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Premium Earthing Universal Underlay by Better Earthing


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We are the original designer-makers of the earthing underlay and our new Premium earthing underlays are the most advanced and durable worldwide. They are backed with a 5-Year warranty and will outlast every other earthing sheet, earthing sleep system, earthing underlay, and black carbon-coated earthing sleep mat available. The earthing fabric is also fully antibacterial for ongoing hygiene.

Our universal underlays (flat sheets) fit all sizes of bed and comes in two widths: 100cm or 150cm. They both have a 190cm long conductive earthing section, plus 75cm printed cotton ends to tuck under the mattress and hold the underlay firmly in place. The total length is 340cm.

The 150cm wide Universal Grounding Underlay is great if you are changing between Queen and King-size beds, or have a large non-standard mattress.

The 100cm wide Universal completely covers a single bed or two-thirds of a Queen bed (placed lengthways). For two people, position it sideways (across the middle of a double, queen, or king bed) so that both can experience the benefits of earthing overnight. The ideal position is under your torso so that your full body weight goes onto the underlay sheet. Then put your favourite natural fibre fitted sheets on top.

This patented Better Earthing fabric took us over 2 years to develop and includes solid medical grade stainless steel filament. Unlike silver or carbon-based earthing sheets or earthing sleep mats, you don’t need to be concerned about damage from various ingredients in body creams, lotions, essential oils, magnesium oils, sulphur in heavy sweat, body and hair oil, or black carbon coatings breaking down. The fabric and underlay is made to maximise earthing conductivity from the robust metal, and yet still be flexible and soft like a strong long-lasting fabric.

It delivers big health benefits including improved sleep, reduced pain, and better circulation. See earthing benefits for more or read our 100+ Google reviews of Better Earthing products.

Sold as a complete system with a straight lead and an AU/NZ earthing adapter for earthing indoors (if you would prefer a coiled lead or another country adapter, let us know by leaving a note when you order. For orders outside of Australia / NZ, we include an adapter to suit your country i.e. HK/UK adapter for Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia or EU adapter for Indonesia.)

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Better Earthing Patented Fabric & Naturally Antibacterial

This custom-made earthing fabric is made with the highest quality medical grade (316L) solid stainless steel filament (15%), German Made Antibacterial Mineral Fibre (10%), and sustainably produced Lyocell/Tencel from FSC Certified forests (75%).  It is permanently antibacterial (certified) and will prevent bacteria and odours from occurring within the fabric throughout its lifespan. Many fabrics are not permanently antibacterial and only have a solution added which washes out quickly.

Fabric Feel & Appearance

This premium earthing fabric is light grey in colour, with a natural crinkle due to the long and highly robust medical grade stainless steel filaments. This filament is much more conductive than more commonly used stainless fibres. The fabric feels like strong cotton or linen fabric, and you can earth effectively for many years while sleeping on your favourite regular cotton etc sheets. We can give a 5-year warranty, and logically it will continue to earth effectively for 15 plus years.

Comparison to Other Earthing Underlays

This premium product is far superior to black carbon-coated earthing sleep mats made from Polyurethane (marketed as Leatherette and made in China). Our premium earthing fabric has much better earthing conductivity, superior durability and reliability of conductivity over time. It is also more breathable, and more hygienic, all of which are important for an underlay. We back our durability confidence with a 5-year warranty.

In comparison, black polyurethane earthing sleep mats have a 3-month manufacturer warranty against defects. The maker says under their return policy (Sep 2019) that they should last for years or a lifetime, but they only offer to refund or replace within 90 days of purchase if there is a manufacturing defect. Resellers may extend that warranty, but a 90-day manufacturers warranty is not a sign of confidence of durability.

Better Earthing Underlay Design

Better Earthing Sleep Systems are the world’s first earthing sheets designed to work through bed clothing and the fitted sheet you directly sleep on. NO direct skin contact is needed. The tiniest amount of body moisture or humidity in your clothes and sheets, compressed by your body weight, creates conductive channels that very effectively pass earth from your highly conductive Better Earthing Sleep System.

