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Feeling Free from Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Bettina’s daughter Mariah (age 24 years) has had a difficult time with her health. She developed social anxiety at age 10, put on weight, got Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis onset at age 15, and Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 22.

At age 24, Mariah’s body had become a battlefield.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hashimoto’s are autoimmune conditions. The body’s immune system malfunctions and treats its own cells as invaders.

Mariah found she was waking up each morning with stiffness, swelling/inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles of her hands, wrists and occasionally in her feet and knees. The pain was interfering with the most basic activities such as writing or typing.

When her mother Bettina heard about earthing, she decided Mariah had to try it.

Bettina says, ‘I bought the earthing band kit with the two sized green bands for my daughter’s birthday. She was so excited to get it and couldn’t wait to use it. The morning after wearing the smaller band to bed she noticed a dramatic improvement!’

Mariah experienced a 50% reduction in stiffness and a massive decrease in pain 3 days.

As Mariah says: ‘I still have stiffness in my hands, but there is hardly any PAIN associated with this stiffness anymore, as long as I am wearing my band.’

Bettina says ‘we would have been happy with just a 10% reduction in her pain – we weren’t expecting almost 100%!’

‘Mariah does a lot of writing at home doing maths and her knuckles and the joints are usually very achy. Now she will not go anywhere without the band and has said she’s going to take it into exams to stop her hands tiring and cramping.’

Mariah explains: ‘the band instantly loosens up my hand quite significantly after that initial morning stiffness. So much so that I can write and type freely!’

Three days after she started earthing with the band Mariah had a blood test.

‘She got her results yesterday – you won’t believe it but her arthritis/inflammation reading is right down to less than 1.00! Her doctor was shocked.’

Her changes weren’t just physical. Bettina noticed in the first few days that her daughter was ‘getting less stressed and less anxious’.

After 15 days of regular earthing, the changes were even more noticeable.

‘Her anxiety levels have decreased dramatically and if she feels anything coming on, she reaches straight for the band. She said it’s like an instant wave of calm that takes over.’

Mariah says ‘I actually meditate with my band. I find it much easier to cultivate this skill when my mind is more at ease. I am currently using meditation to learn how to control my anxiety. It is very useful, especially when I don’t have access to my band.’

Her Doctor also noticed changes and reduced her Thyroxine medication for Hashimotos. Bettina and Mariah are delighted with the improvements to Mariah’s Health.

‘The areas that it has improved go far beyond just physical feelings – the psychological effect is being free again, to do the things we thought she had given up on. I am so glad we found earthing and your products.’

You can read a variety of earthing experiences by browsing our testimonials page or product reviews in our earthing shop. Alternatively, take a look at our short research summaries of the 20 published studies on earthing, which use a variety of tests to measure the effects of earthing on the human body.

If you’d like to get advice on the best earthing product for you, contact our friendly team for a no-obligation chat.

You can also trial earthing yourself by taking a barefoot walk on the grass or at the beach. Green grass or moist sand is best. You may be surprised at how good you feel after just 30minutes.