Are you curious about earthing and ready to give it a try? Chances are you already have without realising it. Whenever we walk on the grass or down at the beach, we aren’t just soaking up the sun and fresh air, we’re getting a good dose of earthing, especially if we do these activities for 30 minutes or more. Here are the 6 best ways to try earthing for free.

1. The sand on the beach

The beach is the most idyllic location to get yourself grounded. Feeling the sand tickle your feet or sunbathing and breathing in the salty air at the beach is enough to calm and relax the most troubled soul. You know why? Because these activities ground the body to the earth’s surface to bring about an influx of free electrons into the body. Your body is about 65-50% water. This water plus the minerals makes for a great electrical conductor. Similarly, the high salt content in the sea or ocean water makes it one of the best conductors of electrons. The best way to ground yourself is to stroll through seawater barefoot.

2. Moist grass or bare soil

The whiff of freshly cut grass or moist soil is like a balm to a stressed mind. These smells can take you to a different world entirely. It’s obviously the free electrons at work. Walking barefoot on moist grass or moist soil is your second best natural earthing option. The soles of your feet have the most number of sweat glands and nerve endings. The sweat glands are likely to keep your feet moist, which is optimal for good grounding. Hence, they are ideal zones to connect with the earth. The best time to walk barefoot on grass would be in the mornings when it’s covered with fresh dew, as the moisture increases the conductivity of the grass and soil. If you don’t have access to a grassy lawn around where you live, you could walk or sit barefoot on a patch of wet soil too. But, make sure to take off your shoes first.

Even the 19th century ‘Back to Nature’ movement in Germany endorsed the benefits of barefoot outdoor activities. Most of the people involved experienced several health benefits from being shoeless outdoors even in the winters. Well, the next time your child rolls on the grass or jumps into a mud pool, overcome your instincts to bring out the sanitizers, join him/her in the game instead.

3. Concrete or bricks

Don’t have access to a park or a beach around where you live? Well, concrete and bricks are good conductors of electrons too. Concrete is made up of water and cement whereas bricks are made up of water and clay, which are all good conductors. Hence, walking on a mud surface with a layer of concrete or bricks on it is likely to help you ground too. Even ceramic tiles on the ground level that sit over concrete directly connected to the earth are acceptable for grounding. However, this will work only if the concrete, ceramic tiles or bricks aren’t sealed with paint, asphalt, tar, tarmac, vinyl, or wood. Such materials are typical insulators just like your plastic soled shoes. And, they do not allow the electrons to pass into your body.

4. Gardening

You are going to love this one if you are a green thumb! Gardening is a great way to connect with the earth. Gardening brings your body in contact with the soil and plants, and touching the plants has a grounding influence too. But again, make sure you don’t use plastic or rubber gardening gloves and shoes.

5. Swimming in a lake or ocean

Itching for a swim? Go ahead! Swimming in a lake or the ocean will help you ground perfectly. It’s the water directly in contact with the earth that helps your body take in electrons. Then again, seawater with its abundant salt is always better than a freshwater pond or lake. Remember that the plastic in an inflatable pool and the dense insulations around a private pool, make them hopeless for grounding. Avoid them.

6. Exercising outdoors

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then why not try exercising barefoot outdoors. You can get your daily run, walk or jog done while barefoot on wet grass or soil. Even your exercise routines such as crunches, yoga, or aerobics could help you ground if they are done outdoors, barefoot and without an exercise mat. In fact, grounding yourself during strenuous exercises will also ease muscle pains and speed up tissue repair. Alternatively, you can also meditate barefoot by sitting cross-legged on the ground without a mat.

These 6 grounding methods are likely to go a long way towards healing your body and maintaining good health. After all, they are a winning combination of Vitamin D from the sun, anti-oxidants from the earth, and physical fitness. Go ahead, let your guard down and kick off your shoes!