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Which Grounding Product is Right for You?

Grounding, or earthing, is the act of connecting to the earth so that your body can absorb its subtle, natural electron energy. When you have your bare feet on the earth, or use an indoor grounding product, the earth’s free electrons flow into your body. Find out more in What is Earthing?

Grounding offers many potential health benefits from improvements to sleep, blood flow, pain relief, stress relief, and more.

What grounding strength is right for me?

What amount of earthing, or daily earthing strength is right for you depends on a range of factors including any current health issues or imbalances you may have.

Better Earthing co-founder and CEO Peter Griffiths has over 10 years of experience talking with people about their earthing experiences. He says:

We’ve found that over 10% of our clients need to ‘Ease into Earthing’ for the first few days, and sometimes weeks or months. Or they may detox or purify too fast for comfort.

For those with Lupus (especially), Lyme, or long-term CFS, we recommend easing into earthing over a month and more, by decreasing your daily earthing strength. For example start with a small fabric mat for up to an hour a day, with no direct skin contact. We also created this ease into earthing box where the strength and electron flow can be reduced at the turn of a dial. It can be connected to any Better Earthing product.

On the other hand, those with chronic insomnia generally need high earthing strength initially to help reset sleeping patterns. So sleeping overnight, directly on our pillowcases or underlays for up to the first month can be recommended for super grounding strength.

Four Factors Influencing Earthing Strength





Four factors that influence daily earthing strength

Over the years, Peter has identified four factors influencing the strength of indoor earthing experience. These are:

  • Hours spent earthing
  • Conductivity of the earthing product
  • Layers of fabric between you and the earthing product
  • Size of the earthing product

Hours Spent Earthing

Simply put the more hours you spend earthing, the more electrons your body will receive and the stronger your earthing experience will be. You can control this by increasing or decreasing your daily earthing hours.

Conductivity of your grounding product

Electrons from the earth reach you via grounding lead and the conductive materials in the earthing product.

Not all earthing products are the same. They are made from materials that differ in conductive strength.

Silver is very conductive when new but can quickly oxidise and lose conductivity.  Stainless steel has long-lasting high conductivity. Carbon is less conductive than silver or stainless steal and carbon-coated surfaces can easily be damaged causing them to lose their conductivity. Find out more in earthing fabric explained.

Conductivity of fabric layers between you and the product

Most of the time when using an earthing product we are wearing clothes or in the case of an earthing underlay have sheets between us and the product.

The more moisture these fabric layers hold, the stronger the earthing conductivity will be.

Natural fibres like cotton, wool and silk hold moisture more than polyester. They are more fuzzy on a microscopic level, enabling them to hold more moisture from humidity, and from your body, even without sweating. Your body weight then helps to compress these tiny conductive moisture channels in fabrics.

Bamboo (normally viscose) is not as fuzzy on a microscopic level, and therefore not as good for earthing. Tencel / Lyocell is more absorbent and better for earthing than bamboo viscose. The best sheets for earthing are low cost, thin / low-thread count, pure cotton from Target or Kmart. Before rushing to buy these, see if the earthing strength is good for your needs using your favourite cotton, silk, Tencel or bamboo mix sheets.

Conversely, if your earthing experience is too strong for comfort. One of the ways you decrease the strength is by increasing the number of layers of fabric, and thickness of fabric between you and the grounding product.

Earthing Product Size

The more touch points we have for electrons to enter our body via our skin, the stronger the earthing experience will be. Starting with a smaller product such as a fabric grounding mat can be a way to ease into earthing.

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