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Can I over-earth myself?

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Although earthing is completely naturally, it is possible to have too much too quickly when you first start. We generally suggest easing in like you would with a new exercise. If your body detoxes or begins rebalancing too quickly, discomfort can be felt.

If you are taking medications, then it could be possible that your body is functioning better with the addition of earthing and simply doesn’t need as much medication. The dosage level could now too high. Consult with your doctor and discuss the possibility of reducing your medication. In the case of warfarin, coumadin, glucose medication and thyroid medication, we advise talking with your Doctor before you start earthing and monitor your medication levels carefully as earthing is known to interact with these medications (see our separate FAQs).

Earthing is completely natural. Our ancestors were in contact with the Earth 24/7. They walked, sat, and slept on the Earth. They were always in contact with it.

When our bodies absorb electrons from the Earth, we’re actually filling up on fuel and our body only takes as much as we need. Our bodies use electrons in our normal metabolic processes (the basic cellular processes that keep us alive), so from this perspective, there’s always a need for more.