miracle enough that my Dad is sleeping through the night for the first time in years (I believe this is due to all the cortisol in his body finally having an exit point) and for myself I regularly find myself at night with what can be described as constant low-grade pain flowing through my veins and it has helped that a lot. Just buy them, what have you got to lose. You will feel better, and why else are we working if we can’t help ourselves at least feel ok?

  11. Caryn N

    5 stars from me. We have been absolutely delighted with the results from our Earthing Fitted Underlay. We have all been sleeping much deeper and longer than ever before! I got the products originally in order to enable better sleep, I have constantly been a poor sleeper all my life. I cannot believe the difference now! Only very occasionally will I have a poor nights sleep and that will be because I am particularly worried about something. Before using your wonderful products, I would have had only a handful of nights of good sleep per year, now just about every night is a brilliant nights sleep! I no longer wake up for 2 – 3 hours a night, now I sleep through, or only wake up for a couple of minutes at a time before going straight back to sleep, so my sleep efficiency rate has massively improved. When we went for a couple of nights to the country recently, I ordered 3 of your fabric mats as I did not want the 3 of us to sleep poorly. I was amazed how well they worked for us. After coming back from a days exploring in the freezing cold and just sitting on top of the mat on the bed, I noticed that within about 5 minutes it was like being on top of an electric blanket. A gentle tingling and then real warmth went down my legs. I was also so impressed how well I slept those 2 nights just on the mat, I did not think it would have been as affective as the underlay, but it was surprisingly just as good, we had it under our hips and definitely all felt it’s powerful effects. Your products have certainly been life changing for me, I have tried many types of natural remedies over the years to sleep and some have had some positive effects, but nothing has come close to the results I have got from your products. I also love how after the initial outlay, they cost nothing to run and only require very occasional washing given the fantastic anti bacterial properties and also come with a long warranty. Thank you for making such a top quality, life changing product.

  12. Jen H

    Love my fitted underlay! After a month I have been sleeping right through the night, which I had not been for many months. This was the main reason I wanted to buy the underlay, but as an added bonus my right knee which has been very sore for years with suspected arthritis is feeling a lot better. Also my mood has improved and stress levels are improving. So happy with this underlay that I also purchased the mat so I can take it when I travel as I don’t want one without some kind of earthing product. Just make sure you have the right sheets to use as I had to order new Bamboo/lyocell ones that would make the earthing underlay work properly. Even with the wrong sheets I felt tingling in the first week or so. Also shipping is super fast – I received both products within two days from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, during lockdown!

  13. Clancy Smee

    My earthing sheet is really awesome and I’m very happy with it. With the multimeter it’s been so cool to see just how effective it is. It shows that the sheet is even more effective than advertised as when I’m in full body contact with it with bare skin, the meter drops right down to 0.001-0.002 which is very impressive. I’ve been using lesser sheets for years and despite that and often walking barefoot I’m still feeling the effects of this very strongly.

  14. Chris, ACT

    Hello Corinna and Peter,
    It’s been wonderful.
    Better sleep, plenty of cold winter mornings I’d rather stay in bed!

    I’m finding so much less pain in my hips and general reduction in muscle cramps and aches as well.

    So glad I found your product and thanks again for great service and for making the time to follow up and enquire.
    It’s a welcome and delightful way to do business and of course sleep so much better!

  15. Pam, QLD

    This is the last product to complete my bedding range as I feel the pillowslip will help with difficulty getting to sleep. I recommended your products to my friend & she bought the whole bed range, very happy, no more migraines – plus plus!
    I have many friends & rellies that have bought after we told them just how good they are. All are very impressed with the improvements in their health issues.

  16. Melissa

    I have had my underlay sheet for 6 months now.

    Some of my issues before included waking up multiple times and trouble getting back to sleep, muscle soreness (For 2.5 years I was having fortnightly massages following knee surgery due to an injury) , digestive issues including intolerance to grains and wheat. I believe work stress and low grade constant inflammation is to blame.

    When I got the sheets I had the tingly feeling for the first two nights and light sleep like normal. Since then I sleep alot deeper and get back to sleep more easily. I actually love getting into bed as my body feels instantly more calm/relaxed. Being less tired, I’ve felt more productive and better able to cope with work stress.

    My muscle soreness has decreased alot and I haven’t felt the need to have a massage. It’s now been 10 weeks since my last massage.

    My digestive issues also seem slightly better, less bloating and gas.

  17. Jackie, NSW

    We have been using the fitted bedsheet and pillow cases for nearly two months. We both are experiencing profound quality of sleep that we were not aware was possible. My partner snoring has stopped and less nightly visits to the loo. Each morning we wake up we feel satisfied that our sleep was enough.My sore hip is no longer troubling me. This makes so much sense in our world today
    Highly recommended these products and exceptional service and delivery

  18. Jenny, NSW

    As a shiftworker, my sleep has deteriorated over the years to almost NO sleep or extremely little and poor quality sleep. I have somehow survived on as little as 6 hours sleep during a 3 nightshift block and many times have tossed and turned awake all night only to hear the 4am alarm, then have to work all day with NO sleep. I’ve tried all the tricks the “experts” recommend from Compound Melatonin, yoga, relaxation music, essential oils etc etc etc. I have tried that many “over the counter” sleeping tablets which not only did not work but I didn’t really want to go down that path. I found “Earthing” quite naturally by accident, as I decided to try my “days off” morning beachwalk barefoot instead of sandshoes. I started feeling amazing results immediately and better sleep, which I kind of put down to being on my days off and not having the anxiety of setting an alarm. I then read some scientific studies on Earthing and decided to buy an Earthing mat. OMG…..since then I have bought the sheets and more mats for each member of my family who have also been converted into Earthing Addicts! My sleep is deeper, more nourishing and less disturbances (toilet breaks etc). Helps many aches and pains like magic. It’s the most dramatic health improvement product and the customer service from Kate was fantastic! Thanks soooo much. I feel like I am catching up on 20 years of no sleep!!

  19. Michelle, NSW

    I absolutely love the earthing underlay! I noticed improved sleep straight away. About a week or 2 after I got mine my son got an injury on his leg (hit by a baseball) the day before his baseball tournament. I took him for an acupuncture treatment and then transferred the underlay sheet to his bed. The next morning there was no more swelling and barely a bruise on his leg. He told me he could feel the difference in his sleep from sleeping on the underlay sheet and asked to keep it. I have since bought another one for my husband and I as well as one for our daughter. I have been telling people about how wonderful your product is

  20. Tammy, QLD

    Hi Peter & Corrina, I’m feeling much better thank you 😊 I’ve noticed I’m sleeping better and less neck pain and inflammation. I use the silver wrap in my foot 🦶🏼 for an injury and I’ve found that has been almost miraculous! Thanks for all you guys do and sorry it took me awhile to get back to you Keep up the good work!

  21. Linda, VIC

    I definitely have improved arthritis levels (which I’ve had for one year and which came on suddenly after a super-skid accident during a time of stress). I am still experiencing some arthritic problems however and it is now suspected that my injury was more serious and an MRI has been scheduled.

    I sleep on the earthed sheet with earthed pillow case for 8 hrs a night. Depending on how long I sit at the computer, I use the mat when using my computer anywhere between 2 hours and 4 hours a day. Sometimes I take the mat or the pillow/& earthed pillowcase to the couch when I want to lay back and read.

    I definitely have improved arthritis levels (which I’ve had for one year and which came on suddenly after a super-skid accident during a time of stress). I am still experiencing some arthritic problems however and it is now suspected that my injury was more serious and an MRI has been scheduled.

    The difference I noticed is encouraging and I look forward to seeing how it progresses. Your product is great and so is everyone involved with the company that I have spoken with.

