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If you are new to earthing or simply curious to know more, you’ll likely enjoy watching an earthing documentary. To date, three have been created – two by wildlife advocate and filmmaker Steve Kroschel and one by Big Picture Ranch. These three documentaries feature the real-life healing journeys of people and interviews with medical experts including Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Stephen Sinatra, Dr James Oschman and more. They also help to explain some of the fascinating science behind how earthing works.

Earthing, also known as grounding, is the practice of bringing the body into conductive contact with the earth. The earth’s surface carries a negative electrical charge due to the presence of large numbers of free electrons. When these come into contact with the human body, they act as powerful antioxidants, providing a wide range of health benefits.

Earthing is something that our ancestors did naturally as they walked barefoot on the ground or slept outdoors on animal skins. But in today’s world, we have insulated ourselves from the earth’s healing energy by wearing rubber-soled shoes and living in high rise buildings. By reconnecting with the earth, we are able to improve our general well-being and relieve some of the stresses and strains of modern life.

Earthing Movies you should watch

The Grounded (Feature) 2013

Watch the trailer below.

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The Grounded is a documentary by filmmaker and naturalist Steve Kroschel. Kroschel was suffering from severe physical pain while working in harsh weather conditions in Alaska. He discovered earthing by chance while watching an online show. This show claimed that earthing was “one of the most significant health discoveries of all time”.

Kroschel was sceptical at first and decided to try earthing for himself. After a few experiments of his own, he became convinced of the healing power of earthing, and introduced it to members of his local community in the small town of Haines, Alaska, population 1700.

This light and entertaining documentary features first-hand accounts from these residents who overcame conditions such as chronic pain, sleep disturbances and more by sleeping while earthed. It also includes stirring music paired with beautiful natural scenes from the Alaskan wilderness.

Heal for Free (Feature) 2014

This sequel to The Grounded delves deeper into the science behind earthing. It includes interviews with earthing experts Dr Stephen Sinatra, Dr Jospeh Mercola, Dr David Suzuki, Dr James Oschman and Dr Laura Koniver.

It asks questions about how earthing can work in the face of environmental toxins and electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, issues with which we are surrounded by in our busy, modern world.

It also follows the health journey of Steph Sinatra who had immune dysfunction, neurological dysfunction & endocrine dysfunction that were exacerbated by electromagnetics and radio frequencies. When his health suddenly declined, Steph learned about earthing which, along with switching to an all-organic diet, he credits with his recovery.

The documentary also revisits the small town of Haines where the local hotel now rents rooms with earthing beds, allowing their customers to experience the benefits of earthing during their stay.

You can stream this feature from the Gaia website or purchase a DVD from the filmmaker.

Watch a trailer below:

Down to Earth or the Earthing Movie 2017

This 15-min documentary short was viewed 27 million times before the full feature release and is a great introduction to earthing for family and friends and includes a great explanation of how the earth gets its negative charge and why the body is electrical. It uses computer graphics to illustrate the principals of earthing in a clear and easy to understand manner, and talks about how research is constantly providing us with more evidence of earthing’s effectiveness. It includes imagery from the 21 research studies on earthing that cover topics including sleep, inflammation, pain, blood circulation, heart rate variability, mood and more.

Down to Earth also tells the personal stories of earthing pioneer Clint Ober and physician Dr Laura Koniver. Koniver turned to earthing after experiencing its benefits first-hand when her daughter was suffering from severe colic.

How to Get Started with Earthing

The easiest way to experience earthing is to simply step outside and kick off your shoes. Standing on the earth’s surface for just a few seconds is enough to begin to feel the benefits of earthing.

In his documentary The Grounded, Steve Kroschel sleeps nude on the ground outside his cabin, but you needn’t take such extreme measures to increase your earthing time. You can earth indoors with an earthing sleep system. This allows you to enjoy all of earthing’s positive effects in the comfort of your very own bed!

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