Better Earthing Pet Pad

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The Better Earthing Pet Pad is an grounding mat for dogs and cats.

Pets love earthing and may experience benefits including reduced pain, better blood circulation, improved cardiovascular health, and protection from low-frequency EMFs.

The pad is made in Australia and sewn from two layers of rugged fabric (feels like denim jeans fabric) with natural antibacterial mineral fibre inside that actively kills bacteria and odours.

It is conductive on both sides and made with fabric containing surgical grade stainless steel fibre (30%). See full fabric details below under additional information.

The size is a generous 48 x 60 cm to suit a large pet bed or single sofa seat. It can be folded for a smaller pet bed or basket. The pad suits all size dogs, as the pad size gives plenty of earthing coverage even for the largest of dogs. Woof.

Comes with 1 x straight lead, 1 x replacement lead (in case your dog chews one), an AU/NZ green earthing adapter, and product guide. 

5% off when you buy 2 or more pads for you and your pet(s) (applied in the cart).

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48 x 60 cm

Care Instructions

Machine wash on gentle with low spin to retain shape. Can be soaked in any clothes detergent. The stainless steel fibre in this fabric is NOT affected by general clothes washing detergents should they contain some bleach or whiteners. Can be ironed on low / synthetic heat setting with steam.


This custom Earthing Grounding Fabric is made from surgical grade 316L solid stainless steel fibres (30%), cotton (35%) and polyester (35%) for toughness and durability.

Our Antibacterial Inner Felt (1mm thick): German-made natural mineral fibre that is antimicrobial and antibacterial (12%), Tencel (68%), Polyester (20%).


Better Earthing Pet Pad, 1 x Straight Lead, 1 x Replacement Lead in case your dog chews on the lead (please note there is no danger of electrocution because our earthing adapter and lead do not use any electricity and works with the power turned off), 1 x Better Earthing Adapter, Product Guide

Why Antibacterial Fibre?

Earthing products will naturally build up some sweat and body oils from normal use. This build-up can create a breeding ground for bacteria, mould or mildew.

Anti-bacterial fabric actively kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria, including those that cause odour.

Better Earthing does not use chemical antibacterial treatments or additives, which are not long-lasting, and can cause skin allergies.

We use German-made natural antibacterial mineral fibres, as part of the fabric composition. This means this product is permanently antibacterial, or antibacterial for its life.

Other benefits in addition to hygiene include less washing needed, plus longer fabric lifespan and lower replacement costs over time.


This pad comes with a 5-year warranty on its earthing effectiveness under fair treatment conditions.  By fair we mean your pet can scratch it a fair bit, and even chew some holes in it, and we warrant the pad with still earth effectively for 5 years. The pad earths equally well on both sides, and can be flipped over if one side becomes seriously chewed and ragged looking 😊.  It also comes with our standard 1-year satisfaction guarantee. The lead comes with a 2-year warranty as long as it is not broken by your pet chewing it.  We find pets are generally good with not chewing either the pad or lead, but we include a spare replacement lead just in case.

Indoor Earthing Explained

This Better Earthing product comes with a special adapter plug and lead designed for earthing indoors.

All Australian and New Zealand powerpoints have a third ‘earth’ pin (at the bottom) that is wired to a metal rod or plate buried in the ground. This safety mechanism is called grounding – it’s there to send excess electricity back into the ground (earth). Indoor Earthing products use ground wiring in your home to safely pass free electrons from the earth to your indoor earthing product, then to you.

No electricity is used. You can earth with the powerpoint turned off. The top two prongs of Better Earthing adapter are plastic, instead of metal like a normal plug, so no a/c current from your electricity mains can pass through.

Both the Better Earthing Adapter and Lead have built-in safety resistors totalling 60,000 ohms. This protects against the rare (or theoretical) event of a power surge via the earth. If the nearby ground were struck with lighting, barely a mosquito bite of electricity could pass through these resistors. Better Earthing adapters conduct earth only. It is a safe and easy way to receive the earth’s health-enhancing free electrons from the comfort of your home.

You can use an autorange multimeter (sold separately) to verify that your products are correctly Earthed via the powerpoint. Compare the amount of electrical voltage carried in your body when you are not earthed, compared to when you are earthed. You’ll be amazed by how much excess AC electricity your body can pick up from surrounding electrical cables and devices and how much it dissipates (reduces) when earthed.

2 reviews for Better Earthing Pet Pad

  1. Meredith, NSW

    My cavie Max has a heart murmur and the vet told me the outlook was not good. A friend gave me an Earthing pad for him to sleep on. After 3 months of him sleeping on it around half the night, I saw the vet again and she said Max is doing really well with less irregularity in his heartbeat and more energy generally. I haven’t done or changed anything else. I think the earthing may have done this.

  2. Debbie, NSW

    My two Chihuahua get comfort sleeping on the mat and they seem to gravitate to it as soon as I place it on the bed. For me, sleeping on it has helped my back pain. Had chiro booked that week and was not really required.

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