  22. Paige, QLD

    I am happy to report that I have so far experienced some positive effects from the earthing products that I have been using.
    I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 54 years, and have been frequently plagued by ‘restless leg syndrome’ at night. Sleeping on the earthing sheet has considerably reduced both the severity and frequency of this condition.
    I have also been on medication for high blood pressure for many years, and have lately been experiencing episodes of faintness, which coincided with a drop in my blood pressure readings. I began monitoring my blood pressure several times per day and note that it is quite a lot lower since I have been earthing. This change was so marked that I consulted my doctor, who has asked me to stop taking one of my blood pressure medications.
    Although I am having periods of very sound sleep during the night, I have developed some rather strange sleep patterns. My ‘quality’ sleep time now seems to occur after midnight. I am trying to work through this. My partner is now sleeping extremely well, albeit with vivid dreams, and wakes in a happy frame of mind. He is a Type II diabetic and has suffered three heart attacks during the last ten years. He is calmer and happier (and a much better colour) since earthing. He has also stopped snoring, and no longer seems to be suffering from sleep apnoea.He is quite impressed with the improved quality of his sleep. I am grateful that my daughter recommended your earthing products to me.
    Thank you for such a beneficial product.

  23. Margaret, NSW

    Well! not only have I experience a significant difference within my health, such as inflammation of my knees ankles aches and pains, but I can excitedly state that I have gone off my Hormone Replacement medication (HRT) and I only experience mild hold flushes once or twice a day but no were as severe or a long as to what they where prior to going on HRT.
    I also have gone completely off my blood pressure medication. My moods have even out so beautifully, I am managing to stay very relaxed most of the day and all of these factors have increased my commitment to losing just over 11kg over the past couple of months. I have the earthing mat which I have my feet on when sitting at home reading, when on my computer or at my dining table. Then when I go to work, I take my mat with me and have it under my feet, which of course has triggered conversations throughout the office and have sent the Earthing Movie plus a link to your site to several people already. I also have the fitted overlay for the bed as well as the pillow cover. I have purchased a mat for my 89 year old mother, who was having a loss of feeling in one of her feet, which she stated that after a week she could sense she was getting the feeling back again. I am 60 years of age and people who have not seen me for a while are saying how fantastic I am looking, my skin, my energy, my overall health is at a much better pitch.

  24. Janine, VIC

    I put the underlay on the bed the first night I got it and had 2 of my worst nights sleep in a long time. I could feel the energy tingling through my body and just couldn’t settle. After those 2 nights though, my sleep returned to normal but I felt I have had a much better quality of sleep.
    I had issues with my left hip and not being able to lie on it for too long but, while I still have some pain, it is reducing. I have arthritis in most of my joints and was prescribed painkillers 3 times a day for the rest of my life. It started in my knees and rapidly spread to my feet, hands, hip and neck specifically.
    I use the portable earthing mat over my knees after work which reduces my swelling and pain from being on my feet at work. I can say my pain has gone in a week and a half but I’m definitely getting signs that it is manageable or a little less. My 8 year old dog was starting to show signs of arthritis too so I got her an earthing mat. I put it on her bed so she sleeps on it all night and I’ve noticed she isn’t struggling as much to get up at night. Occasionally I even see her prancing like a puppy and she has more energy to play with our actual puppy too.
    Thank you for an amazing product.

  25. Dr Malone

    I can honestly say, hand on heart that I love the sheet and pillow cases. The service I received was exceptional and the product was equally good. Best nights’ sleep for ages! wow and thank you. 👍

  26. Andy, SA

    I have had so much benefit already from the earthing sheet and pillow case I don’t know where to start.
    My energy levels are through the roof. I train and run 4/5 times per week and I’m recovering so much faster. Muscle aches are gone when I wake up and my mind is a lot clearer.
    My parents are sleeping on your earthing sheet also and feeling a lot of benefits. They are actually waking up refreshed with a lot more energy.
    My dog has had a big operation on his leg and we are using the earthing wrap on him and there is basically no swelling and he is moving around as if nothing has happened.
    I couldn’t be happier with your products and am advising friends family and people I meet of the benefits and passing on you name and details.
    I’m now an earther for life. Thanks so much.

  27. Eric, QLD

    We have found our underlay absolutely incredible for sleeping. We fall asleep easier, we do not wake to go to the bathroom as much, and in the morning feel refreshed and well rested. In addition, we got the smaller pet bed and also the cord and wristband for sitting. Thank you for your contribution to my health journey. Your mats have been excellent and look forward to continued results.

  28. Sarah, NSW

    We started using our earthing sheet for our family last Monday. I’ve noticed that I sleep deeper and that my back didn’t hurt when I got up. Amazing! I usually feel really stiff but feel relaxed when I wake up in the morning. I’ve also noticed my daughter who sleeps for such a long time gets a deeper sleep and wakes up earlier. Thank you!

  29. Margaret, NSW

    Overwhelmed at the speed in which I received the products from the time of the order and also the lovely email updates that I received in between. I received the parcel, took off the australia post bag from the box and before I even opened the box, there was a lovely message ‘enjoy your earthing’ with a smiley face. I already felt positive before even unwrapping the products. Then the products were wrapped so nicely with the silver ribbon, it is obvious that a lot of thought and care has been given to these products and that alone has attached a positive vibration.

    I have slept for the first night with the underlay and blanket and could definitely feel a lite vibration through out my body. But as I have been on a health kick and becoming healthier each day, I have not as yet had any negative effects and am using the mat through the day while on my computer for work. I am truly excited to be a part of this and will provide some feedback as to my results in the coming weeks.

    Thank you again and I can say I am so pleased to have discovered Better Earthing and have watched the movie which inspired me and have also introduced this to some family members and ordered a foot mat for my 89years old mother, and hoping she will notice some improvements and then we can perhaps get her on to the bedding kits.

  30. Sara, QLD

    I have been diagnosed with electrical hypersensitivity that caused me to get abdominal migraines. I’m 61 now so it’s been a lifetime of adjustments, additions, avoidance, re building etc trying to find the things to balance this issue. I gave one king to my daughter and a king single for her son, who live nearby. Before I found your site I had purchased a single underlay from another site which was good but it has sort of a vinyl covering and I couldn’t sleep properly because it just made me sweat and I would wake up soaking during the night. I gave it to my son in law to see if it helped with his snoring. Your underlay is beautiful and comfortable, it feels like linen to touch and I sleep through the whole night now, something that hasn’t happened for about five years. It makes me feel like I just want to sink into bed and stay there forever. Being so impressed by my improvement, I then purchased the pillowslip and mat. Wow even more improvement! My abdominal migraines have nearly ceased, the heart palpitations have lessened and my joint pain and acidity has lessened.
    I am so grateful for your lovely products and the service and the care that has been put into handing on the information.

  31. David, Sydney

    I had very relaxing, deep and uninterrupted sleep. I woke up feeling great and energised. I felt very relaxed all over my body, all of my muscles were relaxed when I woke up. Almost as if I had been to a masseuse. Aches and pains have now greatly reduced all over my body. Mental clarity is better as well and I feel more mental calmness.

    I’ve tried earthing sheets from all the major companies for 10 years and nothing is as good as the better earthing premium sheet.

    The stainless steel aspect of the product gives me peace of mind that it will last longer without corrosion or deterioration, that the other brands suffer from.

    The sheet is very comfortable to sleep on unlike some of the other bulky thicker products from other companies.

    Thank you very much for a great product I’m really excited about it! I can’t wait to get in to bed each night now!

