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Grounding Mats & More

Browse our grounding mats, pads, bands and wraps for use at home or at the office during the day. These products may reduce inflammation, increase energy, relieve pain and more. Click here a full list of earthing benefits.

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  • Earthing Grounding Mat

    Fabric Grounding Mat by Better Earthing

  • black pvc grounding mat by Better Earthing

    Better Earthing Mat

  • Earthing Band Kit - Small Wristband or Ankleband

    Single Earthing Band Kit

  • earthing or grounding wrap

    Earthing Wrap System

  • earthing car mat

    Better Earthing Auto Seat Pad

  • Earthing Wrist Band

    Small Earthing Band

  • Earthing Band Kit Wristband Body Band

    Double Earthing Band Kit

  • better earthing mat for dogs

    Better Earthing Pet Pad

  • SOLD OUTearthing floor mat in the kitchen

    Better Earthing Floor Mat

  • Earthing Shoe Strap

    Erthe Earthing Shoe Strap (Pair)

  • Earthing Body Band Side View

    Large Earthing Band