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Premium Earthing Pillow Case by Better Earthing

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Premium Earthing Pillow Case by Better Earthing


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This new premium Australian made earthing pillowcase is the most advanced and durable earthing pillowcase in the world. It is backed by a 5-Year warranty and will outlast every other earthing pillowcase or grounding pillowcase worldwide. It is also antibacterial for ongoing hygiene.

You don’t need to be concerned about wearing any face creams, lotions, or essential oils to bed. Nor do you have to avoid magnesium oils, hair gels and sprays, aftershave, or be concerned about high sulphur in hair oil or heavy sweat on the back of the neck, all of which can oxidise silver earthing pillowcases. Grounding pillow cases made silver fibre generally sell with no warranty on how long they will effectively earth for. Even our silver pillow case made with French silver coated fibre (50% of fabric composition) and treated with a German-made antioxidising solution can only be given a 1-Year warranty.

This premium earthing pillowcase is made with solid medical-grade stainless steel filament that will not oxidise. This patented fabric took us over 2-years to develop and is specially woven to maximise earthing conductivity from the robust metal, and yet still be flexible.  It feels like linen or heavy-grade cotton. A possible downside is that is has a crinkly look, but this is not visible inside your regular pillow case.

The earthing effect and benefits are the same as our silver earthing pillowcase, which includes reduced inflammation & pain, improved blood circulation (especially to face/scalp), and calming of the nervous system. Your skin may appear more youthful too (see details of 2014 study) or see reviews on our silver earthing pillowcase.

Size: Fits a standard pillow (up to 48 cm wide by 73 cm long).

Use: Designed for use inside a regular natural fibre pillowcase. However, it can be slept on directly (without a regular pillowcase). If you have an allergy to nickel in stainless steel or 9 to 14-carat gold, then avoid direct skin contact whilst sleeping and use inside a regular cotton pillowcase.

Sold as a complete system with a coiled lead and an AU/NZ earthing adapter for earthing indoors (if you would prefer a straight lead or another country adapter, just leave a note when ordering online).

5% off when you buy 2 or more (applied in the cart).

In stock


Better Earthing Patented Fabric & Naturally Antibacterial

This custom-made earthing fabric is made with the highest quality medical grade (316L) solid stainless steel filament (15%), German Made Antibacterial Mineral Fibre (10%), and sustainably produced Lyocell/Tencell from FSC Certified forests (75%). It is permanently antibacterial (certified) and will prevent bacteria and odours from occurring within the fabric throughout its lifespan. Many fabrics are not permanently antibacterial and only have a solution added which washes out quickly.

Fabric Feel & Appearance

This fabric is light grey in colour, with a natural crinkle due to the long and highly robust medical grade stainless steel filaments. This filament is much more conductive than more commonly used stainless fibres. It is far superior to black carbon-coated earthing mats including much better earthing conductivity, superior durability and reliability of conductivity over time, more breathable, and hygienic, all of which are important for an underlay. The fabric feels like strong cotton or linen fabric, and you can earth effectively for many years while sleeping on your favourite regular cotton or natural fibre sheets.

A Comparison of Premium Better Earthing Pillowcase with a USA version that’s sold in Australia

Premium Earthing PillowcaseQuilted Silver Earthing Pillow Cover
CountryAustralian MadeUSA Made
Warranty5-Year Warranty on effective earthing life,
not only sewing and workmanship defects.
1-Year Warranty from the manufacturer for  defects.
Guarantee1-Year satisfaction guarantee.Usually 3 months, but depends upon retailer
MaterialsMade with 15% Medical Grade 316 Stainless Steel Filament, 75% Tencel / Lyocell (sustainably produced), 10 % German Made Antibacterial Mineral FibreOften marketed as “100% silver patented fabric” though actually made from 50% silver plated nylon and 50% silver coloured polyester.
PaddingNo Padding.Padding materials unknown.
UsePlace under your normal pillowcase or sleep directly upon itPlace under your normal pillowcase.
QualityWe use the highest grade (medical-grade) stainless steel filament and sustainably produced Tencel/Lyocell to make our custom earthing fabric.No details given.
Size48 x 73 cm. Conductive on both sides.50.8 x 76.2 cm. Conductive on both sides.
Price$169 with adapter and lead.$240 with adapter and lead

Additional information


Fits standard pillow


48cm x 73cm


Better Earthing Pillow Case with Stainless Steel Filament (& Antibacterial), Better Earthing Adapter and Coiled Lead, Product Guide

Care Instructions

Warm or hot machine wash in detergent that contains NO bleach, as bleach gradually degrades the antibacterial effectiveness. This fabric has a natural crinkle that will pucker after washing. To restore shape, hand stretch while wet after washing. You can do this by laying it flat (on a table) and stretching on each side. To dry, hang on a clothesline or hanger. You can also tumble dry on LOW for final drying only.

