Grounding Rod Kit with Splitter


Connect two earthing products to a single grounding rod staked in the ground outside, with our grounding rod kit plus 2-way splitter.

This grounding rod kit includes:

1 x 2-Way Splitter

1 x 40 cm Grounding Rod (additional 40 cm ground rod extenders available)

1 x 15 metre Outdoor Lead made of UV sunlight resistant coated stainless steel.

1 x Instruction Guide

This outdoor lead that will reach from second or third storey level room to the grounding rod staked in the earth outside your home.

Use a grounding rod when:

  • Travelling in a country with no earthed powerpoints
  • You have limited access to a powerpoint
  • You are living in a home that is not correctly earthed (uncommon in Australia).
  • You just prefer to earth directly via the earth outside.


This Better Earthing product comes with a 2-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

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