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Why Better Earthing?

Up to 5-Years Warranty plus a 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Australian Made

10 Year Manufacturing Experience

Patented Fabric

Our values stem from our background in professional services, education, and natural healthcare industries. By giving value in practical ways, including genuinely responding to feedback, we’ve become one of a small number of earthing product innovators & makers worldwide. Read founder Peter Griffiths’ story in about Better Earthing.

Better Earthing is for those who want the highest quality, dependable earthing products to support their health and wellbeing now and into the future.

Peter and Corrina From Better Earthing

We have 10 years of manufacturing experience and are one of only four indoor earthing product designer-makers worldwide. Our patented earthing fabric is unique in the world. We use the finest fibre and the latest textile technologies to create soft, breathable, long-lasting earthing products. Our products are sewn in Australia for reinforced durability and consistently high quality. Even our earthing leads are custom reinforced inside for dependability.

As a retailer and manufacturer, we sell online direct to you. We provide the highest quality earthing products at lower prices than other retailers, as no middlemen are involved. We’re so confident that the quality and price of our products are unmatched in the market that we give a Best Value Guarantee.

When you purchase a Better Earthing product, you’ll be supported by our team of complementary health professionals. We’ll assist you in finding the best earthing product and the right strength of product for your health needs. We support you before and after purchasing to ensure you get the most from your earthing product.

We back our products with a 1-Year Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, and long warranties of up to 5-Years on their earthing effectiveness. We provide products and knowledge to support your good health now and into the future. As manufacturers with qualified health professionals on staff, no other earthing product seller can match our support. Please note we don’t give health advice, but we do sell through health practitioners that can give personalised health advice in relation to grounding.

Health & wellbeing and where Earthing can effectively help

There are over 20 published studies in peer-reviewed medical journals on the benefits of earthing.  

Benefits may include helping to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, improve sleep, balance cortisol levels, improve blood circulation, calming the nervous system, and many more specific benefits flowing on from these foundational areas.

USER FRIENDLY & EASY. We believe earthing with dependable user friendly products is the easiest valuable thing you can do for health & wellbeing. Simply go to bed on your Earthing underlay or pillow case, or sit on a mat, and that’s it. No pills or regimes to remember or do. 

EASY TO CARE FOR AND WASH. Our fabric products are all made with our certified antimicrobial fabrics for extra hygiene. Everything can be washed in a regular washing machine: pillow cases say monthly, underlays each few months, and fabric mats less often again.

Which earthing product is right for you?

We can help you select the right product for your body right now. The decision can depend upon a range of factors including your health goals. Find out more about grounding products.

Better Earthing Bedding Products