  32. Jonathan, UK

    The reason I bought the earthing sheet was to help my wife who has multiple health issues . Under active thyroid, fibromyalgia, psoriasis,and vitaligo . We have used earthing sheets for years now but found using creams and essential and magnesium oils reduced the lifetime of the sheets. So we were looking for something more substantial and after an Internet search found your website. I must say I most impressed not only by speed of delivery 3 days to the uk , but also by your pre purchase service re sizing etc and can report it fits our bed perfectly. After only 3 nights my wife said a severe pain in her arm which she has had for almost a year is all but gone and we are both experiencing much better sleep and my tennis elbow is much improved. My wife also reports when she wakes in the morning she feels refreshed and pain free which she hasn’t experienced in years even with other earthing sheets.
    Thank you once again for such excellent service and products.

  33. Rach, NSW

    The 1st week I felt groggy and achy and so did my hubs. 1 week later he is finding more energy and craving to go to bed early. He is very happy. Me well I’ve woken terribly for years now. Felt groggy and totally out of my body. I’ve found sleeping on my Underlay Sheet makes me a little less groggy so far and my sleeps are long and uninterrupted. So far so good. By the way we live in an apartment…top floor. Thanks very much.

  34. Simone, NSW

    We love our earthing sheet so much that most of my family are now sleeping on them. In addition to stronger fast-growing fingernails, we all also love the reduced: hangovers, bruising, indigestion, and recovery time from exercise.

    Any doubts about effectiveness were put to rest this winter. Apart from broken fingernails, I noticed I wasn’t sleeping as well and had woken up dusty after a few drinks. When a bruise lasted three days I wondered if our earthing sheet was still working or if the effects had worn off. So, out came the multi-meter to check what was going on.
    It turns out, our el cheapo electric blanket was charging us up even when switched off. We immediately unplugged it and within days all other ‘symptoms’ had disappeared.

    Brilliant, brilliant product. Nothing else can deliver so many benefits without a single lifestyle change.

    Simone, NSW

  35. Sherri

    My husband and I purchased two premium earthing underlays, one for us and one for my stroke survivor mum. The first night I felt benefits, I fell asleep within an hour – this is rare as I’m insomniac. After 2 weeks I noticed I have increased energy from getting a great sleep. After 3 weeks my achy knees are no longer, and just a overall feeling of calm and recovery from manual labour is shorter. My husband feels all of the above and I notice his stress level decreasing. My mum whom is paralysed on one side, after only two nights on the underlay she can move her hand and wrist, 7 years after suffering a severe stroke. She is warmer at night as her circulation is improving and she feels more energy. We bought our three small children the mat and placed them in their beds, they are brighter in the mornings and less complaints for school. We are so happy with this product I just love it and my mum continues to feel the benefits too, she is going to purchase the mat for the couch. Fantastic service, product we cannot live without it thank you

  36. Lynn

    My golfers’ elbow has dramatically improved. As well as using the earthing mat while I sit and type at the computer, I am also walking barefoot 3 km every couple of days so not sure which is working that but I am sure BOTH! I have found the mat really helpful for meditation, for allowing me to do spiritual practices without feeling heady and also really good when I’m tired.

    I have noticed the days I use the mat with the computer ( I am writing a book) I can type longer, stay longer at it, keep clear-headed and less tired by 5pm AMAZING!’ One night when I was really having restless sleep, I used it and found it great, but generally, find its too buzzy for me to sleep with but my sleep is so incredible after the barefoot walking that I don’t need it! It’s a 10/10 from me and I am buying them as Christmas presents too so I’ll be back ?

  37. Jill , WA

    Well, I am simply amazed at how my sleeping pattern has changed for the better – actually, I am blown away by the change. I started to notice an improvement from the very first night I slept on the underlay and it improved more each night thereafter. I have spent several nights away from home recently where I was unable to take the underlay with me and I slept very badly, even though the beds were comfortable. But once home, and on the underlay, my sleep was back to the way I had become accustomed to – perfect.
    I am able to go to sleep so much quicker now. I sometimes don’t even have to go to the toilet during the night – which is a miracle – and each night I sleep between seven and nine hours!!! I wake up refreshed and feeling so calm and peaceful – and I confess I wallow in that wonderful feeling as it is such a novelty to me. I have a homemade earthing pad for my feet or lap when I am on my laptop and I also ground myself out in my back yard each day. I am very conscious now of earthing myself as much as possible each day. I encouraged my son to buy an underlay and a pillow cover and also my friend in WA 🙂 I am talking to everyone I know about how it has changed my life – even my doctor!!! I am so grateful that I discovered earthing. Thank you for this wonderful product, it has changed my life for the better. I will keep passing the book around to all my friends 🙂 Oh yes, and my son has given his book to his Chiropractor to read!

  38. Ros, WA

    I am ‘cautiously’ really happy with my earthing sheet! I had been suffering very severe knee pain which was particularly bad at night. Panadol osteo and anti-inflammatories were having little to no effect. A friend recommended your product and provided me with some of your reading material. My husband and I were travelling and decided to purchase the king size sheet so we could use it on our bed at home. We did trial it in our caravan first and I couldn’t believe the relief it provided. The first night I did take two painkillers, just in case! The second night one painkiller and haven’t had any since. We are now home and the sheet is still working it’s magic with me. My husband also feels he’s not got the sore shoulders and back he used to suffer from. I’m now too scared to sleep on a bed without it! My daughter’s husband has Ross River virus and her 11 year old son has post viral chronic fatigue and she has just purchased a sheet too, upon my recommendation so hopefully they’ll have as much success as we have. We’ll very likely purchase another sheet for our caravan in the future. Many Thanks

  39. Fabiola, NSW

    The 1st night I slept on the earthing undersheet, I felt buzzing all over my body. I have a stubborn scratch wound that didn’t go away for months, it’s getting smaller after I started using the earthing products. It is almost gone, but taking time. I have been doing lots of night shifts at work last few months & was struggling to sleep at night on my days off, instead only falling asleep after 6am which threw my wake sleep cycle off. but after 2 weeks using the earthing products, I was able to sleep sooner & sooner, helps me correct the off cycle. After 1 month, on days that I’m not doing night shift I sleep around midnight. Back ache is reduced significantly. However, I have a stubborn knee pain that I was hoping earthing would help, but that pain still persists. Perhaps I need to visit the physio. Nowadays when I’m using the mat or the undersheet for more than 1hr, I can feel my heart beats & the skin that is in contact with the mat or undersheet gets warmer. Also when doing exercise, now I feel I sweat more than before starting earthing. I’m very happy with my earthing experience. Last week i even bought another mat to give to a friend. She has thyroid issues & back ache.

  40. Philip, QLD

    Just wanted to touch base to let you know our Autistic son has been sleeping right through the night. Only waking once at 1- 2 am and getting up leading up to a full moon. There are times were he wakes up but stays in bed for at least an hour before getting up. If he happens to have a melt down or isn’t feeling well he will go and lay down on his earthing sheet it totally calms him down or makes him feel better. The teachers at his school can’t believe the change in him compared to last year.
    The rest of the family is benefiting from the sheets as well.

  41. Margaret, NSW

    The experience so far with the fitted earthing underlay has been very positive and include:

    * Improved sleep, less waking up through the night and waking up feeling rested not groggy
    *I had a back injury some years ago so quiet often wake up with stiffness in the lower back area which has significantly improved since using the underlay – from day 1
    *I suffer from cramps at times when I go to bed or when I practice yoga and I am experiencing these less often
    *I feel more relaxed about things
    Hard to explain this one but I just overall feel lighter

    I appreciate the quality of your products and use the mat under my keyboard and the band on my arm.

    Overall my husband and I are very happy with our purchases and have had a great customer experience.