By not sleeping directly against your earthing undersheet, the fabric is protected from normal wear & tear. This makes for a very long-lasting product. Most earthing sheets are designed for direct contact with bare skin and use silver-coated fibre in 3-8% of their earthing fabric.

Please note if you have an allergy to nickel in stainless steel or to 9 or 14-carat gold, then avoid direct skin contact whilst sleeping and use only as an underlay.

Additional information


Premium Fabric with Stainless Steel Filament & Naturally Antibacterial
The total length is 340cm long x 100cm wide.
The conductive earthing section is 190cm long. This is sewn to 75cm long cotton ends that tuck under the mattress to hold the Universal sheet securely in place.


Premium Earthing Universal Underlay, Better Earthing Adapter, Better Earthing Straight Lead, Product Guide

Fabric Appearance

This fabric has a crinkly crepe-texture appearance due to its highly conductive and solid medical grade stainless steel filaments, which is a natural property of this fabric. It can be used as an underlay with your favourite sheets (cotton or natural fibre).

Washing Frequency

When used as an underlay, wash each 3-4 months in warm or hot water to avoid the build-up of oils from your hair and body. Oil acts as a barrier to good conductivity until washed out. This fabric is naturally antibacterial and remains hygienic between washes. If slept on directly, wash each 2 to 3 weeks.

Washing Instructions

Regular machine wash on warm or hot with a detergent that does not contain bleach as this will degrade its antibacterial effectiveness over time. Use any eco friendly detergents like Earth Choice, Aware or Abode as they typically do not include bleach. Use warm or hot water as this will help remove body oils and lotions. The build-up of oils acts as a barrier to good conductivity and can reduce earthing strength until washed out.

Drying Instructions

This fabric has a natural crinkle and will pucker after washing. Hand-stretch the wet fabric by stretching the sides in opposite directions (stretching the sides apart). Line dry inside or outside. You can tumble dry on LOW for final drying only. Do not tumble-dry when wet, as this will increase the crinkle. As this fabric is highly antibacterial, you can place it on the bed when it is not yet 100% dry (it will not develop mildew or other odours).

Travelling Overseas

Better Earthing adapters can be used in conjunction with travel adapters for countries that have earthed three-pin type powerpoints that are properly grounded. We also sell a range of earthing adapters for other countries where no travel adapter is needed. Ensure that your travel adapter (Australian to UK for example) has a metal earth pin. Note: 2 pin type powerpoints have no earth pin so cannot be used.

Why Antibacterial Fibre?

Earthing products will naturally build up some sweat and body oils from normal use. This build-up can create a breeding ground for bacteria, mould or mildew.

Anti-bacterial fabric actively kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria, including those that cause odour.

Better Earthing does not use chemical antibacterial treatments or additives, which are not long-lasting, and can cause skin allergies.

We use German-made natural antibacterial mineral fibres, as part of the fabric composition. This means this product is permanently antibacterial, or antibacterial for its life.

Other benefits in addition to hygiene include less washing needed, plus longer fabric lifespan and lower replacement costs over time.


This Better Earthing product comes with a 5-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

5 reviews for Premium Earthing Universal Underlay by Better Earthing

  1. Debee, USA

    I really like your product! I’m sleeping better and have more energy. I have also noticed that my arthritis doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it used to when the weather changes. Thank you so much for making such a good product! I’d recommend you in a heartbeat!
    I’d give it 10 stars if it were an option! I used to be SO tired in the afternoons but not any more. Your products are the bomb!

