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Better Earthing Mat

Better Earthing Mat

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Use this Better Earthing Mat on your desk as a large mouse pad, under your desk, or in front of an easy chair, to put your feet on.

** For a more versatile mat see our best selling Fabric Grounding Mat. You can sit or sleep on it, and use on a desk or at your feet. It is slightly larger and uses more conductive fabric

Supplied with a COILED lead (if you would prefer a STRAIGHT lead let us know by leaving a note in the checkout), an AU/NZ green earthing adapter, and product guide.

5% when you buy 2 or more mats (applied in the cart).


Our Better Earthing Mat is made from a new form of nontoxic PVC with carbon infused into the top (black layer) for earthing.

This PVC is durable, recyclable, and phthalate-free. We’ve tested it rigorously for 2 years as a floor mat and its conductivity for earthing remained perfect.

The blue underside is textured to grip the surface.

Use with socks

You can comfortably use your Better Earthing Mat all year round as this product works effectively through thin natural fibre socks or clothing as well as bare skin. The earth’s free electrons will pass from the mat to your body via the slightest amount of moisture in your socks and clothing, even in drier areas of Australia like Dubbo, NSW!

You can confirm this with an Auto-Range Multimeter.

Places you can use a Better Earthing Mat

  • On or in front of your sofa – put your feet on it while you watch TV.
  • At your computer desk; rest your arms on it. Put it on the floor beneath your desk, and place your feet (bare or with thin socks) on the mat.
  • Sit on the mat while you relax in an easy chair.

People who use this mat while working at a computer for long hours generally notice they have less fatigue and more energy at the end of the working day.

Earthing Mat / Grounding Mat at the Office – Health Benefits

  • Better concentration
  • More energy at the end of the day
  • Stress reduction
  • Protection from low-frequency EMFs from surrounding electrical appliances and wiring.

Earthing Mat / Grounding Mat at Home – Health Benefits

  • Reduced inflammation & pain
  • Improved blood circulation and heart rate variability
  • More positive mood

See our earthing benefits page for more info.


30 cm x 68 cm


Better Earthing Mat, Better Earthing Adapter & 6 meter COILED Lead, Product Guide.
If you prefer a 5m STRAIGHT Lead, please add a note within your order.

Care Instructions

Wipe down the mat with soapy water if the surface becomes sticky or comes in contact with skin lotions.


This Better Earthing product comes with a 2-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

Earthing Indoors Explained

Our indoor Earthing products use our custom earthing adapter plug and lead to connect with the grounding (earthing) system that’s already in your home.

See the third or bottom ‘Earth’ pin in your power point. It is wired to a metal plate or rod buried in the earth near your home that designed to get rid of excess electricity. Better Earthing products get rid of A/C electricity in our body (picked up from surrounding electrical wiring and devices). They also conduct health-enhancing free electrons from the earth to rebalance our body!

You can use our earthing products with the power point turned off!

A normal electricity plug conducts a/c current or electricity via the top two metal prongs. In earthing adapters, the top two prongs are plastic, so no A/C current from your electricity mains can pass through. Only the 3rd pin (the earth pin) is metal.

Additionally, Better Earthing leads have a 50,000 Ohm safety resistor, plus fine wires inside like fuse-wire. This protects against the very rare event of a power surge via a building’s earth wiring.

You can leave your Better Earthing products plugged in all the time.

22 reviews for Better Earthing Mat

  1. Halina

    I must write this to help others. I bought a small mat(1 year ago) for under my laptop, it helped with overheating. Just a few days ago I moved the mat onto my bed and I slept. No sleeping pills, no congestion, more energy, less discomfort in my back and knee. Feel euphoric.

