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Dr Mercola Sheds Light on Earthing in New Documentary

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Dr Mercola Sheds Light on Earthing in New Documentary

down to earth documentary

Dr Mercola, Dr Stephen Sinatra, and Dr Laura Koniver have starring roles in the new documentary “Down to Earth”, which is one of the best introductions to earthing or grounding that we’ve seen yet.

View the Down to Earth documentary on Vimeo here

The 15-minute short (above) recently won an IndieFEST Award of Excellence for a documentary short.

The full feature-length documentary is to be released later this year.

It makes complex ideas easy to understand using beautiful visual diagrams. Find out:

  • how the earth gets its negative charge,
  • why the human body is electrical,
  • and why it is so important to harness the electrical charge of the earth for health.

The documentary also takes a personal angle.

Hear how Dr Laura Koniver’s accidentally discovered earthing when her baby had colic.

Earthing Pioneer Clint Ober reminisces about his childhood visits to a Native American Indian neighbor who told him, to take off his shoes or he’d get sick.

Ober also demonstrates his first indoor earthing set-up. It involved metallic duct tape and a grounding rod. This is DIY earthing at it’s simplest!

Dr Jospeh Mercola shares his belief that earthing has been slow to catch on in the medical fraternity, due to the power and influence of the pharmaceutical industry.

Watch the video here.

Barefoot Earthing

Bare Feet from Down to Earth DocumentaryYou’ll see a lot of shoes and bare feet in this documentary.

Indeed, if there’s a bad guy in this film, it’s those insulating rubber-soled shoes!

Rubber-soled shoes (rather than leather) are one of the reasons why we spend less time than ever in conductive contact with the earth than ever before.

As Dr Laura Koniver says, most of us don’t even think to slip off our shoes and walk barefoot. Even our kids spend all day – sun up to sun down – disconnected from the earth, spending their school recess in asphalt playgrounds and after school sports wearing safety gear that insulates them from the earth.

We need earthing, just like we need air and the sunshine, according to physicist/engineer Gaten Chevalier.

He says in the film:

Unbeknownst to us, we live inside a battery. The surface of the Earth is charged negatively, and the ionosphere, a layer of the atmosphere a layer of the atmosphere about 60 miles up, is ionized by the sun. The rays of the sun are so strong that they split the molecules in two, a positive charge and a negative charge.

The negative charges are transferred to the surface of the Earth, through lightening mainly, and the positive charges stay 60 miles up. The problem arises when we don’t have a negative charge.

Free radicals – from inflammation, aging, pollution, toxins in our environment – deplete our body of negative charge or electrons.

As Dr Stephen Sinatra says:

We now know that oxidative stress causes disease. It causes inflammation.

[But] we have this Earth — Mother Earth — that’s going to give us all these free electrons. In simple terms, what Earthing does, is literally it squelches the fires of inflammation, and if inflammation is the source of all root illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes — I mean the list goes on and on — if you can impact inflammation and … stop it, we’re going to be healthier beings.

When we are in contact with earth, we absorb its negative charge (electrons).

The health benefits of earthing are well documented with 21 research studies in peer-reviewed journals in areas from sleep, inflammation, pain, blood circulation, heart rate variability, mood and more.

You can browse research studies or take a look at some of the summaries in the health articles on this website.