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Spare Earthing Leads, Adapter Plug, and Cords for Better Earthing Products

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  • earthing adapter for better earthing products

    Better Earthing Adapter

  • earthing cord straight

    5m Better Earthing Straight Lead or Cord

  • Alligator Clip for an Earthing Lead

    Alligator Clip

  • 6m coiled earthing cord

    6m Better Earthing Coiled Lead or Cord

  • multimeter extension lead for earthing

    Multimeter Extension Lead or Cord

  • UK or Hong Kong earthing adapter

    Earthing Adapter for UK, HK and Type G Countries

  • Earthing Product Adapter for Europe

    Earthing Adapter for Europe, Indonesia and Type F Countries

  • 2-way Splitter

    2 way Splitter for Grounding Rod

  • 10m straight extension cord for earthing products

    10m Earthing Extension Lead

  • Type B earthing adapter

    USA Earthing Adapter Type B

  • Close up of 4-way Splitter Box for Earthing

    4 Input Splitter Box

  • reduce earthing strength

    Ease into Earthing box