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Erthe Earthing Shoe Strap (Pair)

Erthe Earthing Shoe Strap (Pair)


Turn your shoes into earthing shoes or grounding shoes with a pair of Erthe X earthing straps by Australian company Earthling 3.0 See how to fit guide.

Sold as a set of 2 straps. Attach to both shoes, or just one shoe, and use the 2nd strap for another pair of shoes. Note this strap permanently sticks on and is not transferable between shoes.

For further details please see below including How to Fit and 60-day full Satisfaction Guarantee.

10% off when you buy 2 or more pairs (applied in the cart)

For fitting instructions see our How to Fit tab.

These straps will earth you while walking or running on conductive surfaces like grass, soil, sand at the beach, stone, unsealed tiles, and concrete footpaths or pavements. Note asphalt is not conductive and you will not earth.

Plastic and rubber-soled shoes disconnect us from the earth, as the rubber is ‘insulating’ (not conductive) and stops the earth’s electrons from entering your body.

By adding a grounding strap to your rubber-soled shoe or runners, you’ll be in conductive contact with the earth’s surface (just as you are when you walk barefoot). Grounding brings electrons from the earth’s surface into your body and also discharges static electricity buildup.

These are the latest model, conductive, lightweight, self-adhesive grounding straps. They are hardy and will stretch with your shoes, and are made with Erthe’s latest revolutionary viscoelastic polymer called SpaceFlex.

Durability: ErtheX grounding straps should last 3-6 months depending upon where and how much it is being used. For example, concrete and gravel will wear the strap more than natural surfaces such as grass, soil, or sand at the beach. ErtheX grounding straps should last up to 1,000km when used on natural surfaces.

Note: be careful not to scrape the sole of your shoe on metal grids or door mats as this can loosen the strap from the sole.

This study shows that grounding may result in faster recovery after exercise and reduces the markers of inflammation and muscle damage post-exercise.


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How to Fit

Each strap has a small end and a large end.

The small end goes on the outer sole / under the shoe, and should be positioned closer to the arch to reduce wear.

Earthe Earthing Shoe Strap

Then run the strap along the outside of the shoe (can be high top or low closed shoe) and place the large tab in the insole under your heel.

Earthe Strap Inside the Shoe

No glue is needed. Ideally, attach the strap and leave it overnight before wearing the shoe.

View guide.



Satisfaction Guarantee

We give a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee on your first pair of Erthe Grounding Straps.

Please note there is no time warranty beyond this full satisfaction guarantee for a full 2 months, due to the many varying walking & running routines that people may have. As an indication of durability, the manufacturer expects these latest model Erthe X straps to last up to 1000 km walking or running on natural softer surfaces like grass, soil, bush tracks, and sand at the beach.


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Earthing Shoe Strap
Erthe Earthing Shoe Strap (Pair)