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Better Earthing Pillowcase

Better Earthing Pillowcase

(32 customer reviews)


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This Australian-made earthing pillowcase is the most advanced and durable worldwide. It is backed by a 3-Year warranty and will outlast every other grounding pillow case.

All other earthing pillow cases are either easily damaged only have a 1-year warranty. For more see below.

Designed for use inside a regular natural fibre pillowcase.

5% off when you buy 2 or more (applied in the cart).


Benefits include reduced inflammation & pain, improved blood circulation (especially to face/scalp), and calming of the nervous system. Your skin may appear more youthful too (see details of 2014 study) or see our product reviews.

Better Earthing Difference

With a Better Earthing pillow case, you don’t need to be concerned about wearing any face creams, lotions, or essential oils to bed. Nor do you have to avoid magnesium oils, hair gels, and sprays, aftershave, or be concerned about high sulphur in hair oil or heavy sweat on the back of the neck, all of which can oxidise silver earthing pillowcases. Grounding pillow cases made from black carbon coated Polyurethane (PU) are also only backed with a 1-year warranty, and are not as breathable as a fabric pillowcase.

This earthing pillowcase is made with solid medical-grade stainless steel fibre that will not oxidise. This pillow case should be placed inside your cotton or regular pillow case that you sleep on.

Better Earthing Fabric

We use patented, certified antibacterial grounding fabric made with the highest quality medical grade (316L) solid stainless steel fibre (30%) and German-made Tencel with natural mineral antibacterial fibre.

It can be washed on ‘regular’ machine setting with no damage to the fabric.

Fabric Feel & Appearance

This fabric is light grey in colour and feels like a soft denim fabric, with the Tencel version being the softest. Use inside your favourite regular cotton or natural fibre pillowcase that you sleep on. You can earth effectively for years with this product.

No Skin Contact Needed

Better Earthing Sleep Systems are designed to work through natural fibre bedding and bedclothes. NO direct skin contact is needed. The tiniest amount of body moisture or humidity in your pillowcase, compressed by the weight of your head, creates conductive channels that very effectively pass earth through the highly conductive fabric.

By not sleeping directly on your earthing pillowcase, the fabric is protected from normal wear & tear, which makes it last longer.

Other earthing bedding is designed for direct contact with bare skin and use silver-coated fibre in 3-8% of their earthing fabric compared to 30% solid stainless steel fibre in ours.

Please note if you have an allergy to nickel in stainless steel or to 9 or 14-carat gold, then avoid direct skin contact. This product is designed to be used inside your natural fibre pillow case, so no skin contact is needed.


Sold as a complete system with a coiled lead and an AU/NZ earthing adapter for earthing indoors (if you would prefer a straight lead or another country adapter, just leave a note when ordering online).

Additional information


Standard: 50cm x 70cm
King: 50cm x 90cm


Better Earthing Pillow Case with Stainless Steel Fibre, Better Earthing Adapter and Coiled Lead, Product Guide

Care Instructions

Machine wash with warm to hot water to help remove body oils. Line dry in the sun or shade. Final drying in a tumble-dryer on low is okay. Do not dry clean.

Washing Frequency

Use as an inner pillowcase and wash every 1-2 months to avoid the build-up of hair and body oils that can act as a barrier to conductivity and reduce earthing strength until washed out. Pre-soak every 2nd wash in an oxy soaker or oxidizing soaker to help remove oils. Oxidiser soakers are okay as our Stainless Steel fibre does not oxidise. Do not use Bleach as it with degrade the antibacterial fibre and over time reduce its effectiveness.

Stainless steel & nickle

Please note if you have an allergy to nickel in stainless steel or to 9 or 14-carat gold, then avoid direct skin contact. Note this product is designed as an underlay and no skin contact is required.


Better Earthing Pillow Cases made with stainless steel fibre come with a 3-Year repair or replace Warranty against manufacturing defects and to earth effectively when used as an inner pillowcase in accordance with the care instructions.

Also see our guarantees including our 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee.

Indoor Earthing Explained

This Better Earthing Sleep System comes with a special adapter plug and lead designed for earthing indoors.

All Australian and New Zealand power points have a third ‘earth’ pin (at the bottom) that is wired to a metal rod or plate buried in the ground. This safety mechanism is called grounding – it’s there to send excess electricity back into the ground (earth). Indoor Earthing products use ground wiring in your home to safely pass free electrons from the earth to your indoor earthing product, then to you.

