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Shoe Heel Earther

Shoe Heel Earther


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For Small to Medium heels, up to 9cm wide.

With a shoe heel earther you can convert any flat soled shoe into an earthing shoe.

Earth with your shoes on while walking or standing on grass, soil, sand, rock, unpainted cement or stone.

Great for bush walking, walking the dog, and farm work.

Made from long-lasting rubber with velcro straps and a conductive ribbon containing stainless steel fibre. Sold  as single units.

Buy 2 (a pair) for $26 (discount applied in the cart)

How to wear: Undo the velcro straps and put the heel of your shoe into the heel earther. Then fasten.

Tuck the conductive ribbon inside your sock. Good conductive contact is made by a combination of skin moisture or perspiration and body weight (if some of the ribbon is under your foot).

Materials: Long-lasting conductive rubber heel strap. Surgical grade stainless steel fibre within the ribbon. Velcro straps.

Earthing Outside: A moist or wet surface is better for earthing, as there are more free electrons in moist surfaces. Wet sand or soil is more conductive for earthing than dry sand or soil. Similarly, green grass is more conductive than dry, parched grass. Note: tarmac, asphalt and wooden flooring are not conductive for earthing as they insulate or stop the electron transfer from the earth’s surface to your heel grounder.

Warranty: This product comes with a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials. They may wear out sooner if worn regularly, particularly on abrasive surfaces like concrete pavement.


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