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Better Earthing Auto Seat Pad

Better Earthing Auto Seat Pad

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This earthing car mat or earthing auto seat pad allows electrical build up in your body discharges to the metal floor & chassis of the vehicle. It works via ‘Relative Earthing’. This not the same as Earthing where free electrons travel into your body from the earth’s surface. When driving, our vehicle travels over bitumen roads, and bitumen is not conductive for earthing (nor are the car’s rubber tires).

People who sit on this Auto Pad while travelling for a few hours generally feel a benefit, though this can be subtle unless driving many hours a week.  According to a survey by the Earthing Institute on truck drivers, the drivers generally found they had less tension and fatigue, and felt more relaxed yet alert.

How does your body attract electrical build-up while travelling?  It comes from static electricity, plus electrical EMFs from your car’s electrical system- dashboard, wiring etc. The static build-up comes from the continuous small movements of our body on the car seat, which in turn creates friction and a build-up of static charge.

You can gently release these small charges by ‘grounding’ yourself to the metal body of your car via this Auto pad, lead + alligator clip.  The alligator clip is used to secure a good conductive connection between the end of your lead and some metal point in your car, usually under your seat.  You can also ground yourself in a vehicle with our other earthing products (pads, band kits etc) by just adding an alligator clip to the end of the lead.

This Auto seat pad kit includes a 26 x 37 cm earthing car mat made of stainless steel earthing fabric, a 2-metre coiled earthing lead plus alligator clip to attach to the metal chassis of your car seat, and user guide.

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Additional information


26 x 37 cm

Care Instructions

Remove insert before washing. Machine wash as normal. Can be soaked in any clothes detergent. The conductive stainless steel fibres are NOT affected by general clothes washing detergents should they contain some bleach or whiteners. Can be ironed on low / synthetic heat setting with steam.

Made from

Earthing Fabric Made from surgical grade 316L solid stainless steel fibres (30%), cotton (35%) and polyester (35%) for toughness and durability. The fabric feels similar to denim jeans fabric. This conductive fabric cover also contains a 1mm thin felt insert to help retain its shape, but the insert can be removed if desired.


Fabric Mat & insert, a 2-metre coiled earthing lead plus alligator clip to attach to the metal chassis of your car seat, and user guide


Why Antibacterial Fibre?

Earthing products will naturally build up some sweat and body oils from normal use. This build-up can create a breeding ground for bacteria, mould or mildew.

Anti-bacterial fabric actively kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria, including those that cause odour.

Better Earthing does not use chemical antibacterial treatments or additives, which are not long-lasting, and can cause skin allergies.

We use German-made natural antibacterial mineral fibres, as part of the fabric composition. This means this product is permanently antibacterial, or antibacterial for its life.

Other benefits in addition to hygiene include less washing needed, plus longer fabric lifespan and lower replacement costs over time.


This Better Earthing product comes with a 2-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.

5 reviews for Better Earthing Auto Seat Pad

  1. Victoria

    I’ve been a full time bus driver in and around central Sydney for 8 years, a highly stressful job.
    Although, much of the stress I believe, was due to the constant vibration from being on the road for hours at a time, and I would still have that inner vibration when trying to sleep. Discovering and using the fabric grounding mat on my driver’s seat almost instantly reduced the vibration, which intern reduced the stress and immensely helped my sleep. Not a day goes by that I drive without it. I love this mat!!!
    NB: Victoria is using one of our fabric grounding mats and not an Auto-pad, the Fabric mat is made from the same fabric but is larger than the Auto-pad

  2. Caroline

    My earthing car mat is great. I’m a Courier driver, driving up to 10 hours daily, I’m finding since I’ve been using the mat I’m not so fatigued.and have more energy. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Thanks Corrina & Peter

  3. Julie, WA

    I’m finding I’m a lot more chilled teaching, relaxed in the car. I haven’t had any aches or pains since using it so I’m sure it is doing its job.

  4. Catherine Gilmour

    If initially I wasn’t sure about the earthing undersheet, (it took me a year to purchase, after much researching). I am absolutely converted now to earthing products. I was in constant pain when I first started using the products and after sleeping one night on my fitted earthing sheet – inflammation had significantly decreased and I was sleeping through the night. After a week I was feeling fantastic on waking. Was previously getting up twice during the night. I now have an earthing product to sit on and didn’t notice much difference until I got up – and noticed how easily I could, instead of stiffness and pain. I have made a note of the difference in my body sitting on the earthing mat and not, and it is considerable. I use it under my computer as well and have tested it with the meter. I have recommended these products to many people and will continue to do so. 2 years ago I had 6 crush vertebral fractures, severe osteoporosis and fibromyalgia syndrome resulting in constant pain and inflammation, no help with orthodox or natural medicine. I would not be without these products now. Will even take them camping! Thank you so much, your products have been a life-saver!

  5. Julie

    When driving, my husband uses his, but I don’t as it is winter currently and I find wearing woollen clothing and many layers, it doesn’t work for me unless I am sweating, then it does. It will be a warm-weather car grounding item for me. Therefore, I use an Earthing Band on my wrist. This works well and I find after getting up at 4:00 a.m., travelling a couple of hours, working all day and driving back nearly twelve hours later, I still feel refreshed, no stiffness, more endurance too. The Auto Seat Pad works well for my husband. I have noticed a major difference with his alertness and endurance while and after driving also.

    Thank you for your high quality, durable earthing products.

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Better Earthing Auto Seat Pad
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