No electricity is used. You can earth with the power point turned off. The top two prongs of Better Earthing adapter are plastic, instead of metal like a normal plug, so no a/c current from your electricity mains can pass through.

For added safety, Better Earthing leads have a 50,000 ohm safety resistor, plus fine wires inside like fuse-wire. This protects against the very rare event of a power surge via a building’s earth wiring. If the nearby ground were struck with lighting, barely a mosquito bite of electricity could pass through this resistor.

Better Earthing adapter and lead conduct earth’s energy only. This is a safe and easy way to receive the earth’s health-enhancing free electrons from the comfort of your home.

You can use an autorange multimeter (sold separately) to verify that your products are correctly Earthed via the power point. Compare the amount of electrical voltage carried in your body when you are not earthed, compared to when you are earthed. You’ll be amazed by how much excess AC electricity your body can pick up from surrounding electrical cables and devices and how much it dissipates (reduces) when earthed.

There is also an optional outdoor earthing rod and 15m lead if you don’t wish to earth via the indoor earthed wall socket.

32 reviews for Better Earthing Pillowcase

  1. Christopher

    So far my experience has been very positive. My sleep was very poor before and I stumbled upon earthing recently. After a few weeks I’m sleeping a lot better, feeling a lot sharper and happier.

  2. Jane D, QLD

    Thank you and all concerned at Better Earthing for your support, and for replacing my lost parcel – and so promptly. (BTW whoever prepared my order is a whiz at wrapping and packing!). I’m using earthing to treat persistent high blood pressure, and so far your products are working better than any medication I’ve used.

  3. Joanne, Australia

    I have been enjoying using my earthing pillowcase for nearly 2 months now. This has been in conjunction with my fabric grounding mat which I was previously using inside my pillowcase but I quickly realised it was far more convenient and worthwhile to opt for the stainless steel and cotton polyester earthing pillowcase.

    I have experienced much improved sleep (deeper, more restful and easier to resume sleep if I wake up during the night), improved complexion, and an overall increased sense of wellbeing and calm. Having been a sufferer of debilitating hayfever for much of my life (requiring medication) I cannot overstate the sheer relief and joy I feel at being free of the condition for the entire time I have been using the Better Earthing pillowcase. Even after going through this peak pollen season and also dusty/mildewy environments I am amazed to report that I have not needed to rely on my allergy medication even once!

    It’s an effortless and effective means of getting my earthing time overnight and I am enthusiastically encouraging everyone to try it! My experience with using various products in the range including the fabric grounding mat, earthing wrap, and universal fitted underlay, and alligator clip (for use in the car during long trips with less fatigue) has served to further augment my overall health and wellbeing. Each product I add to my daily life appears to have a multiplying effect, creating a combined synergy that is helping me to be more in tune with the day/night cycle of the earth. Even a couple of months on, all of these health benefits (some subtle, incremental, and others more significant) are still mind-blowing to me.

    It is an absolute pleasure to deal with Better Earthing, as they go beyond providing outstanding products, they show an unrivaled commitment to the wellbeing of their customers, making you the heart of their mission. I can wholeheartedly recommend!

  4. Bodhi

    I highly recommend this pillow case, by far the best grounding material I’ve ever used in over 10 years now. Keeps it’s conductivity for a long time too. Love Better Earthing products!

  5. Carol

    I am going well with my earthing pillow case, I have been sleeping a lot better since I got it. If I do wake up in the night I switch ends so that sometimes my head and neck are on it and sometimes my feet rest on it.

  6. Peter

    Thank you for the quick phone response and delivery -2 days to NZ. I was very impressed with the packaging and detailed information pack.
    The quality of the product exceeded my expectations.

  7. Brett

    Hi Team,
    Just a quick thank you for your amazing products and your attention to customer experience. Right down to the way you carefully and neatly arranged your delivery box.
    Repeat customer,
    Have an awesome day 😁🙏,

  8. Jane

    I am loving my earthing pillowcase. It’s made an immediate difference to my sleep quality and ease of returning to sleep if I do wake up.

    We are seriously thinking about purchasing the underlay too.

    Thank you for such a quality product and great service!

