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Are EMFs attracted to the ground, grounded objects or grounded people?

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No, EMFs are not attracted to the ground. 

Let’s take an example. Mobile phones operate by sending and receiving radio waves, which are a type of electromagnetic field (EMF). 

If EMFs were attracted to the ground, then you wouldn’t be able to make or receive calls on your mobile phone, as your signal would go to the ground instead of going to the nearest mobile tower to relay, send or receive calls.

EMFs are invisible waves of electric and magnetic energy that radiate out from around a source or charged object. They are often described as fields. 

EMFs are not the same as electricity. Electricity is a flow of electrical current and does follow the paths of least resistance to the ground. 

A common misunderstanding is that EMFs work the same as electricity. However they are not the same. You cannot get electrocuted by an EMF. And EMFs are not attracted to the ground.