  42. John, NSW

    Two very happy customers here! My wife aged 58 was diagnosed with MS back in April after many years of mysterious symptoms, among which was burning in her legs in bed at night. She told me yesterday that those symptoms are far less and are localised to one knee, instead of her thighs, calves and ankles. I was waking with a headache in the morning every 2-3 days. No more! My sleep is more restful and is something I now look forward to as an otherwise healthy 74 year old. I also notice a relaxing effect. I think your products would make great family gifts, so I’ll keep that in mind for later this year. We’re pretty much locked down here in Albury, but are lucky to live in such a great environment and community. Thank you for your hard work in bringing such top quality Australian made products to the market.

  43. Robin & Mary, New Zealand

    Having Diabetes 2 the circulation in my legs is much improved-
    always wore bed socks but dont need them now. Dreams first few days but
    they have gone. Have damaged ligaments in left knee- no pain and walking easier. Fall asleep faster. Robin is having much better sleep -when I wake in the night[toilet] go back to sleep faster. Do not need walking stick- better
    balance. Very pleased indeed.

  44. Stuart, VIC

    Hey folks @ Better Earthing,

    I purchased the king size earthing underlay from now 4 weeks ago. So
    the first double thumbs up ?? were your background knowledge on
    the Earth products you sell and your advise to what I was looking to
    purchase. Within a week I had my product delivered to Melbourne.

    Second double thumbs up ?? is your development of the product. I
    felt the difference on the first night sleeping using the underlay to
    the previous night without it. It’s now been 4 weeks and God dam, what
    an amazing difference the Earthing does to my nights sleep. The
    clarity i feel in the morning, my sharp focus, I’m energized. A nights
    sleep is deep, sound, peaceful, dreaming. I now want to add a couple
    of pillow cases to the setting. Value for $$$, value for balance to my

  45. Laura, Sydney

    We had recently moved to live in the city with lots of noise at night and our sleep quality had suffered. It only took a few days for myself and my husband to instinctively feel that sleeping earthed was helping our sleep – on many nights one or both of us is now actually sleeping undisturbed despite traffic noise. It wasn’t until I read the full benefits of earthing in the ‘Earthing’ book that I realised that earthing could also be having other positive effects – like reducing my painful pre-menstrual cramps and reducing my husband’s sinus issues and snoring. I’m so convinced in the power of earthing that I’m about to order a second pet pad – so both dogs don’t have to share one, and I’m also ordering products for our ageing parents – who between them have joint pains and diabetes. I’d encourage any one who values the restorative power of deep sleep and those who want to reach old age free from all too common age related deterioration to ‘get earthing’ – whether by barefoot outdoor living and/or through earthing products. Consider it a small investment now to bring long term benefits – or put another way your future self will thank you for it!

  46. Terrence, VIC

    To work in a company which really improves peoples’ lives must be a source of personal joy. I love your products. I have had what I assume is an inflamed tendon or nerve in one of my biceps for some years now. It has prevented me from doing my workout to the max. I have been recently applying red-light and near-infrared to it, which are wonderful therapies for the whole body, but the improvement has been very slow and gradual. My personal trainer, who is one of the best in Australia, insisted I keep training with it, which was wise. For just over one week, I have been sleeping on earthing sheets, working at my desk with an earthing mat and watching TV with an earthing band. Guess what? The healing was accelerated and now I feel no pain whatsoever. I have also had the deepest sleep ever and can’t wait now to hit the pillow. If all this is just a placebo, then it’s a damn good one. My trainer suffers from restless leg syndrome and cannot sleep but for a couple of hours a night. He is a very special human being and I have just ordered the premium earthing sheet for him. If I can give him the gift of sleep, together we have done something truly meaningful. Here’s hoping… Keep developing new products. And a big, sincere thank you

  47. Ken

    My wife & I were previously familiar with the effects of earthing prior to our purchase of the sheet. At the time we had not been sleeping with any form of earthing, and we slowly became aware that we were missing it. My back, which suffers from arthritic inflammation, had redeveloped it’s fiery tension, along with the pain that goes with it, and which recommenced it’s tendency to trigger the cardiac arrhythmia with which I have suffered for many years. Within two nights of setting up the new underlay, the inflammation and arrhythmia under control. The beauty of the earthing is that the control of the inflammation is constant and doesn’t require any medications provided that the underlay is being used regularly. The other plus is that laundering is a lot simpler without the necessity to wash delicate sheets regularly with special detergents. In summary, we are very happy with the underlay we bought from you and look forward to enjoying it’s benefits into the future.

  48. Ken, VIC

    My wife and I are quite happy with your product. It appears well made and robust. A lot better than those made with silver thread that have to be handled so carefully to avoid damaging the continuity and therefore the connection to the earth . Once continuity is lost, the product is rendered useless, an expensive risk, as replacement is not particularly cheap, particularly for those who are retirees. We have had three previous attempts. Two with the silver threaded fitted sheets and one with carbon fibre filaments in a flat sheet, none of which gave a reasonable service life. When we heard about the stainless steel filaments, we looked again and found your product which we are hoping will be more reliable and robust. We know from our personal experience that the earthing process works well to overcome inflammation, not only in the joints, but the whole body, wherever inflammation may be hiding, and we look forward to having a product that will give us service over a reasonable length of time without troubles. Judging by your performance to date, it appears that we an expect good back-up for the product too. Keep up the good work and thank you for your prompt service.

  49. Lisa, QLD

    I have had my earthing mat for about two months now and I love it! The first few nights were a heavy detox and was like waking up with a hangover. Now I am sleeping more deeply and if woken in the night, I get back to sleep straight away.

    My bloke only sleeps over a few nights per week and he loves it too! He notices the difference and sleeps less deeply when back at his house, without a mat.

    If I indulge in wine, I still sleep well and haven’t had a hangover, which is all thanks to earthing!

  50. Robert, WA

    You have gone above and beyond your internet supply colleagues in the information and follow up emails and phone call to us as well as your concern with my Wife’s Atrial Fibrillation issues. Frankly I’m blown away with your service and compassion, it seems to be a rare quality these days. We have been involved in top end products and customer service for over 40 years so we appreciate not only the quality and presentation of your products but the dearth of information that you provide.

    To top it off, the results have been terrific for myself and will hopefully be a future benefit for my wife as well. As previously mentioned I have suffered a lower back injury since my teenage years and as time has moved on the pain in my groin, leg and buttock muscles has gradually increased to the point whereby I was finding it difficult to walk any distance and found it hard to start moving when getting out of bed in the mornings. I like to think that I have always kept reasonably fit through exercise and diet over the years but it seemed that it was catching up with me. I have always had Chiropractic care on a regular basis and recently with a young health conscious Chiro that has had experience with a number of forms of care. He is also is aware of Earthing/Grounding and has also noted the difference it has made for me in just a short time.

    We look forward to using the caravan equipment that you have provided, it will be great when free camping and some of the parks we go to may have dodgy electrical set ups, although they should comply regardless.

    Thank you again and we will look forward to a better quality of life that we have left to live in the future.

  51. Barb & Mike, Shipley Organics

    I’m sleeping more soundly and usually get up less during the night. Better still, I go back to sleep very quickly when I do get up and spend less time solving the world’s problems!!

  52. Becky Pell

    Loving it – I am completely sold on the concept and I’m spreading the word! Sleeping super soundly and my husband, who was sceptical at first, now says he’s sleeping much better after years of broken sleep and he says it has to be the sheet. I’m also enjoying the portable mat which follows me round the house when I’m working at the computer or reading or doing yoga – I’ll be taking it on work trips and I’ve just ordered one for him for Christmas to use when he’s at his desk. The book is fascinating, and I’ll be recommending the idea to my yoga therapy clients. Thank you!

