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Ease into Earthing box

Ease into Earthing box


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Some people need to ease into earthing, just as you would with a new exercise. We notice this is particularly the case for those with chronic health conditions like Lupus, Lyme or long term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The Ease into Earthing Box is simple to use and can connect to any earthing product cord / lead. It has a dial that you simply turn for reducing and varying the strength of any earthing product. You can connect up to 3 products to this clever device. No batteries or power required.

The dial is attached to a variable resistor inside (0 to 1 mega Ohm) that decreases and limits the amount of ‘free electrons’ entering the earthing product and your body. You can experience the benefits of earthing at a milder level with a turn of a dial as needed.

Another way to reduce the strength of your earthing underlay is to place more bottom sheets or blankets on top of the underlay. We cover this in the product guide with all underlays. Both ways can also be used together.

This Ease into Earthing Box comes with instructions and is a very easy and convenient way to adjust earthing strength.


This Better Earthing product comes with a 2-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness, plus a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.


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