This earthing car mat or earthing auto seat pad allows electrical build up in your body discharges to the metal floor & chassis of the vehicle. It works via ‘Relative Earthing’. This not the same as Earthing where free electrons travel into your body from the earth’s surface. When driving, our vehicle travels over bitumen roads, and bitumen is not conductive for earthing (nor are the car’s rubber tires).

People who sit on this Auto Pad while travelling for a few hours generally feel a benefit, though this can be subtle unless driving many hours a week.  According to a survey by the Earthing Institute on truck drivers, the drivers generally found they had less tension and fatigue, and felt more relaxed yet alert.

How does your body attract electrical build-up while travelling?  It comes from static electricity, plus electrical EMFs from your car’s electrical system- dashboard, wiring etc. The static build-up comes from the continuous small movements of our body on the car seat, which in turn creates friction and a build-up of static charge.

You can gently release these small charges by ‘grounding’ yourself to the metal body of your car via this Auto pad, lead + alligator clip.  The alligator clip is used to secure a good conductive connection between the end of your lead and some metal point in your car, usually under your seat.  You can also ground yourself in a vehicle with our other earthing products (pads, band kits etc) by just adding an alligator clip to the end of the lead.

This Auto seat pad kit includes a 28 x 38 cm earthing car mat made of stainless steel earthing fabric, a 2-metre coiled earthing lead plus alligator clip to attach to the metal chassis of your car seat, and user guide.

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