  53. Rita, NSW

    All 6 adults using the underlay and 1 child are sleeping deeper and more soundly. Even those of us that didn’t feel we had any sleeping issues.
    I couldn’t even have one glass of wine without waking up at 2am. Now I can have a glass and i dont wake up till my normal wake time.

    Im a big walker and can feel tired in the afternoon but now i don’t get tired.

    My husband said hes more flexible.

    My son tried the green wrist band for strain to his arm from repetitive work. He trued it witout using the underlay and in a couple if days he noticed significant pain reduction. When he started using the underlay his wife said his intense grinding if the teeth at night diminished by about 80%.

    My son in law broke out in a strange rash on his belly and my granddaughter broke out in a hives. No way of knowing if it is a coincidence or because of the underlay. Peter suggested to give it a break for a few days… just in case and then start again slowly.

    The 3 of us in our household seem to be calmer.

    Looking forward to the possibility of other positive results.

    We eat a very health diet and take great organic food supplements. None in our household Are on any medication so its amazing to notice these rather significant results… im hoping we may even b able to reduce our supplement bill in the future!

    Thanks for your great products. I loved the way they arrived so beautifully packaged and that they look and feel like a quality luxury product…. and they are!

  54. Omar, Malaysia

    I received the beautifully packaged products albeit slight delay due to the products being held at the customs office here. I purchased them to replace the older earthing sheet that I have used for quite a long time. What’s better is that I could sleep on my favourite bedsheets over the underlay. Your product is definitely a Better Earthing ! I am getting better sleep and gets up refreshed every morning. Thank you Better Earthing.

  55. Rachel C, VIC

    Thanks so much for the underlay – it’s fantastic! I’m sleeping so much better already. My young son also enjoys sleeping on the earthing underlay.

  56. Dave J, NSW

    I’m loving it! Best thing I’ve ever done! I’m sleeping and feeling better. I’m raving about grounding to everyone.

  57. Belinda VIC

    Thank you better earthing this sheet has helped me and my partner I’m not waking as much with hot flashes or putting the blankets on and off as much, and I’m only going to the toilet once a night now instead of 3 times a night, my partner has the mat as well and his back is much better and he hasn’t had gout since using the mat and the sheet and we are both waking up much better so thank you.

  58. Julie K

    I’ve used earthing products previously and am very glad I chose to try the Better Earthing king undersheet. The product quality has exceeded my expectations as did the speedy delivery. I will definitely be recommending Better Earthing products to others and look forward to the continuing benefits for my health.

  59. Beth NZ

    I have been sleeping better and do feel more calm plus I have more energy so I’m very happy with the earthing sheet.

  60. Gai, NSW

    I called you after we first got the earthing mat to let you know that I was getting up 8 times a night instead of the usual four. Well, after talking to you, I persisted and am now down to once a night! I am really happy. I still look forward to a night of sleeping through and not having to get up but there has already been a huge improvement, so thank you. I’m glad I persisted.

    I am doing other things to help me sleep so don’t know if it’s all down to the mat but I’m sure it is part of the picture.

  61. Robyn, QLD

    Absolutely love the Earthing sheet. Thank you so much.
    I suffer from a lot of neck pain due to a car accident many years ago.
    It has improved dramatically in the past couple of weeks since sleeping on the sheet.
    I fall asleep quicker & also don’t lie awake in the middle of the night like I used to.
    A slight bit of detox headache for the first day or two so I eased onto it but has been wonderful since.
    I am an absolute convert & have told a friend who has an autoimmune disease & she have bought one also.

  62. Helen, NSW

    My partner and I are in our late 50s , I have chronic insomnia ( made worse by menopause ), and he suffers from chronic pain ( motorcycle accident, in his late teens). We had been given the Earthing book about 3 years ago by an GP ( Nutritional and environmental specialist), but as is with life we did not take it on. Just before I ordered the fitted sheet from you ( and mat), my partner read the book again and made up some pads at home – He had immediate effects and was amazed that his pain reduced significantly for the first time in years and years.
    After getting the underlay, his symptoms reduced even more, he sleeps very heavily and wakes refreshed, and most importantly has none of the stiffness and soreness in his leg when waking ( usually limping to the toilet). Winter time is usually the worst for him – he would be huddled by the fire trying to get his circulation going, and would experience ” dead leg” and cold fingers and toes. All this has diminished by at least 80 per cent, he is so much happier and loves to spread the grounding information to friends with health issues.
    As for my insomnia …… there was a definite improvement for the first month, I generally feel more relaxed as my cortisol levels are reduced, I don’t wake at night with the “monkey mind”. But have found a difference since then, not as effective in the last 2 weeks, however, overall i’d say, a 50 per cent improvement which is great – the anxiety in anticipating a wakeful night is now gone! Thank-you for your wonderful product

  63. Brigid

    From the first night I slept with the fitted I noticed improvements. I woke earlier and feeling good and I feel awake, energetic and more clear headed during the day.

    Since 2013 I’ve lived about 50m from telephone exchange topped with antennas and I’m certain the EMF is affecting my sleep and causing headaches. I’ve experienced improvements in both since using the sheet. I’m also going barefoot and lying on the grass as often as I can to supplement my night earthing.

  64. Yvonne, NZ

    I have been a long time user of grounding sheets. I am so happy with this product, I was disillusioned for a period of time with some of the new sheeting out there.

    Thank you for your product and especially your service I cannot fault it and I am very happy.

  65. Rex, NSW

    I purchased the grounding mats and sheets for my wife and she is extremely happy with the outcome thus far. She is very sensitive to emf and electrical radiation from PowerPoints. Earthing is part of our strategy to help remove excess charge from her body. In the two weeks that she has used the grounding mat and more recently the bed sheet and pillow case she has improved sleep pattern since using the sheet and pillow case. Really happy with the outcome.

  66. Lisa

    These sheets have had a huge affect on my husbands energy levels! He used to take several naps throughout the day, every afternoon he’d be on the couch sleeping (for the past 15 years it’s only gotten worse – even got him checked for sleep apnea). Since the earthing sheets 6 weeks ago, he barely ever naps during the day! This is huge for us both. Not only is he less tired, he’s got more energy and has started being more active at home. He’s fixed a storm pipe that he’s been promising to fix for the past year. He’s done a TON of gardening around the house – now I don’t have to get the handyman back to do the gardens! He said it’s “the most active I’ve been in… years”, and that’s 100% true. Adding earthing sheets is the only thing we’ve changed. He has also almost completely stopped getting heart burn, which used to be a daily complaint!

    As for me, I noticed that my dandruff reduced by 85% – basically immediately. I’ve not changed any products or done anything else! And that dandruff has been with me my whole adult life. Also, I’ve started remembering my dreams. Now I can write down a whole page of dreams, I’ve been trying to remember my dreams better for years and have tried various supplements with no luck.

    So far my PMS pain has been less, and my periods have been shorter and lighter. For the past few years my cycles has been all over the place, so I’m tracking that too to see if it will go back to the 28 days cycle I used to have.

    I also have more energy, and don’t get overwhelmed as easily. I’m finding that I’m getting through my to-do lists, and decluttering areas in the house that have sat untouched for years! I have a back condition which – when it flares up – only Voltaren (anti-inflammatories) will help. I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to push myself a lot more (physically) without my back getting sore, so to me this indicates less inflammation in my body as well.

    For the first 2 weeks of earthing, we both needed to adjust. I noticed that at first I was much hungrier and ate more, slept more. My hubby also slept more. But that resolved after 2 weeks.

    I feel good as soon as I lay on my bed, and honestly think earthing is a hugely important health secret that every person needs to observe!

  67. Scott, QLD

    First morning I woke up diagonally across my bed haha Hasn’t happen again. I do feel I’m sleeping deeper. I have been walking around for years barefoot as much as possible.

