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Better Earthing Warranty

We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing the highest quality, long-lasting and reliable earthing products worldwide.

Our earthing products come with a written warranty on their ‘effective earthing life’.

This goes beyond manufacturing defects such as defective sewing or workmanship. It covers real earthing effectiveness. Our earthing product warranties are typically 2 or 5 years, and the period for each product is shown on the individual product page.

Please note, as our C60 Oils are functional food items they are not included under the warranty below. Please see our Returns page for details.

Why is a Warranty on Earthing Products so Important?

Many earthing products can lose their earthing effectiveness within a year or months, due to poor design or low-quality materials, even when you care for them properly. This happened to us and that’s why we started our product range.

Common problems that can occur

1. Sulphur in Sweat can damage silver

Earthing sheets, pads or pillows made with silver fibre can all be damaged by everyday sulphur in sweat. If you are buying an earthing sheet with silver-coated fibre, we suggest you ask where the silver-coated fibre is made and whether it is treated with an antioxidising agent. In 2019 we started making earthing bedding with robust stainless steel fibre, which can never be oxidised.

2. Direct Skin Contact with low % Silver Sheets

Silver earthing sheets that require direct skin contact due to a low % of silver are very vulnerable to silver damage and lost conductivity. (Read more in earthing sheet fabric what you need to know) This design exposes delicate silver directly to sulphur in sweat and body oils, plus the myriad of ingredients in creams and lotions that can damage and oxidize the silver in a short time.

3. Incorrect Washing

Washing with a detergent that contains bleach or oxidisers will damage the silver and reduce the earthing conductivity. If the sheet fabric only has 3% silver coated fibre (or less than 1 km of silver-coated thread), there is very little margin for silver loss or damage. This is not a problem with our stainless steel filament Premium earthing bedding.

If your water contains high levels of chlorine, regular washing can damage the silver.

Body oils (particularly from direct skin contact) can also damage silver and cause a loss of conductivity for earthing due to the sulphur in body oil.

4. Conductive Material Readily Degrades in Polyurethane (PU) or Vinyl “Leatherette” Earthing Mats

Leatherette earthing mats are vulnerable to losing conductivity. We know because we’ve tested them. For example, if the thin carbon coating under the mat’s earthing lead connection point loses carbon (smaller in size than a small fingernail), the whole mat loses its earthing effectiveness. PU is designed to naturally degrade which unfortunately makes it unstable and prone to losing conductivity.

Better Earthing Mats are made from durable, stable, nontoxic PVC, which gives years of service with no change of conductivity.

Testing your Earthing Product

Fortunately, it is easy to test if your current earthing product is earthing effectively.

One way is to use a multimeter to measure your product’s approximate conductive strength. You should see at least a 90% decrease in AC volts when you are earthing with your product compared to not earthing. This method also confirms that the wall socket and powerboard that you are using are earthing okay.

Another way to test your product is to use an earthing product tester (with the green light). Note this does not test that your wall socket and power boards are earthing okay. You will need a separate wall socket tester for this.

Your body will also likely tell you if your earthing product stops working. Look out for a return of health issues that lessened when you first started earthing such as inflammation-related pain, poor sleep, arthritic pain or autoimmune related symptoms. This could be due to the loss of conductivity in your earthing product, which is preventing the earth’s free electrons from reaching your body.

Better Earthing Product Reliability & Longevity

  • Better Earthing Underlays and Pillowcases are highly durable and are backed with a 3-year warranty. They give the same earthing strength & benefits of our silver but will last longer. We expect our earthing underlays will last 3 times the warranty length.
  • Our durable, nontoxic & phthalate free PVC earthing mats have a 2-year warranty. From our experience we know that most other mats are made from lower cost PU that is not hard wearing.
  • Our fabric grounding mats are made with surgical grade stainless steel fibre and have a 5-year warranty.
  • All of Better Earthing leads or cords are custom reinforced and have a 2-year warranty. Standard earthing leads have a design based on similar leads in the Electrostatic Discharge industry, and will not be as reliable nor last as long.
  • Even our earthing wraps, which can be subjected to tough conditions, come with a 1-year warranty on earthing effectiveness.

How to Claim on Your Warranty

We give a Repair or Replace Warranty on the basis that your product is used and cared for in accordance with the care instructions in the Better Earthing product guide included with your product(s). This is not just a warranty on defects such as sewing, but real conductive earthing effectiveness. Our warranty does not cover cosmetic imperfections that may appear after normal use and washing that do NOT affect the product’s Earthing effectiveness.

If you need support under warranty, call Better Earthing Warranty on 07 5630 3790 or email us at support @ Please have your purchase invoice handy and describe the product that needs service and the nature of the problem. If you need to return your product under warranty, our friendly support staff will guide you on how to do this and issue you with a return authority reference so we can handle your warranty promptly.

For all customers (in Australia, NZ, Asia, Canada and USA), we ask that you initially cover the freight cost to return the product or any parts to Better Earthing for replacement or repair. On inspection, if we find the product is faulty, we’ll reimburse your return freight cost and cover the cost to return the products to you.

For Better Earthing C60 Oils please see our returns page.