  2. Sienna

    I’m absolutely thrilled with my earthing mat. It’s one of the best investments I have made for myself.
    Thank you very much.
    With much Gratitude

  3. Kristy, QLD

    I got the earthing mat for under my studio computer desk. The past 2 weeks at my desk have been presented with an immediate calmer and more gentle breath.
    With long term PTSD from early childhood, I am prone to brain freeze if put under stress. This issue has significantly reduced, making me more productive. I spend at least 8 hours a day on the mat. I have some scoliosis muscle inflammation pain in my lower spine the past few weeks from a heavy lifting strain on the recent installation. This is yet to resolve and so seems to be needing some time. Could this be a long term issue yet to clear? Maybe! Generally loving the results so thank you

  4. Rebecca P

    Loving it – am completely sold on the concept and spreading the word. Sleeping super soundly and my husband seems to be too, enjoying the portable mat which follows me round the house when I’m working at the computer or reading or doing yoga (and I’ll be taking it on work trips). I’m halfway through the book which is fascinating, and I’ll be recommending the idea to my yoga therapy clients. Thank you!

  5. Sue Thompson

    I have been using my mat (and meter) for over 18 months and have been meaning to write a review for some time. Honestly it changed my life. I have severe Rheumatoid arthritis with many joint replacements and one symptom was not being able to get to sleep for hours due to thigh cramps. Within a day of using the mat (under my thighs) this stopped and has never returned, it seemed impossible but it happened and brought great relief.

    I now use the mat half under under my pillow so that my shoulders and hands are in contact. It is a sweet relief to lie down now knowing that within minutes I will relax and have pains just fade away, especially after a shopping trip or outing. I also use it with my desktop and sometimes draped over an armchair or under my feet while watching tv so I can rest my hands on it. My medication has halved, just gradual reduction as inflammation levels dropped and it’s 3 weeks since I was able to stop my medication (with specialist approval). I am sure that is because of earthing, I sleep soundly now, also much needed for general healing. Thankyou for your wonderful service and product.

  6. Sharon, TAS

    I am loving my earthing mat (and Multimeter).

    I am sleeping much better, superficial wounds healing faster, heart palpitations (or AF undiagnosed) almost gone, feel less anxious. I have Hashimoto’s so my main idea was to reduce inflammation that I haven’t been unable to affect greatly with 7 years of LCHF/Paleo lifestyle and supplementing with Vit C and a few other things as I have learned more. Also I’ve had bleeding gums over the last couple of years and trying everything I can to deal with it (apart from dentist and doctor as I don’t have much faith). Just in the last week, the bleeding has almost gone – say from 10/10 to 1/10 and expect that to continue. Also, I have been made aware of my low body temp – this started with Dr Stephen Sinatra which led to earthing. My body temp was high 34 degrees Celsius to mid 35 degrees for the first month of testing March/April. n the last 15 days I’ve had 6 x 36.0 and 36.2’s so it is rising and expect it to continue.

    I believe with what I’ve seen so far, I will accumulate even greater benefits in addition to what I’ve seen so far.

  7. Luke, QLD

    I’ve been using the earthing mat for approx 2 months

    I’m really enjoying it (I would say my feet are on it 3’ish hours a day)…. I love the slight tingling sensation, feels fantastic

    I’m fairly healthy and don’t have any issues with sleep or pains

    The 2 big things I have noticed are I reach a state of deepness in my meditation sessions more quick than I used to and my general circulation when I’m sitting down seems better

    I’m sensitive to vibrational change and the mat has definitely heightened my vibration and I couldn’t be happier

  8. Peter

    After using the earthing products.

    1. My mum has less pain (she is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis). She uses the pillow case & earthing mat.

    2. I suffer from a rotator cuff injury. The earthing mat has reduced the pain to roughly 30-50%.

    3. I am having better sleep and so is my mum. We now sleep for about 6 hours – 7 hours.

  9. Kate

    I couldn’t be happier with my two products (pad and mat). The most amazing outcome for me is a feeling as though my head and body and connected, meaning I feel like I am not always living in my head. Also I feel as though my nervous system has significantly calmed.

  10. Ed

    I received my earthing mat promptly within a day of ordering and it is perfect. I have T2D and AF, both controlled by medication. With earthing I find that I sleep deeper and get back to sleep very quickly after the ‘reduced number’ of toilet trips effected by the mat (down from 7 or 8 to 3). I have also started dreaming again after many years of not since getting the mat. I believe this indicates more alpha rhythm sleep. Actually, I raised the bed head seven inches a month ago (see Andrew Fletcher’s site ‘Inclined Bed Therapy’) and this has reduced quite bad varicose veins to about 15% of their original size. The earthing mat is a good complement to the IBT. Thanks team!