  68. Sam, NSW

    I waited a couple of months because I wanted it to be an honest review as I know future customers would read it as I did when I was thinking about purchasing the grounding sheets.
    First of all, the quality and workmanship of the pillow case and sheets is excellent.
    The information and care instructions it comes with is also helpful. However the best part is, that it worked for me in easing up the pain.
    I was one of those people that would wake up throughout the night aching.
    I live in the city,work in the city and live in an apartment up high. I dont get to feel the earth much at all barefoot etc or lie on grass.
    Probably after about 4 to 5 weeks,I realised that I had stopped waking up throughout the night in pain.
    I also fall asleep a lot quicker and for your customers who are interested in it for esoteric grounding purposes…….yes it definitely helps with that too.
    I just wanted to say thankyou, that your customer service has been amazing & that the sheets,pilowcase & wristband are great products.

  69. Toniann, NSW

    My insomnia has improved and keeps improving since I have been sleeping on my earthing underlay. I won’t be without it from now on and recently took my small travel pad away with me to a Yoga retreat.

  70. Katie & Tim Duncan

    My husband and I really love these products. We have been sleeping on our undersheet for four weeks now, and both hav shad benefits from it. I also sit on an earthing pad several hours a day. I have dealt with a number of inflammatory conditions including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, food intolerances and insomnia, and sleeping earthed has helped so much. I have way less joint and muscle pain, less bloating in my abdomen, and no aversion to my bed anymore. The insomnia has improved a bit too so far and I plan to review another few months down the track. My husband sleeps very soundly now, has less stiffness in the mornings, and more stamina for his long work days. He noticed his back cracking during the night for the first couple weeks, adjusting in a pleasant way. We both read the Earthing book, and looked into the studies done and have no doubt this is a profound health revolution for those who do it! Peter and Corrina have been an absolute delight to communicate with, and their products really are excellent quality. We are so thankful we rediscovered this science & ordered the products when we did.

  71. Louise Barkley

    I am loving my Earthing sheet & pillow case! I have suffered for many years with chronic inflammation in my muscles joints & mucosa (sinus & gut), as well as struggled with depression, chronic fatigue & hyper-sensitivity. In one short week of sleeping with the Earthing products, I have experienced a massive reduction in all my symptoms & am feeling so much better. I haven’t felt this good since 20 years ago! I am going to buy a set for all my family members as I can truly vouch for the effectiveness & benefits of Earthing in this way.
    Thanks for bringing such quality products to the Australian market.

  72. Margaret, NZ

    Things are much better now as I find when I sit on the earthing mat if I have any pain it goes away in a few minutes better than any painkillers. I sleep on it too and I find my sleep is better than it was. I am converted now ? and will be buying a sleep sheet soon.

  73. Fiona

    I just wanted to tell you that my earthing undersheet is doing wonders for my sleep. I have been feeling fabulous since I got this. Thanks so much – it’s brilliant!

  74. Eva

    I want to report that my husband feels fantastic- more flexibility, no more joint stiffness and great energy. However, it’s a different story with me! I was hoping for improved sleep. The first 2 days was good, I immediate felt more relaxed and “aware”. On the third day I became restless, had ongoing nightmares, and simply couldn’t sleep at all. After few days I developed strong, blunt pain right underneath my skull line, at the back of my head. It was so intense I couldn’t lift my head up from supine. It took about a week to subside. Then after about a month I tried it again. Restlessness and that strange pain returned the first night again!! I contacted Better Earthing who suggested that I should ease in more slowly, and reduce the earthing strength as some people can experience discomfort initially. I have had a whiplash injury twice in my life, AND I have an autoimmune condition- rheumatoid arthritis. So I reduced the strength of the earthing underlay by sleeping with a cotton/poly blend blanket for a week with no problem, and then I removed it and had no more problems sleeping, or with the head pain! As the matter of fact, that pain is completely gone as of now! I’m very happy!

  75. Roger, NSW

    I have used the US produced sleeping pad and sheets and found them to be of low quality and purchased your products in the hope that they r more robust and durable. Time will tell but at the outset they appear to be of a superior quality and i will have no hesitation in recommending them

  76. Michelle

    All going well after about a month of using the fitted earthing sheet.
    I originally purchased it for back pain, which I noticed an immediate improvement in.
    I also noticed that my sleep is deeper, and when I do wake up I get back to sleep generally with 10-15 minutes. Which is great as I have a lot of disturbances from our cats at night!!
    Also initially had some pretty vivid far out dreams – I think my subconscious processing old issues. However I don’t wake up feeling anywhere near as affected by the dreams.
    Overall also have noticed that my body is in healing mode, old scars/lumps are slowly starting to heal.
    Much better than my previous earthing sheet, I notice the effect within a few minutes of getting into bed.
    In combination with the other things that I do for my health I am excited to see what other changes happen in the future!

  77. Vicki, QLD

    My sleep has definitely improved both in duration and quality of sleep I am getting. I wake up with less aches and pain and when I have a restless night I’m finding I can get back into a restful sleep which was impossible before the Earthing sheet. A restless sleep would keep me wide awake all night with no reprieve and now I’m more relaxed about waking up in the middle of the night knowing I am able to fall asleep once more without difficulty. What a boon that is for my general sense of well being.

  78. Dianne

    I absolutely love the products. We purchased two king size sleep underlays and one is on my bed and the other on my sons bed
    The sleeping has been awesome. Best restful nights sleep. I had a sore back on Christmas Eve and I booked an appointment with my Oesteopath but I couldn’t get in until the 28th December. Well I slept on our beautiful earthing underlay and just like magic … my back pain went away within 48 hours !! I had to ring and cancel the appointment.

  79. Wendy

    I have dealt with the Better Earthing team on a number of occasions over the past 2 years. Every question has been thoroughly answered and Peter has provided information and service, well beyond my expectations. The quality and efficacy of Better Earthing products are far superior than other earthing products I’ve used. Each order has been sent immediately and arrives beautifully packaged. My health has improved beyond what I would believe possible, by being earthed while sleeping and spending hours on the computer. Thank you to the team!

  80. Sharon

    For years I have been waking up every 2 hours or so at night and often struggle to get back to sleep. After a few days I was sleeping for four and a half to six hours at a stretch and at the 2 week mark, I go back to sleep very quickly so I am catching up fast. My blood pressure is nicely back in the normal range since we started earthing too, so that is an extra bonus.

  81. Frances, QLD

    The earthing sheet has proved to be most helpful for both my husband and I.

    I have received a lot of relief from the pain in my head from Neuralgia, which started 18 months ago with Shingles. Also relief from Arthritis in my knee.

    But the I think the best thing that has happened, is the now almost non-evidence of coughing from my husband who has a Bronchial problem, that has been with him for several years. We are both so happy about this. He is also a light Diabetic so the assistance with feet generally and the blood circulation is of great help.

  82. Jill, Brisbane

    I have to say that I was sceptical when my husband suggested we buy your product. I use to wake through the night due to the pain in my shoulders and hips and having to change sides all the time and I woke up feeling tired. I do sleep far better and the pain in my hips and shoulder (bursitis) don’t seem to wake me through the night.

  83. Karen and Darren

    My husband and I have been sleeping on our Earthing sheet now for a few weeks. I look forwards to going to bed every night now as I can get to sleep much quicker and feel I have a very deep sleep. The pain in my back that I used to wake up with every morning has reduced to a mild stiffness. I also believe that it has had a calming effect on me as I feel more relaxed during the day. My husband also agrees that he can sleep much better too. We are both very impressed with the product.

