This auto seat pad is for use whilst driving in your car or large vehicle. People generally find that they have less tension and fatigue, and feel relaxed yet alert according to a survey by the Earthing Institute on truck drivers.

Road vibration and your body motion on the seat, along with EMFs from your car dashboard electrical system, generate static electricity in your body. You can gently release these small charges by ‘grounding’ yourself to the metal body of your car via this Auto pad and lead. Please note, this is not the same as earthing where free electrons travel from the earth’s surface into your body, as bitumen roads are not conductive for earthing.

Includes: 25 x 30 cm Auto Pad made of 100% conductive rubber, a 2-metre coiled earthing lead plus alligator clip to attach to the metal chassis of your car seat, and user guide.

Comes with 2-year repair or replace warranty.

10% off when you buy 2 or more Better Earthing Auto Seat Pads (applied in the cart)