The Better Earthing Pet Pad is an grounding mat for dogs and cats.

Pets love earthing and may experience benefits including reduced pain, better blood circulation, improved cardiovascular health, and protection from low-frequency EMFs.

The pad is made in Australia and sewn from two layers of rugged fabric (feels like denim jeans fabric) with natural antibacterial mineral fibre inside that actively kills bacteria and odours.

It is conductive on both sides and made with fabric containing surgical grade stainless steel fibre (30%). See full fabric details below under additional information.

The size is a generous 48 x 60 cm to suit a large pet bed or single sofa seat. It can be folded for a smaller pet bed or basket. The pad suits all size dogs, as the pad size gives plenty of earthing coverage even for the largest of dogs. Woof.

Comes with 1 x straight lead, 1 x replacement lead (in case your dog chews one), an AU/NZ green earthing adapter, and product guide. 

5% off when you buy 2 or more pads for you and your pet(s) (applied in the cart).