  84. Dr Leanne Jenkins B.Ch.Sc M.Chir

    Thank you so much for your wonderful earthing sheet. I feel so well and have felt an astounding improvement in my health. I am a chiropractor in the blue mountains of NSW and have been raving about the sheet to many of my patients and I know 4 different people have now ordered the same sheet and are equally as thrilled, especially patients dealing with chronic pain. Thanks for what you are doing!

  85. Meredith, Victoria

    I’m so delighted with the Earthing undersheet. I’ve had a mild ache in my hip for years which I only notice in bed when I’m trying to sleep – and from night One, there was no sign of it. I’ve also started gym training. On my first session – before the sheet arrived – I had severe delayed onset muscle soreness. After session two – the night after I first slept on it – there was no DOMS whatsoever, which defies explanation other than the effectiveness of Earthing.

  86. Jane

    I am happy with the purchase and loved the way it arrived carefully wrapped and with a ribbon. The product is of good quality and I like the information and tracking sheets. I notice a tingling under my body when I am on the earthing sheet or when my bare feet are on the ground. I have had better, deeper and more restful sleep, with fewer wakings or need to urinate in the night. I have a clearer head and more joie de vivre, and less nervousness. I really look forward to longer term changes, particularly lowering with my blood pressure.

    My husband feels the cold and has body aches. So far he has not noticed any difference – however we are in the coldest part of winter.

  87. Denise D’Souza

    My Dad is thrilled with his undersheet. His knee pain went after the first 2 nights of sleeping on it – he said they still feel stiff but no pain.

  88. Alex

    My earthing sheet is life changing. Couldn’t be happier. I’m sleeping much better and I wake up feeling as though I’ve just had a coffee. I recover better after training and I’ve noticed that cuts on my hands heal much faster. So like I said, couldn’t be happier. I also ask my customers who purchased one on a daily basis how theirs are going and they love, love, love them!

  89. Aaron

    I personally have had very vivid dreams and wonderfully deep sleep periods that weren’t as noticeable before installing the earthing undersheet.
    My wife and I both commented on feeling slightly warmer – particularly in our extremities – and my wife is no longer waking up with “pins & needles” in her hands. I would certainly put this down to improved circulation.

  90. Katarina

    some things I’ve noticed :
    – my quality of sleep is better as I find I have more dreams and deeper more restful sleep.
    – I have aches and pains in the morning from joint stiffness ( I am 60 years old) and this has lessened to some extent ( maybe by 30%)
    – I used to feel my body tense for no reason ( maybe too much electricity ) and I am not sure why that was . Hard to explain but this feeling is totally gone now .
    – The joint stiffness still there but I don’t feel the body tension anymore .
    – my husband is a snorer and his snoring is now so much less loud and not bothersome

  91. Annie Tong, KL Malaysia

    I have been using the Better Earthing Sheet for 4 months and my sleep has improved tremendously. Now, I have better quality sleep whereby I do not wake up in the middle of the night as I used to be. Another noticeable improvement was the numbness on my right hand also reduced.
    Thank you.

  92. Leigh

    I’m very, very happy with the products and I feel that my whole body has calmed down during the night. I have much less discomfort during the night and my energy levels during the day have increased quite substantially. I only just shared this information with my GP yesterday and suggested it might also help her other patients. My workmates who purchased at the same time I did are also happy and we are spreading the word.
    Thank you so much for providing a wonderful product and service.
    Cheers, Leigh

  93. Liz

    From the first night I noticed a difference with my health. At about 2am on the first evening, I woke and felt that the effect was too strong for my body and I unplugged the sheet from the wall. When I awoke later in the morning, I noticed my nasal congestion was greatly reduced (I’ve had this for some years now) and also noticed increased energy and more mental clarity straight away.

    I’ve been using an earthing sheet from another company for about 3 years but did not experience the same level of effect from that product, although there was definitely some benefit, particularly in the early days.

    I’m very grateful to have stumbled across the exciting world of earthing and to be using this Better Earthing sheet in conjunction with my other earthing protocols.

  94. Raina

    I’m so glad I got your earthing sheet.
    My husband’s arthritis is far less painful & I am sleeping so well.

  95. Debbie and Allen – NSW

    Allen has been experiencing episodes of atrial fibrillation at very regular intervals (sometimes twice a week) for at least the last three years. However since we first started using the earthing sheet on 9th August he has not had one episode. We will continue to monitor this but feel very optimistic.
    So apart from all the other many health benefits of earthing to both of us, the earthing sheets have been a massive blessing for Allen for this one reason alone.
    Keep up your important work.
    Kind regards
    Debbie and Allen

  96. Happy Family – Gold Coast

    we are all sleeping GREAT with our sheet !! I get the kids to read their book in our bed and 9 times outa ten then fall asleep within 10 minutes in there lol
    we’re loving it.
    thank you :0)

  97. Barbara

    My knee and legs feel so much better – more easy movement and I am able to pivot without pain.
    I was down on my hands and knees with full weight on my knees looking for some papers that had fallen behind my computer – and it dawned on me that I couldn’t have done that a month ago.
    My hands are still a bit sore and stiff – arthritis well entrenched – may need a bit longer.
    I am 72 and don’t take any medications – just a few vitamins – and am quite active – walk 5 times a week and play golf twice.
    I am happy to use your earthing sheet and am hoping for more relief as time goes on. I want to be able to keep up my active lifestyle.

  98. LEIZA

    We have experienced great results. So far we’ve had better sleep, more energy, less body aches and pains, reduced inflammation.

  99. Gordon

    Have had the earthing sheet on for 5 days now. I have been sleeping well and have not been up in the night to go to the toilet at all. Previously I would be up at least once, sometimes twice in the wee hours. Pun intended.

    The multimeter reading goes from 1.58 down to 0.05 on the sheet.

    Feeling positive about the potential well being that is in store for us.

    Thanks for everything

  100. Anna K

    We have been sleeping on the whole bed underlay for just over a week, and the benefits are as follows:

    1. My husband wakes up now (from the first night) without back pain/discomfort.
    2. Both of us are sleeping deeper, getting to sleep quicker, and falling back asleep quickly.
    3. Both of us are losing less hair. Noticed this within 2 nights.
    4. I have had no more rashes (from the first night)
    5. Some skin tags on my torso have diminished/disappeared
    6. Some upper leg spider veins seem to be fading/not so noticeable.
    7. No more heartburn for me since the first night.
    8. We both feel more refreshed each morning, and feel more focused during the day.

    I am still waking a few times a night, sometimes only once. But I am hoping this will improve over

    Our daughter at home has been using her 1/2 sheet for about 3 days now, and she is unsure if she feels
    any different yet.

  101. danielle

    I was previously using an earthing sheet that I slept directly on- however it didn’t even last a year- so I’m excited about the durability and quality of these undersheets. The biggest Impact for me of sleeping grounded is the effect on my immune system- it really boosts it. I also sleep very well grounded – such better quality sleep. Thank you very much.

  102. Brett

    Vivid dreams initially,broken sleep now followed by deeper more refreshing sleep. I had been less than impressed with the 3% silver thread earthing sheets. Am very impressed with the effects of this one!

  103. Eneida

    In the first week, I did not experience much change as I expected — I’ve slept on earthing sheets before so I supposed I would experience results quicker.
    It has been a month now and I have noticed the difference taking effect the last few days — I’m sleeping heavily, and for the first time in years, I can actually sleep in past 7:00am on weekends and not feel tired. I could never do this even if I stayed up till after midnight the night before. I get deep sleep now (the drool-worthy kind) which is so satisfying! The pain in my back has also gone as well as the awful pain in my neck! I find that I wake up in the same position I slept in and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet! My only problem is that a couple of mornings it’s been hard to wake up from my sleep, but I think this is only an adjustment period.

