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About Better Earthing

Better Earthing is proud to be Australia’s first manufacturer of indoor earthing products.

Based on the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland, our team is committed to sourcing the highest quality components, and employing Australian businesses to assemble, manufacture and test our products. We want to provide you with the best earthing experience and this underscores everything we do from providing a first-class product to exceptional customer service.

My Personal Earthing Story

by Better Earthing founder Peter Griffiths

Peter and Corrina from Better Earthing

A few years ago I strained my back lifting my bike into the car. Ouch! My back froze up and every little movement was accompanied by stabbing pain. I thought, if I could reduce the inflammation, I could move more easily again. So I phoned a close friend and health speaker and asked what I could do. He said, great timing, I’ve just written a blog post about a natural anti-inflammatory called Earthing.

When I discovered that the earth’s free electrons act as free radical scavengers in our bodies I thought wow, earthing could be the most valuable easy-to-do thing for my health and wellbeing. I was already taking herbal supplements to boost my immune system. The idea that I could get as many natural antioxidants as my body needed from the earth amazed me, especially as I could do this while I slept.

I bought around $1000 worth of earthing products and experienced some benefits, enough to keep me interested. I really liked the idea that earthing could help avoid health problems before they happened.

After 3 to 6 months my earthing sheet stopped working altogether and 4 of my 5 earthing mats no longer worked well. I couldn’t find any products with a warranty or guarantee on durability past 3 months. So I decided to make my own. I found some high percentage silver conductive fabric and bought enough to make 5 proto-type earthing sheets. After testing for conductivity, I found this high percentage silver fabric earthed well through a cotton sheet. So we put it on our bed as an underlay.

The first night that my wife Corrina and I slept on the silver earthing underlay we both slept so well. My usual routine was to wake up twice a night, once around 2 am and then again at 4 am. I would go to the bathroom and generally find it difficult to go back to sleep. On the 50% silver underlay, I slept solidly for three nights in a row, without waking up once. This was unheard of for me. Now I go to sleep a lot more easily and wake up less frequently. When I do wake up, I go back to sleep more easily. Restless nights are truly a thing of the past. My wife has an RSI related injury in her shoulder and this improved over the next 12 months of sleeping on an underlay sheet. Her right shoulder used to feel numb or frozen like it wasn’t really part of her body. Now she has sensation there.

We knew this design was special. The underlay would allow people to sleep on their own favourite sheets while earthing – the only earthing sheets available at that time were the ones you needed to sleep directly on.

We contacted an existing earthing product maker and asked if they would like to do something together with our new underlay sheet design. But they wrote to us and said they were not interested.

We loved earthing so much and I really believed that this underlay could be one of the most valuable, convenient and easy-to-use products for health and wellbeing. I had a clear moment of knowing inside myself that it was right to make this product available to others. And so, we became product designers and manufacturers, launching the world’s first earthing underlay sheet, and with a two-year warranty.

Over the past five years, our knowledge has grown exponentially. With support from fabric and fibre experts, we custom-designed earthing fabric made from medical grade stainless steel and blended with sustainable Tencel /Lyocell, a soft and strong natural fibre and environmentally friendly to produce. We’ve launched our earthing wraps and our fabric grounding mat – also made with stainless steel with our custom permanent antibacterial 1mm wadding inside (using German-made antibacterial mineral-based fibre). We’ve since introduced 5-year warranties on selected products – unheard of for earthing products previously. We are committed to leading the way in making long-lasting, dependable and reliable earthing products.

There is a great deal of decision-making and research that goes into our products. Even our earthing cords / leads are reinforced for dependability and we chose large snap connectors for our designs so that the cord stays more firmly connected to the product (without slipping off).

As we spread our wings and grow, we will continue to work with local businesses as best we can. We remain committed to making as many of our products as we can here in Australia, whilst finding ways to share our products and designs with the world.

Thanks for reading our story and we hope you enjoy earthing indoors and out.

Peter & Corrina, founders of Better Earthing

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