How do I wash my earthing sheet underlay?

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You can wash fitted or universal Better Earthing underlays in your washing machine on ‘hand-wash’ or ‘wool-wash’ setting with low spin cycle.

Use either warm water (30-40c) or cold water with presoaking beforehand in an Oxy soaker (see washing frequency for more). Wash with a detergent that does not contain bleach as this will degrade its antibacterial effectiveness over time. Choose an eco-friendly detergent like Earth Choice, Aware or Abode as they typically do not include bleach.

Washing Frequency

Every 3-6 months. This fabric is naturally antibacterial and remains hygienic between washes. Presoak every 2nd wash in an oxidiser soaker to prevent the build-up of body oils as they act as a barrier to good conductivity and can reduce earthing strength until washed out. Oxidising soakers are fine to use as our Stainless Steel filament does not oxidise.

Drying Instructions

This fabric has a natural crinkle and will pucker after washing. Hand-stretch the wet fabric by stretching the sides in opposite directions (stretching the sides apart). Line dry inside or outside. Do not tumble-dry. Do not dry clean. As this fabric is highly antibacterial, you can place it on the bed when it is not yet 100% dry (it will not develop mildew or other odours).

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