  2. Karen, WA

    I’m quite sure it’s made a difference to my aches, stiffness (osteo), also to a numb burning feeling on the thighs. Energy is higher, and feel a natural calm feeling too. I didn’t sleep at all the first night on the earthing sheet. But within 3 days id settled. I’m sleeping in longer. I couldn’t ‘sleep in’ at all before.
    I’m very happy about it all. I’m so glad I decided to give it a go. (Its not cheap, but its affordable.) Just gotta take a risk sometimes. My Health is worth it. I’ve told my brother and his wife who lives in Brisbane about it. She has very bad osteo arthritis.
    Good on you both for this Australian brand.

  3. Ed Sherdian, Myopractic therapist

    I have been using both personally and professionally recommending earthing products for many years. I find yours to be a superior earthing product and experience.

  4. Graham, NSW

    I am a 75 year old male who has had chronic pain for the last 7 years. Day time requiring 2 pain medications. night time after going to bed no
    medication. Like most men my age I have an enlarged prostate which requires me to go
    to the bathroom through the night after going to bed.

    I have been using the premium sheet underlay and a premium pillow case
    for the last 4 nights – the first night I did not notice any difference. I usually have 2 or 3 pain sessions after I go to bed and I have to go to the bathroom at least 2 or 3 times

    I also have trouble getting back to sleep, the second night I did not have any pain sessions – I still had to get up 2 or 3 times to go to the bathroom I did not have any trouble getting back to sleep, my third night I did not have any pain sessions I slept till 3am with no trouble getting back to sleep & the 4th night I slept right through till 5am the next morning I have to take pain medication around 10.30am I did not need to take it until 3.30pm and did not need the second lot so I went from needing 2 medications a day to only needing one.

    If you are reading this review looking for something to help with chronic pain I would like to share something I learned while attending a pain
    management course at the local hospital when you are in pain it is the only thing that exists for you at that time, you cannot help but focus on that pain that opens gateways in the brain to allow more pain signals to get through and your pain level increases what you have to do is distract the brain I did this by counting out
    loud this was at a time when the pain was at its worst up to 5 pain medications a day

  5. Deb, NSW

    I have felt much better after a month now of sleeping on my earthing bed sheet.
    After about a week I found that I was sleeping to about 4.30am instead of 1 to 3am and going back to sleep more easily. When I went away for 3 nights recently I was back to waking early and staying awake for long periods in the early hours of the morning on the second and third night. Once home my sleep improved again.
    I had aches in my hands and feet which has lessened a lot and I do feel more of a sense of calmness.

    I am so glad to have bought your product and I would gladly recommend to other people.

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Indoor Earthing Explained

This Better Earthing Sleep System comes with a special adapter plug and lead designed for earthing indoors.

All Australian and New Zealand powerpoints have a third ‘earth’ pin (at the bottom) that is wired to a metal rod or plate buried in the ground. This safety mechanism is called grounding – it’s there to send excess electricity back into the ground (earth). Indoor Earthing products use ground wiring in your home to safely pass free electrons from the earth to your indoor earthing product, then to you.

No electricity is used. You can earth with the powerpoint turned off. The top two prongs of Better Earthing adapter are plastic, instead of metal like a normal plug, so no a/c current from your electricity mains can pass through.

Both the Better Earthing Adapter and Lead have built-in safety resistors totalling 60,000 ohms. This protects against the rare (or theoretical) event of a power surge via the earth. If the nearby ground were struck with lighting, barely a mosquito bite of electricity could pass through these resistors. Better Earthing adapters conduct earth only. It is a safe and easy way to receive the earth’s health-enhancing free electrons from the comfort of your home.

You can use an autorange multimeter (sold separately) to verify that your products are correctly Earthed via the powerpoint. Compare the amount of electrical voltage carried in your body when you are not earthed, compared to when you are earthed. You’ll be amazed by how much excess AC electricity your body can pick up from surrounding electrical cables and devices and how much it dissipates (reduces) when earthed.

There is also an optional outdoor earthing rod and 15m lead if you don’t wish to earth via the indoor earthed wall socket.

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