  11. Ashleigh

    I have struggled with pain for more years than I care to remember. Especially in one of my knees. I have been for every test known to man and my only medical option is a deep and painful injection right underneath the knee cap for the foreseeable future in the hopes it would heal. My knee and spine used to keep me up for hours every single night. It would take up to three hours for me to finally fall asleep. Enter the earthing mat. Within one month of only 30 minutes a night I am now pain free in my knee and spine and falling asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed. My body is finally healing thanks to our beautiful earth and Better Earthing. The products I have are great quality, look good and really do work. They arrived packaged well with helpful information included. Postage was also really fast. Amazing results in my opinion from a fantastic product.

  12. Deanna, QLD

    I love my earthing mat – I have taken it to work and have noticed a definite increase in my levels of alertness, and at the end of a 4 day week I used to be shattered, now I can even contemplate going to the movies! If I come into work feeling tired, I ‘wake up’ not long after my feet hit the mat! I have also adjusted my diet in the last couple of months, however, apart from that I do think the mat has made a difference. I also feel a greater sense of wellbeing, and a lot less stressed.

  13. Michael

    I am happy with my earthing mat and being a pretty healthy man I could not see much change but now after a few weeks I am finding I’m sleeping better and my right shoulder is not aching anywhere near as much so I have started doing lights weights again each day, Something tells me it must be working.

  14. Paul

    Three months ago a suffered a sudden and major case of carpal tunnel syndrome after a heavy gym and weight session. I suffered for almost two month wearing wrist braces and doing exercises but little changed. I then found your desk pad and have experienced a rapid easing of the symptoms. I still have slight numbness but have seen a major improvement in just two to three weeks. I’m saving for the bed sheet now.

  15. Margo

    I am earthing all night and also when I am on the net. My blood pressure has improved, and so is my daughter`s, even though she is only using the mat when she is on her laptop.

    Ann had something on her back that had healed quicker than expected.

    So thank you. We are happy with the product.

  16. Patti, QLD

    I had a big cleaning day and ended up with a huge very sore bruise at the base of my index finger! Decided it was time to test out the effectiveness of the earthing mat. I placed the mat on my lap with my hand sitting flat on it, about 10/15 minutes later, the pain was gone, bruise had completely disappeared in two days. The mat certainly passed the test!

  17. Julia

    What can I say?….. your earthing products are FANTASIC! I have had a couple of injuries clear up and also a cluster of spider veins on my knee clear up dramatically since I’ve been earthing.

  18. JG

    This mat is great for computer work. Really helps with sustaining energy levels while spending long hours around EMFs.

    Extremely durable and sturdy, and grippy too. 10/10

  19. Valerie

    This mat is the best that I have tried and I have used two other brands. I use one under my desk chair and roll over it constantly without any bending or rolling over of the mat and with the others I have used I can’t say the same. This is a great mat that holds up and you can’t beat the thickness either. I have two and will probably order more in the future to put in other places of my home. This company cares about the products they put out.

  20. Liz O

    My arm and shoulder have been hurting (I broke my wrist last October and have a plate in it, and its still slightly swollen and been giving me curry).

    I lay down with the mat long ways under the side of my body and my arm. I thought I would leave it like that for ten minutes as I was reading a book. I fell asleep (bright sunlight coming in window in my eyes, hard to believe) I woke up an hour later, my shoulder was free from the pain for the first time in about six months. That’s when I decided to order the bed sheet! The pain has returned but I am sure once I start using the sheet it will go away for good.

  21. Kerrie R

    My concentration is much better with the earthing mat. I used to space out at the computer after about half an hour. Even though I wasn’t getting anywhere, I could not drag myself away. Now everything ticks over nicely.

  22. Marissa C

    I use the earthing mat at work for a few hours each day in front of my keyboard on my desk, and rest my wrists on it. Work is so busy I don’t notice anything there. At home though in the evening I’ve stopping crashing / falling asleep in front of the TV round 8pm, and have more energy for life after work. It’s been like this for quite a few weeks now.

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Better Earthing Mat
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