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This Earthing Movie is One of the Best So Far

Grounding Movie
The long-anticipated Earthing Movie has had its full-feature debut in the USA and for an available to stream for free online with no ads. You can watch below or watch on vimeo. This documentary, by Josh & Rebecca Tickell of Big…

9 Reasons to Introduce Your Mother to Earthing

9 Reasons to Introduce Your Mum to Earthing
Using nature to improve your mood and wellbeing is something that comes naturally to most of us. Who doesn’t enjoy a walk at the beach, listening to birdsong, or having a picnic in the great outdoors? Mother Earth impacts our…

Grounding Earthing for Autism Case Study

grounding earthing for autism
When Chris heard of earthing, he immediately thought of his 11-year old son Thomas who has autism and sleep issues from an early age. Thomas experienced dramatic improvements in sleep, social interaction and communication after earthing overnight for 6-months and…

Better Earthing featured in The Sunday Age and The Sun Herald

Peter & Corrina Founders of Better Earthing
Better Earthing cofounders Corrina & Peter Griffiths were interviewed for 2019 Australia Day, Australian-Made Advertising Feature in Melbourne’s Sunday Age and Sydney’s Sun-Herald. Here is the article plus a “behind-the-scenes” photo that didn’t make it into the paper (scrolls down…

Earthing or Grounding Bedding Compared

grounding bedding compared
Looking for a quick way to compare different earthing or grounding bedding on the market? This infographic answers six important questions: How long will it last? How well will it earth when new and over time? How easy is it…
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