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Earthing Wrap System


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(8 customer reviews)

Buy an Earthing Wrap System and get a Bonus 60 x 10 cm wrap for free.

Use an Earthing wrap on any painful or injured area to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and speed recovery. Earthing wraps work by bringing natural anti-inflammatories from the earth directly to the distressed area.

They can help with RSI, wound healing, joint pain, tummy or abdominal pain, eczema, neck tension and more.

Place the earthing wrap around your ankle, knee, foot, arm, shoulder or torso. Leave for at least 30-120 minutes. Use daily for best results.

How to Use an Earthing Wrap: Drape the earthing wrap around your ankle, knee, foot, arm, shoulder or tummy. Secure by tucking the end in or leave loose. Place against bare skin (or under clothing) for best results. Leave for 30 minutes or more while you relax or watch TV and use daily.

Sizes: Choose from 10 x 150cm and 20 x 125 cm lengths. See Product Description below for sizing tips.

Fabric: 50% Silver Coated Fibre and 50% Tencel.

Comes with 1-year warranty and 1-year Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

This product is designed to touch the skin directly. Do not use in combination with creams, lotions, balms or essential oils as these may have ingredients that can damage or oxidise the silver in the wrap. For washing and care instructions see the Product Description below.

Sold as a complete system including:

  • 1 x Better Earthing Adapter for Australia & New Zealand.
  • 1 x 5-meter straight lead AND 1 x 6-meter coiled lead (for different uses).
  • 1 x Wrap (choose your size).
  • Plus 1 x Bonus Earthing Wrap (10 x 50 cm) per order.

10% off when you buy 2 or more Wraps (applied in the cart)

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Why use an Earthing Wrap?

This earthing wrap is designed for targetted healing to a sore or painful area.

A study published in the Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine shows that healing accelerates and muscular damage resolves more quickly with localised earthing during the day and sleeping while earthed at night.

Download study here.

Earthing is so effective for recovery from injury that the USA Tour de France team used it on 8 consecutive tours to accelerate wound healing and reduce stiffness and pain after falling from their bike. The team used localised earthing (patches) as well as earthing overnight (recovery bag) to treat their injuries. Our equivalent products are earthing wrap and our earthing undersheet (which contains 15-20x more silver coated fibre than a recovery bag).

What Size Earthing Wrap Should I Use?

We find a 10 x 150cm wrap is a good for wrapping around your ankle, knee, arm, shoulder, tummy or lower back.

The 20 x 125 cm wrap is a good size for wrapping around your tummy or lower back. You can also drape it around your shoulders and cover your chest or your back, where it may help with coughs, asthma, shoulder and neck stiffness or pain.

How to Care for Your Earthing Wrap

Machine wash on gentle cycle with warm water and a detergent that contains no bleach, no whitening agents, no oxidizers and preferably no oils. We use Earth’s Choice blue laundry liquid, which is available from most local supermarkets. Dry in shade.

DO NOT apply creams, oils, lotions or essential oils to areas of skin before using the Earthing Wrap. Many creams and lotions contain ingredients that damage or oxidise the silver. This includes deep heat, tiger balm, Voltaren and other anti-inflammatory and heat rubs. As a precaution, we recommend that if use these creams, that you wash them off before using the Earthing Wrap.


This Better Earthing product comes with a 1-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

8 reviews for Earthing Wrap System

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought the wraps and was curious to try out the product after hearing about it from my martial arts instructor. Not being able to get outdoors as often as I’d like I landed at better earthing for an indoor solution.
    For the first 4 days I felt groggy, had nasal congestion, head aches, an upset stomach and general cold like symptoms. I continued using it and even left it on one night whilst I slept.
    My findings were (to my amazement):
    1. My muscle soreness (contusions from being hit during training) were 90% better and I could walk without limping or pain
    2. I slept like a log – waking at 4am effectively ready to start the day. This really surprised me as often I would wake later than this and still feel tied and;
    3. Being a long term neck pain sufferer my neck has been remarkably less sore.
    People (I.e my wife) think I’m a little crazy when I talk about earthing and use the product. Laughing as I plug myself in each night. But I swear by this process and product with the aim of continuing to use it daily.
    Thanks very much for your product, speed of service and the information you make available.
    My next purchase is the bed sheet as I want to convince my wife and we can be crazy together.
    Thanks again and keep up the great products!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joel, Singapore

    I was recently diagnosed with cancer and my oncologist wanted me to do chemotherapy. When I signed the consent form for the chemotherapy, I saw a list of risks and inflammations that will happen to me.
    My friend who accompanied me to the hospital told me about “earthing energy” and how it can help me. Once I reached home, I searched the Web and found Better Earthing Australia. I purchased an Earthing Mat and Earthing Pad for my daughter, an Earthing 20 x 125 cm Wrap for myself and an Earthing Band for another friend of mine who was also a cancer patient.
    I was surprised that the items came quickly and were nicely packed. They were made with good quality. The customer service was excellent too.
    After every chemotherapy session, I tie the wrap around my chest and wear it most of the time. I can manage the side effects well and I do not feel any discomfort or pain. I even have dreams when sleeping. The Earthing Wrap is surprisingly soft.
    My daughter likes the Earthing Pad – she puts it on top of her mattress whenever she sleeps. Her desk has many electronical devices, including a laptop. The Earthing Mat lowers EMFs.
    My friend who has prostate cancer has not been sleeping well. He often wakes up many times in the night to urinate. The day he first used the band, he woke up only once to urinate. From that day onwards, he didn’t wake up to urinate. He is very happy with the Earthing Band.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been using the wrap for about 2 months now and wouldn’t be without it. The inflammation in my joints has markedly improved and I am sleeping much better. At first I felt a bit nauseous so had to take it slowly and drink lots of water. Now I use it whenever I am watching tv and also wrap it around my wrist when sleeping at night, The calmness I feel is amazing and although I have had a cold my immune system seems to be working better and have healed much quicker than I normally would.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Vicki QLD

