Top 7 Health Benefits of Earthing

Curious about earthing and how it can improve your health and wellbeing? Here’s our list of the top 7 benefits of earthing in a nutshell!
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Barefoot Healing or Earthing in Ancient and Modern Times

At its simplest, earthing or grounding is the act of walking barefoot in nature. Through this essential act of touching the earth with our skin, Read more

Study Finds Earthing Helps Reduce Exam Stress

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6 Ways to Relax with an Earthing Pad

Not getting enough relax and recharge time? An earthing pad can give you a deeper relaxation experience.

Some days it can be hard to switch off. When Read more

Healthy Ageing: 9 Reasons to Make Earthing A Part of Your Lifestyle

Ageing is a natural process that cannot be controlled or prevented. Healthy ageing, on the other hand, is deliberate. It requires making correct choices and Read more

How Earthing Improved My Child’s Sleep – Case Study

Paula, mother of two, used to feel awful waking up her 14-year-old daughter Ella for school. At 6AM, her daughter looked as tired as when Read more

Dr Mercola Sheds Light on Earthing in New Documentary

Dr Mercola, Dr Stephen Sinatra, and Dr Laura Koniver have starring roles in the new documentary “Down to Earth”, which is one of the best Read more