  9. tina

    I bought the pillowcase and mat for the computer so basically I am grounding all day. The first week I just felt horrible, worst sleep ever. After one week I had really vivid dreams, at a point that scared me because it was repeating every day so I started thinking what changed in my routine and the only thing was my earthing mat and pillow case.
    Two horrible weeks later I was ready to put them in the bin, really, until I read the paperwork that Better Earthing supplies for each product (I know wrong timing )
    It said exactly that, my symptoms were a consequence of the body detoxifying. I really didn’t believe the power of grounding until this happened.
    But wait because it got better, the third week was great and so it has been since then.
    I am experiencing the best sleep ever and at I feel energized and at work I feel more productive.
    I would definitely recommend it to everybody

  10. Louise

    I’ve been using the sheet underlay and pillow case for about three weeks and am definitely reaping rewards. I’ve been sleeping deeply and longer, and return to sleep quickly. In the morning I wake up more ‘alive’ and, overall, feel centred and physically stronger. I’m also impressed with Better Earthing’s service, which is ‘human’ and professional. It’s been a pleasure to not only get quality products but also quality service. BE gets a big thumbs up from me.

  11. Caroline

    Absolutely love my better earthing products.
    The brain fog from long COVID is gone!!
    Took 3 weeks of gentle introduction to the underlay and pillow case but hubby and I are sleeping better than ever. Wake up feeling amazing.
    Have ordered 6 more pillow cases to share with friends.

  12. Amanda

    My 11 year old son has been using the pillowcase for the anti inflammation properties. He has had a severe case of antibiotic resilient staph infection on his face and scalp. Since using the pillowcase we have seen an improvement in his skin, and the spread of sores has reduced along with the severity of the sores being less.
    He finds sleeping directly on the pillow to be very comfortable. He also has had a very bad blocked nose for a long time, we have noticed it becoming clearer and easier for him to breath through, we are looking forward to seeing the continued positive health improvements for him long term.

  13. Elzette

    We love our earthing mats and pillows, thank you! Can’t say we’ve seen massive changes but sure it is making a difference. The long cords have certainly come in handy and it is just a quality product.

  14. Jenny

    I’ve had chronic inflammation (FM, arthritis) for some years and I believe that i am finally getting some relief due to the earthing sheet. I don’t seem to wake during the night in pain and I also believe i am starting to sleep deeper. I’m also falling asleep better. I used to wake up with pins and needles, that seems to have subsided somewhat as well.

    I still have pain, but as it’s only been a month, i believe that it will improve more with time. So far, I’m very happy that i purchased the sheet. I also took the mat with me on my travels recently, and was surprised at how well i slept in a different bed.

    So far, i’m pretty happy with the products.

  15. Indy Sam Brisbane

    I have bought the underlay for myself/wife and dad 82 and the pillowcases for all my other family members/partners etc. We’ve all noticed more energy and less pain & better restful sleep with amazing dreams sometimes! My wife doesn’t need massages anymore and I don’t either. It’s changed our moods and feelings and our 14 month baby has been sleeping with us the past 5 months and now sleeps longer and less disturbed with her teeth growing painfully etc. it’s give pain relief for everyone, recovery from sickness/training much quicker, and even more motivation to train & for business. We love the products and want to share this with the world and now many of our friends have bought the underlays noticing great health benefits. I started walking barefoot everywhere once I knew the benefits before I knew products like these existed and this brand is certainly the best. Keep up your amazing products and please market it more around the world, everyone needs to have this earthing product in their home. Thank you for the bonus book & multimeter over my orders. Great work guys!!

  16. Dr Malone

    I can honestly say, hand on heart that I love the sheet and pillow cases. The service I received was exceptional and the product was equally good. Best nights’ sleep for ages! wow and thank you. 👍

  17. Mimi, VIC

    I’ve been a migraine sufferer for most of my life and I can honestly say since using the ‘Better Earthing’ pillowcase my migraines are not as severe , nor do they last long. I was also a terrible sleeper, but I find I’m not waking up as much, and feel refreshed in the morning. Highly recommend

  18. Sue, WA

    My girlfriend & I both bought the pillowcase & we both agree how much “deeper” our sleep is. Waking up I’m feelng fresher I also have a bit of arthritis in my fingers and after about 4 days of use I felt the pain diminish quite a bit I do still have a bit there though.
    My husband has twisted his ankle I have been trying to get him to rest his foot on the pillow but to no avail as yet. Down the track we both agree we will get the underlay. I have enjoyed reading about earthing and I’m going to make a conscious effort to walk barefooted on the beach and lawn. My girlfriend and I work in a Hospital and a patient was telling her about how he has benefited from the underlay so that’s how we got onto it ( I’m glad she was slacking off from her work and having a chat) so yes. thank you we are both very happy.