    One interesting thing I noticed, I seem to recover from alcohol quicker. I’m not a big drinker so even a glass or two can make me feel queasy in the morning as though it’s sitting in my stomach — the very reason I choose to stay away from alcohol. But this last week, I had a glass with dinner with no effects! I cheekily had two last night just to see what happens and I woke up as though I didn’t touch a drop! It’s good to know I can enjoy a glass on occasion without the morning after uneasiness 🙂

    This has been the best investment for my health. Thank you!

  104. Wendy H

    I have been using the earthing sheet on my bed and a mat under the computer desk for nearly a year and love them. A few weeks ago my husband and I went away for four days holiday and I had no earthing sheet. The first night away I was so sore and achy from arthritis and came close to booking a massage the next day. It wasn’t till I got home that I realised I hadn’t had the sheet under me for four nights and now I really appreciate it all the more. It makes such a difference. I didn’t realise how good the bed sheet is until I didn’t have it.

  105. Dodie

    I am very happy with my new earthing sheet. It is a so much better product than any I have bought before and so much better value. It has substantial fabric, well made, fitted & fabulous! Best of all is that it can go under the bottom sheet! I am aware of Dr Sinatra & all his research & have been earthing for years. As kids in far nth Queensland, we were always barefoot. I still spend all day working without shoes & going for a run on beach/bush barefoot. Not only good for earthing benefits but also for feet, ankle & knee strength & flexibility. I am telling everyone about my great new sheet – I love it, thank you.

  106. markos.evans

    Hi All. I brought this product and all I can say is AMAZING!

    I’ve been taking sleeping tablets for the past 6 months because I was having trouble getting to rest. After sleeping on the earthing sheet, I sleep deeper, more soundly. My dreams have become very vivid, as I feel more reconnected and less distracted as I rest. Also, I don’t need the tablets to get to sleep…the moment my head touches the pillow, my body responds and relaxes. A must for every home in this mad, modern world, where rest and re connection are part of our foundations during observation and reflection.

  107. Trevor

    We are enjoying our earthing sheet. Sharon has lost the pain in her upper arms completely (she thought she had PMR). Her night terrors have decreased by 90% and she seems to drop off to sleep more quickly.
    I seem to get better sleep nowadays too and wake up more refreshed. If there is one criticism, the elastic around the sheet is not tight enough. The sheet always “migrates” to my side of the bed overnight and comes out from under the mattress on Sharon’s side. All in all, we are happy with our purchase.

  108. Simon

    my body is feeling better when waking up since i got the earthing sheet.

  109. Zari K

    I currently have an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s) and was working excessive hours operating in a stressful workplace. To add I had an accident with boiling water and experienced extensive burns to my torso and legs. This caused much pain and discomfort, lack of sleep, constant headaches (which went on for days), muscle weakness and debilitating exhaustion. The shock of the accident was an overload for my adrenals and the body was shutting down. I had been using an earthing sheet and matt but of inferior quality and was well aware of earthing for a couple of years. Once I received the earthing sheet and pillowcase from Better Earthing, I noticed after a few days my body started to experience a deeper sleep. I can feel the tingling at times and the sensation feels like I’m sinking into the experience of earthing & don’t wish to get out of bed. This feels like the body is recalibrating to its natural state of being! I feel the benefits once I get out of bed, feeling sharp, alert, the mood shifts.Thank you very much for this product; no doubt a step by step process in helping restore the body and my adrenal health. The medical profession needs to get on-board!

  110. Marilyn

    Mum is 86+ suffers from Parkinson’s & her mobility has been very limited also for at least 5 years she wakes up am & feels quite ill. However in the last week sleeping on earthing sheet she has woken up feeling fine with no nausea. I took her on an outing today & were gone from 9am til 4pm & she did major walking & only got tired once we stopped. She did have the help of her walker but a couple of weeks ago she wouldn’t have lasted an hour.
    Myself* I’ve had both thumbs so sore for so long now & inflamed but after the first night I noticed a big difference & slowly the swelling has gone. I have high blood pressure & even though it is still up it has dropped. I now wake up of a morning planning my day where before I was flat & not interested in doing anything which is so not me but have been that way for a few years now. I feel it has made a difference & am anticipating further improvements as the time goes by.
    My husband has not had good health in quite some years with aches, pains, depression, diabetes, insomnia ( the whole box & dice) but he now is saying how he’s feeling much better & can only put it down to the earthing sheet. He is more sociable & interested in getting things done around the house.
    So far we are very happy with our earthing products & hope things keep going in this direction.

  111. David

    I am enjoying the sheet and I have noticed a deeper sleep than normal with more vivid dreams.
    My bedroom voltage varies between 1-10 volts (unearthed) which goes down to 0.03 volts (earthed) even with a top sheet over the silver sheet.

    I have suffered from painful stomach ulcers, reflux and stomach pain for a couple of years now and after 2 weeks I have noticed a huge improvement in the amount of pain and inflammation I experience. I did not expect this at all. Of course I still have to watch my diet, but the ability of Earthing to reduce inflammation is what I am grateful for.

  112. Urs Keller, Yoga Teacher

    We have had our custom size better earthing sheet for one week and honestly we sleep like we’re in Heaven!

  113. Trevor R

    I purchased a set of earthing mats, a pillow case and bedsheet from Better Earthing. After the first few days of using them I noticed that I was extremely tired and even found it hard to get out of bed. I thought that this was strange as earthing was meant to energise me not cause fatigue. The extreme tiredness, however, soon passed and was replaced by me experiencing deeper sleeps. Once I had begun to experience those deeper sleeps I found that I was more energised during the day. The most dramatic benefit of “earthing myself” was yet to come. I have been taking sleeping pills nightly for about 10 years and in spite of my best efforts I have not been able to sleep without them. Given the ease at which I fell asleep with the earthing bed sheet I decided to try to give up the sleeping pills cold turkey. That was about a month ago and I have not taken a single pill since. I was totally shocked that it was able to do so with such ease. I still wake at night but fall back asleep easily.

  114. Dr Steven M Katz B.S., D.C

    I have been using the Better Earthing sheets now for 3 months. Before using them I was challenged getting enough quality sleep every night. Since using the new sheets I have noticed much deeper sleeps and also only needing a maximum of 6 hours a sleep per night and waking up feeling wonderfully rested and ready to start the day as soon as I awake.

  115. Symmone Gordon

    Since purchasing the earthing sheet, I have slept better and deeper than ever like I am encased in a protective cocoon.
    I have always understood the merits of being connected to the earth and the benefits are enormous to my wellbeing, mentally and physically.
    I always have energy when I wake up and feel like I’ve topped up on goodness all night long.
    Years ago, I previously owned another earthing sheet with less silver content and it is obvious to me how more silver has a greater impact on my wellbeing.
    The sheet looks beautiful and the convenience of not having to wash the sheet regularly because it is under the main sheet is clever and practical.
    I have never had any ailments prior to sleeping on the earthing sheet, however I do feel that the continued use of the earthing sheet is keeping my health in optimal condition so I won’t have any issues in the future!
    I would recommend this product as a must have in the house, alongside running water or electricity!

  116. Paul Treacy

    I get a little ragged from long working hours and long commutes to work, which can cause me to have a little bit of insomnia or deep sleep issue’s. Also I do physical work which causes aches n pains as one might expect. Having used the earthing sheet for just over two weeks now, I notice a marked improvement in sleep and feel more rested and vital as a result. Less aches and pains too, which is great. And I just feel more grounded, or earthed, if you prefer! My partner is also enjoying the benefits.

  117. Lyn Harris

    After 4 days of sleeping on a fitted sleep system my arthritic stiffness in my hand and hips had disappeared. It seemed too hard to believe. But now 4 weeks later, all is still good with no arthritic stiffness, and I now know the Earthing sheet did this.

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