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In addition to our repair or replace warranty, Better Earthing gives the following satisfaction, quality and value guarantees.

We give the following guarantee on our C60 Oils

1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Note: If you wish to return any UNUSED perfect condition earthing or grounding products within 3 months of purchasing, we’ll refund your cost of the items in full, less our shipping costs. See our Shipping and Returns for further details.

1-year guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with your earthing products within a whole year of purchasing, we’ll refund you in full, or the larger part of what you paid (details below). Any goods returned can be well-used so long as they are in good working order and have a return authority reference.

Of the total product value, we’ll refund 100% of the first AUD $200 in full,  plus 50% of each $ you spend over $200 on goods that you return.

Example refunds within 12-months of purchasing.

Example Products We Refund the 1st AUD$200 in full, plus 50% of each $  over $200
1 / Fabric Grounding Mat by Better Earthing @ AUD$119 We refund $119 in full
2 / Better Earthing Pillowcase @ AUD$159 We refund $159 in full
3 / Fabric Grounding Mat & Better Earthing Pillowcase total AUD$278 We refund $239 (1st $200 + 50% of the remaining $78)
4/ Better Earthing Sheet Underlay @ AUD$500 We refund $350 (1st $200 + 50% of the remaining $300)
5/ Returning Some, but not All Products you ordered.Example. You bought two earthing underlays selling @ AUD$400 each with a total price of AUD$800, And you got a 5% discount for buying two. Total paid AUD $760. If you wish to return one costing you $380. We refund $290 (1st $200 + 50% of the remaining $180. $380 paid for the 2nd discounted sheet).

If you have any concerns about whether earthing can help you before buying, consider starting small with a Fabric Grounding Mat or a Better Earthing Pillowcase. These products have no financial risk.

Please contact us for an honest view if earthing can help you, as it is also in our financial interest that you don’t buy if you are not satisfied. The cost to make our product (which we cannot resell if used) plus admin, handling, and service costs outweigh any dollars we retain under the above refund guarantee.

What to do if you’re unsatisfied with your earthing results

1/ Call or email us to allow us the chance to help you get the results you’re looking for. We’ll go through some Return Authority Questions so we can understand your product usage and experiences.

2/ We’ll give you some finer product tips and troubleshooting suggestions to trial. Often, if good results are not achieved, the earthing strength is either too weak or too strong for your individual needs.

3/ If you still don’t get a good result after trialling any product advice we give, we’ll give you a return authority reference under our 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee.Please note, your products must be returned in good working order with all leads/cords, accessories and our Return Authority reference. It is OK if your products are damaged through normal use while following our care instructions.

4/ Once received and checked, we’ll refund you less any shipping costs we’ve incurred. We ask that you cover the freight cost of returning the goods to us. For assistance please contact Better Earthing Support on 07 5630 3790 (Aust) or 09 887 0912 (NZ) or email us at [email protected] and we can guide you through this process. Returns can only be accepted with a return authority.

Highest Quality Guaranteed

Our earthing products are the highest quality worldwide and we back that statement with the longest warranties on how long they will effectively earth for. We were the first in the world to introduce warranties beyond government mandatory warranties, with our 2-Year and 5-Year warranties. See our Warranty page for further info on common problems earthing products can have and how we aim to avoid them.

Best Price Guaranteed or we’ll beat it by 20%

If you find another brand (or “no-name”) comparable earthing product of equal quality to ours with a lower recommended retail price (ie non-sale or fire-sale price), we’ll beat it by 20%.

If you tried to DIY products of our quality, the cost of the materials alone would invariably be more than what we sell the finished product for. We are the product maker, without multiple middlemen in between and we ensure margins are kept low. This Best Price promise excludes prices from our European partners whom we make the same products for under their brand name, which are sold at a similar price. However, due to exchange fluctuations, our prices will sometimes be higher or lower than our European partners.

60-day Satisfaction Guarantee on your first bottle of C60 Oil to see if you like it

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with our C60 oil, whether it be taste or results etc, please let us know within 60 days of purchasing and we’ll refund the price you paid for your first bottle.

We cannot resell returned unopened bottles due to laws on the sale of food. That’s why we can only offer a satisfaction guarantee on one bottle, irrespective of the number of bottles in your order.

To start this process, please contact Better Earthing Support on 07 5630 3790 (Aust) or 09 887 0912 (NZ) or email us at [email protected] and we’ll give you a return authority reference including instructions on shipping your C60 oil back to us. Once we’ve received your oil, we’ll refund you including any related Australian shipping cost you paid in your order. We ask that you cover the freight cost of returning the goods to us.

Please note returns can only be accepted with a return authority.

We hope our Guarantees and Warranty give you peace of mind. Please contact us if you have any questions.