  19. Gill, VIC

    I bought the premium earthing pillowcase and have been using it for a month now. I have seen an improvement in my acne and my face skin looks generally more healthy with more even tone and texture.

  20. Richard, VIC

    I am definitely sleeping better. I also feel a bit more energy and slight improvement with joint pain. These are issues I have had for a long time and I would imagine that they will require some time but every bit of improvement is incredibly welcome.

  21. Richard

    I am very happy with my purchase of the premium earthing pillowcase. I received the product in the scheduled delivery date and everything was in order and as I expected. Excellent product very innovative.

  22. Susanne, QLD

    I love my new pillow case. I am sleeping more deeply and not waking up and an ache in my right hip has completely gone. I did have a ‘funny head’ for the first couple of nights…because I was unused to the earthing and, as you say, the effect seems stronger. I just used it for a couple of hours for the first 2 nights and after that slept soundly on it all night long. After having slept on another company’s silver sheets and pillow cases and having them ‘wear out’ I know the wonderful benefits of sleeping earthed.

  23. Karen K

    I can highly recommend the earthing pillow, I bought it to help my insomnia and found that after the second night I had slept for 4 hours which was a real feat. After tossing around for awhile I drifted off back to sleep and slept another couple of hours, I have been using pillow for over a week now and I am now getting 6 hours sleep a night which is wonderful for me. Also my tennis elbow has gone. After researching earthing I urge people to give it a try as I previously mentioned its only been over a week but I am feeling the results I am a big fan.

  24. Jess

    A long time acne sufferer, after using the pillow case I have noticed a huge improvement to my skin.

    I have also suffered from upper backpain – this pillow has helped 90% with that!

    In addition, I notice the pillowcase makes me feel more rested, energised and calm.

    Cannot recommend this highly enough! I wish I could give 6 stars!

  25. Peter

    After using the earthing products.

    1. My mum has less pain (she is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis). She uses the pillow case & earthing mat.

    2. I suffer from a rotator cuff injury. The earthing mat has reduced the pain to roughly 30-50%.

    3. I am having better sleep and so is my mum. We now sleep for about 6 hours – 7 hours.

  26. Haley

    I have noticed how my sleep has improved dramatically. I only wake up once during the night. And when I wake up in the mornings I feel refreshed.. My neck pain has also improved. I think it’s a great product that works well.

  27. Zainab

    I have been using the pillow case and so far i can tell you that i’ve been having a much deeper sleep and alot of dreams.

  28. Debby, Hong Kong

    The Better Earthing pillow case my husband and I are using now is very good, it helps us to have a better sleeping quality & that’s why I highly recommend this product to my friends & relatives. You can tell from the many number of pillow cases that we bought.

  29. Josephine Malaysia

    I purchased Earthing pillow, mats, and half sheet and have been using it for about 3 months. Since using the products, I noticed that my sleep has improved especially deeper sleep and more soundly. It was a challenge going to sleep before but now I am so glad that I can just fall asleep when my head touches the pillow and feel fresh the next morning. I then decided to let my daughter to try it out and she sleeps well too. Amazing!! Thank You

  30. Amy

    I’ve been finding my Earthing pillowcase wonderful. I sleep so well and deeply. I’ve had lots of trouble with insomnia in the past and have been using Earthing products the last few years to help with that. I have NF2 so my nervous system is sometimes overwhelmed. I’ve had lots of brain surgery in the past. The silver pillowcase is wonderful for your nervous system and in particular the head and neck area. I receive lots of benefits and would highly recommend it for anyone. Thank you for providing such wonderful earthing products to the public. Also, I think your Australian made pillowcase is better than another one I’ve tried. It’s cheaper and I’m optimistic it will last longer. I’m delighted to have found it. I will definitely be back for more in future.

  31. Kaylene

    I noticed my big toe joint is no longer giving me pain. Wonderful.

  32. Prof William Rock

    My neck pain reduced dramatically when I started sleeping on the earthing pillowcase. My neck used to be very stiff – beyond pain. I couldn’t turn my head. It was like that for 4 years. Now it’s 70% better.

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