Wash every 1-2 months to avoid the build-up of hair and body oils that can act as a barrier to conductivity. This fabric is naturally antibacterial and hygienic between washes.

Washing Frequency

This fabric is naturally antibacterial and hygienic between washes.
When used as an inner pillowcase, wash every 1-2 months to avoid the build-up of hair and body oils that can act as a barrier to conductivity.
When slept directly on, wash each 2-3 weeks.

Crinkle Appearance

This pillowcase has a natural crinkle due to the long and highly robust stainless steel filaments. We personally find it comfortable to sleep on, and don’t mind the crinkle look, especially when the crinkle is not seen when inside your regular cotton pillowcase. However some people may not be a fan of fabric with a crinkle or crepe appearance.

Why Antibacterial Fibre?

Earthing products will naturally build up some sweat and body oils from normal use. This build-up can create a breeding ground for bacteria, mould or mildew.

Anti-bacterial fabric actively kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria, including those that cause odour.

Better Earthing does not use chemical antibacterial treatments or additives, which are not long-lasting, and can cause skin allergies.

We use German-made natural antibacterial mineral fibres, as part of the fabric composition. This means this product is permanently antibacterial, or antibacterial for its life.

Other benefits in addition to hygiene include less washing needed, plus longer fabric lifespan and lower replacement costs over time.


This Better Earthing product comes with a 5-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

4 reviews for Premium Earthing Pillow Case by Better Earthing

  1. Richard, VIC

    I am definitely sleeping better. I also feel a bit more energy and slight improvement with joint pain. These are issues I have had for a long time and I would imagine that they will require some time but every bit of improvement is incredibly welcome.

  2. Richard

    I am very happy with my purchase of the premium earthing pillowcase. I received the product in the scheduled delivery date and everything was in order and as I expected. Excellent product very innovative.

  3. Susanne, QLD

    I love my new pillow case. I am sleeping more deeply and not waking up and an ache in my right hip has completely gone. I did have a ‘funny head’ for the first couple of nights…because I was unused to the earthing and, as you say, the effect seems stronger. I just used it for a couple of hours for the first 2 nights and after that slept soundly on it all night long. After having slept on another company’s silver sheets and pillow cases and having them ‘wear out’ I know the wonderful benefits of sleeping earthed.

  4. Karen K

    I can highly recommend the earthing pillow, I bought it to help my insomnia and found that after the second night I had slept for 4 hours which was a real feat. After tossing around for awhile I drifted off back to sleep and slept another couple of hours, I have been using pillow for over a week now and I am now getting 6 hours sleep a night which is wonderful for me. Also my tennis elbow has gone. After researching earthing I urge people to give it a try as I previously mentioned its only been over a week but I am feeling the results I am a big fan.

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Indoor Earthing Explained

This Better Earthing Sleep System comes with a special adapter plug and lead designed for earthing indoors.

All Australian and New Zealand powerpoints have a third ‘earth’ pin (at the bottom) that is wired to a metal rod or plate buried in the ground. This safety mechanism is called grounding – it’s there to send excess electricity back into the ground (earth). Indoor Earthing products use ground wiring in your home to safely pass free electrons from the earth to your indoor earthing product, then to you.

No electricity is used. You can earth with the powerpoint turned off. The top two prongs of Better Earthing adapter are plastic, instead of metal like a normal plug, so no a/c current from your electricity mains can pass through.

Both the Better Earthing Adapter and Lead have built-in safety resistors totalling 60,000 ohms. This protects against the rare (or theoretical) event of a power surge via the earth. If the nearby ground were struck with lighting, barely a mosquito bite of electricity could pass through these resistors. Better Earthing adapters conduct earth only. It is a safe and easy way to receive the earth’s health-enhancing free electrons from the comfort of your home.

You can use an autorange multimeter (sold separately) to verify that your products are correctly Earthed via the powerpoint. Compare the amount of electrical voltage carried in your body when you are not earthed, compared to when you are earthed. You’ll be amazed by how much excess AC electricity your body can pick up from surrounding electrical cables and devices and how much it dissipates (reduces) when earthed.

There is also an optional outdoor earthing rod and 15m lead if you don’t wish to earth via the indoor earthed wall socket.

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