    When I purchased my products I had just broken my wrist and Peter supplied a Earthing wrap and band for me to try. Thank you so much these are my go-to for treating inflammation in my joints. When pain is intense the wrap helped ease the pain an inflammation.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    My husband is trying to delay knee replacement surgery and he has a lot of pain and inflammation around his knee. He struggles just to walk around the shops. He was skeptical about this ‘airy fairy’ idea of mine to ground him. However, the anti-inflammatories weren’t working and he was in so much pain at night that he was waking up often and taking panadol osteo (which weren’t doing much). I bought a large wrap for my husband’s knee. He works from home and spends hours a day at his computer. So, in addition to the wrap, I also bought a mat for him to put his feet on, and a mat for him to sit on whilst he works at his computer.

    Everything arrived quickly, and each item was beautifully wrapped. The cables and plugs feel like very good quality.

    I plugged him in and he thought I was crazy (not kidding), but he tolerated it due to desperate hope. I didn’t say much more but made sure that I followed him around the house with the gear and diligently plugged him back in when he retired to the lounge room after work. At night time he just had the wrap on his knee, but never woke up with it on as he’d lose it in the night. I could have purchased a sheet but this stuff’s not cheap.

    After a week at his computer with his knee wrapped, his feet on the rubber mat, and his bum on the seat mat (probably an average of two three-hour stints per day), he reservedly declared to me that his knee was ‘without pain when resting’ – for the first time in 18 months. He said he had tried to deduce what else could have been responsible for the change (that’s the skeptic in him), and that he had no idea what else it could be. He now respects the equipment, although he doesn’t understand what free electrons are.

    My husband is a large-ish man. The knee wrap is ‘just’ long enough to wrap around his large, swollen knee. The mat at his feet is ‘just’ big enough but if there was a wider one, I would have bought it because his feet shift around a lot on the ground under his desk. The seat mat is brilliant – tough – like a light, durable canvas fabric. It’s a perfect size although he has mentioned that sitting on it makes him perspire so maybe putting a cotton tea towel over it would help, in future.

    It’s a bit of an effort unplugging everything and moving it from the desk to the lounge, to the bed, but he is willing due to the results he is experiencing.

    Yesterday I lent the seat mat to my elderly father, who lives in a world of arthritic pain, and so I will let you know if it works on his back, shoulders, hands, etc. when he’s used it for a while. He rarely sleeps because of his pain and wears morphine patches just to function, so I am hoping it may help him. If it does I will suggest he buys the fitted sheet. In fact, I’d love a fitted sheet for our bed – but, one step at a time, like I said, it’s not cheap …

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Patti, QLD

    My neighbour had shingles and ended up with Neuralgia on her head and scalp, this was causing her much pain. After a little thought, I lent her long bandage-like strip of earthing material to wrap around her head. She was very happy to try this and Bingo! She very excitedly told me that the pain was gone although she still had some tingling but she was more than happy. I am over the moon for her!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    While in bed, I discovered some scratches on my wrist and fingers from pruning that afternoon. Not wanting to get out of bed to tend to them I decided to wind the grounded silver wrap, I had close by, around my hand and wrist area. Knowing that silver is highly antibacterial and a healing promoter, I thought I would test it out. To my amazement, the scratches didn’t become infected as they always do from gardening mishaps with me. The next morning, there was no redness or soreness and they healed extra fast. I don’t know how long the wrap was in place as I went to sleep quickly and when turning over noticed it wasn’t on. However, it doesn’t take long for silver to kill bacteria.

    Just another use for this high quality Earthing Wrap System.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sandy Price

    I felt an almost immediate benefit from the silver strip wrapped around my injured arm and shoulder. The next morning when using my exercise pulley my range of motion increased significantly.

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Indoor Earthing Explained

Our indoor Earthing products use our custom earthing adapter plug and lead to connect with the grounding (earthing) system that’s already in your home.

See the third or bottom ‘Earth’ pin in your powerpoint. It is wired to a metal plate or rod buried in the earth near your home that designed to get rid of excess electricity. Better Earthing products get rid of A/C electricity in our body (picked up from surrounding electrical wiring and devices). They also conduct health-enhancing free electrons from the earth to rebalance our body!

You can use our earthing products with the powerpoint turned off!

A normal electricity plug conducts a/c current or electricity via the top two metal prongs. In earthing adapters, the top two prongs are plastic, so no electricity can pass through. Additionally, we’ve put safety resistors in our Better Earthing Adapter and Lead (60,000 ohms altogether). Say the ground outside your home was hit by lightning. Not even a mosquito bite of electricity could pass through these resistors. That means you can leave your Better Earthing products plugged in all the time.

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