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Reviews on Pain Relief

“My arm and shoulder have been hurting (I broke my wrist last October and have a plate in it, and its still slightly swollen and been giving me curry). I lay down with the mat long ways under the side of my body and my arm. I thought I would leave it like that for ten minutes as I was reading a book. I fell asleep (bright sunlight coming in the window into my eyes, hard to believe) I woke up an hour later, my shoulder was free from the pain for the first time in about six months.” – Liz O, QLD

“I have suffered from painful stomach ulcers, reflux, and stomach pain for a couple of years now and after 2 weeks I have noticed a huge improvement in the amount of pain and inflammation I experience. I did not expect this at all. Of course, I still have to watch my diet, but the ability of Earthing to reduce inflammation is what I am grateful for.” – David C, SA

“After 5 weeks of chronic inflammation of the neck and shoulder muscles just one night on the under sheet meant I was able to leave the prescription anti-inflammatory and pain killer tablets in the packet. Now, 2 weeks later I have only taken one tablet (half the prescribed dose) on just 2 days and no pain killers. If nothing else at all these products have reduced the need for prescription drugs and their long term negative effects. Thank you Peter and Corrina.” – Steve, QLD

“I received the package April 21, 2017. From that time onward I have slept more soundly using the Earthing Pad. If I wake up during the night, I have no pain and get back to sleep. Normally, I would wake up most nights with muscle aches and pains and found it difficult to fall asleep again. I wake at a respectable hour, instead of 2:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m., sometimes sleeping in until 7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. I am more alert, have more energy, focus, etc. After a really tough day in the garden of weeding, digging, pruning, difficult manoeuvring under and around crowded plants, I still have more energy left until I go to bed. The usual pains and fatigue associated with such work, don’t arise for this senior. Even the next day when I would be normally feeling the after effects, there were none: no fatigue, strained muscles, headaches, joint aches. WHAT A CHANGE!” – Julie, VIC

“I am a chiropractor in the blue mountains of NSW and have been raving about the sheet to many of my patients and I know 4 different people have now ordered the same sheet and are equally as thrilled, especially patients dealing with chronic pain. Thanks for what you are doing!” – Dr Leanne Jenkins B.Ch.Sc M.Chir, NSW

“The longer I sleep on my earthing undersheet, the more I am convinced of its benefits. I am sleeping more soundly, wake with more energy and have an improved sense of general wellbeing. I also have much less pain from arthritis, and no longer need a pillow beneath my knees to reduce discomfort, which was previously the way I slept for years.
While clearly my arthritis is not cured, the pain has been significantly reduced and I move more easily in the mornings.
Thank you for this extremely beneficial product.” – Meredith, SA

“I am just recovering from Influenza A and I think the sheet helped me get through quite well. The aches and pains were a bit tough but from what I hear from others I feel like I sailed through because the sheet was helping me keep inflammation at bay and giving me peaceful rest. I do think it’s the best if you have the flu undoubtedly.” – Chris S, VIC

Reports of Improved Sleep

“I purchased the earthing half sheet and I am amazed at how effective it is. Without going into too much detail I have had insomnia for over 10 years and the last 2 it has been constant and debilitating. I have tried almost everything, seen countless doctors, been to neurologists and lots of different natural therapist, tried countless OTC and prescription sleep medication but nothing has ever worked for me until I slept on your earthing sheet. The 1st night I used it I didn’t get any sleep but the 2nd night I got 4 hours in a row, the 3rd 5 hrs and the 4th 6 hrs. I have not had that much sleep in a row in over 2 years! It has now been over a week and I’m sleeping every night. I cannot thank you enough, this product has really been like a miracle to me and has worked when nothing else would.” – Jennefer, NSW

“Hi All. I brought this product and all I can say is AMAZING!
I’ve been taking sleeping tablets for the past 6 months because I was having trouble getting to rest. After sleeping on the earthing sheet, I sleep deeper, more soundly. My dreams have become very vivid, as I feel more reconnected and less distracted as I rest. Also, I don’t need the tablets to get to sleep…the moment my head touches the pillow, my body responds and relaxes. A must for every home in this mad, modern world, where rest and re connection are part of our foundations during observation and reflection.” – Markos Evans, NSW

“I have been using the Better Earthing sheets now for 3 months. Before using them I was challenged getting enough quality sleep every night. Since using the new sheets I have noticed much deeper sleeps and also only needing a maximum of 6 hours a sleep per night and waking up feeling wonderfully rested and ready to start the day as soon as I awake.” – Dr Steven M Katz B.S., D.C.

“I purchased a set of earthing mats, a pillow case and bedsheet from Better Earthing. After the first few days of using them I noticed that I was extremely tired and even found it hard to get out of bed. I thought that this was strange as earthing was meant to energise me not cause fatigue. The extreme tiredness, however, soon passed and was replaced by me experiencing deeper sleeps. Once I had begun to experience those deeper sleeps I found that I was more energised during the day. The most dramatic benefit of “earthing myself” was yet to come. I have been taking sleeping pills nightly for about 10 years and in spite of my best efforts I have not been able to sleep without them. Given the ease at which I fell asleep with the earthing bed sheet I decided to try to give up the sleeping pills cold turkey. That was about a month ago and I have not taken a single pill since. I was totally shocked that I was able to do so with such ease. I still wake at night but fall back asleep easily.” – Trevor R, VIC

Other Earthing Experiences

“As a long term sufferer of cystic acne I have tried everything to help my skin from herbal to roaccu tane. Within 5 nights I noticed a massive improvement to my skin, even scarring being less visible. Using the Better Earthing pillowcase has made a more dramatic difference than any applied cream or cleanser I have tried. I am relieved and impressed!” – Gemma K, ACT

“Allen has been experiencing episodes of atrial fibrillation at very regular intervals (sometimes twice a week) for at least the last three years. However since we first started using the earthing sheet on 9th August he has not had one episode. We will continue to monitor this but feel very optimistic. So apart from all the other many health benefits of earthing to both of us, the earthing sheets have been a massive blessing for Allen for this one reason alone.
Keep up your important work.” – Debbie and Allen, NSW

“I currently have an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s) and was working excessive hours operating in a stressful workplace. To add I had an accident with boiling water and experienced extensive burns to my torso and legs. This caused much pain and discomfort, lack of sleep, constant headaches (which went on for days), muscle weakness and debilitating exhaustion. The shock of the accident was an overload for my adrenals and the body was shutting down. I had been using an earthing sheet and matt but of inferior quality and was well aware of earthing for a couple of years. Once I received the earthing sheet and pillowcase from Better Earthing, I noticed after a few days my body started to experience a deeper sleep. I can feel the tingling at times and the sensation feels like I’m sinking into the experience of earthing & don’t wish to get out of bed. This feels like the body is recalibrating to its natural state of being! I feel the benefits once I get out of bed, feeling sharp, alert, the mood shifts.Thank you very much for this product; no doubt a step by step process in helping restore the body and my adrenal health. The medical profession needs to get on-board!” – Zari K, ACT

“In the first few days of use i experienced more mental clarity. Then felt a drop off and noticed nothing for a few weeks. Now, reflecting over the last month, i seem to be waking earlier in the morning and feeling more refreshed. Essentially it seems as though i’m requiring less sleep than before. I spend at least 30 minutes a day grounded and wear leather moccasins to work everyday. So my base level of grounding was already better than most i suppose. I’ve already referred a number of my patients to your products, and will continue to do so. I hope they choose to make the wise choice and get earthing sheets.” – Dave, P, SA

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