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This Silver Hygiene Cloth is proven to kill the most stubborn bacteria (see lab test pictured) and will help kill viruses (not tested on coronavirus).

Silver is a powerful antimicrobial and antiviral with a long history of medical use for wound healing and in biomedical devices to prevent infection. Laboratory studies show that silver ions are effective against killing Staph and E Coli bacteria, Herpes 1 and Flu virus, and is effective against drug-resistant pathogenic micro organisms.

This cloth is made using the highest quality silver coated fibre made in France (further details in description below).

For best results, lightly dampen with water (or spray with a water mist) and gently wipe your hands or surfaces to help kill bacteria and viruses. Moisture helps release the antimicrobial silver ions.

Note this product is not designed to remove dirt or replace handwashing with soap and water.

Keep your Silver Hygiene Cloth close by: in your pocket, bag, car, near your home entrance, or in your office. Place within the plastic storage bag provided to keep damp for easy use. The cloth will remain hygienic even when stored damp.

Use to wipe your hands before eating, before touching your face, after handling money or shaking hands or after opening a public door. You can also use to wipe surfaces such as supermarket trolley handle or armrests in an aeroplane.

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Key Features

  • Chemical-free and naturally antimicrobial
  • Does not damage healthy bacteria or your microbiome.
  • Made with 99.9% pure silver bonded to the surface of nylon fibre. Our silver fibre is of the highest quality and made in France.
  • Silver coated fibre is twisted around every thread of Tencel / Lyocell in this fabric. Tencel / Lyocell is a soft and ecofriendly fabric that is more sustainable to produce than bamboo.
  • Both sides of this cloth are antimicrobial.
  • NO nanotechnology is involved.
  • This silver won’t wash out. It can be washed at least 50 times and remain effective.
  • Machine washable – see care instructions in Additional Info Tab.
  • Dimensions are 30cm by 30cm

How Silver Ions Work to Kill Bacteria and Viruses

Silver ions are released from the silver fibre. They enter the membrane of the bacteria or virus and destroy its cellular structure. This kills the bacteria or virus and stops it from multiplying.

Silver ions do not kill healthy, naturally occurring bacteria in the body. Healthy bacteria have an oily membrane which silver ions cannot penetrate.

Resilient Health

Resilient health is aided by a strong immune system. Consider using an earthing product to support your immune system. Read more about earthing for your immune system on our earthing benefits page.


30cm x 30cm

Washing Instructions

Machine or handwash in warm or hot water with an ecofriendly detergent like Earths Choice or Aware Sensitive that contains no bleach or whitening agents. Do NOT use OMO, Drive, Dynamo or oxidising soakers like Napisan as they will oxidise the silver and reduce its antimicrobial benefits

Drying Instructions

Dry in shade. Do Not dry in direct sunlight as sunlight on wet silver creates a reaction that oxidises the silver, which reduces the antimicrobial effect. Pinkish marks on the fabric can appear. This cloth can be final dried in a tumble dryer on low. Do not dryclean.

Washing Frequency

Wash fortnightly or as soon as it begins to accumulate dirt. The silver won't wash out. It can be washed over 50 times and remain antimicrobial.


Avoid hand creams and lotions getting on the silver fabric, as various cream ingredients and essential oils can damage the silver. If these get on the silver, wash the silver hygiene cloth soon after.

How To Use

For best results, lightly dampen the cloth with water (or spray with water mist) and gently wipe your hands or surfaces to help kill bacteria and viruses. Moisture helps release the antimicrobial silver ions.

When wiping surfaces or hands with a damp Silver Hygiene Cloth, rub for 20 or 30 seconds.

During the day, keep your damp Hygiene Cloth in the plastic bag when not in use. If the cloth dries out, simply moisten again for maximum benefit. Overnight, air dry your cloth. Re-dampen the next day with fresh water.


This silver hygiene product comes with a 1-year warranty on its germ-killing effectiveness under fair treatment conditions outlined in our product guide and website.


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