A Grounding Sheet Underlay or Earthing Underlay

That’s Designed and made in Australia by Better Earthing

Most earthing products do not last long and have poor manufacturer warranties ranging from 0 to 6 months. That’s why we started Better Earthing. Our custom earthing underlays come with a 5-year warranty. Other manufacturers say their products will last for years but do not give a warranty to match their words.

About Better Earthing Bedding

  • Our earthing bedding is designed as an underlay so you can still use your favourite bed sheets.
  • Unlike silver earthing sheets, this underlay has no risk of damage from sulphur in sweat, body and hair oils or ingredients in creams, lotions or sprays as none of these can damage the conductive medical grade stainless steel filament in our patented earthing fabric.
  • Gently powerful and long-lasting – less ‘wear’ and washing due to our underlay design.
  • Always hygienic due to antibacterial materials that kill bacteria and odour, repel dust mites and reduce the need for washing.
  • Machine washable on ‘hand-wash’ or ‘wool wash’ setting.
  • Excellent earthing conductivity when new AND over time (as indicated by the warranty length)
  • Immediate earthing through your regular natural fibre sheets and PJ’s – no need to wait 5 to 20minutes for extra body moisture build-up.
  • 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee plus a 5-Year Repair or Replace Warranty (plus find out why you need a warranty on earthing effectiveness).
earthing underlay by better earthing

Proven Health Benefits

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better circulation and blood flow
  • Relief from pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Top up on antioxidants naturally
  • Boost your immune system
  • & more!

Read our Earthing for Better Health articles for more info.

Hear from our happy customers…

I have used an earthing sheet for a number of years but this new range of products from Better Earthing are of far superior quality. My parents have likewise noticed an improvement their quality of sleep and my mother has reduced symptoms of restless legs.

I was happily surprised to received a free band kit and Earthing book! Thank you so much for a fabulous product!!

Ewelina Bursa, NSW

The longer I sleep on my earthing sheet underlay, the more I am convinced of its benefits. I am sleeping more soundly, wake with more energy and have an improved sense of general wellbeing. I also have much less pain from arthritis, and no longer need a pillow beneath my knees to reduce discomfort, which was previously the way I slept for years. While clearly my arthritis is not cured, the pain has been significantly reduced and I move more easily in the mornings. Thank you for this extremely beneficial product.

Meredith, SA

Extremely happy with my purchase. Fast delivery. Great quality and excellent conductivity on the products purchased. Peter was very helpful over the phone and was happy to answer any questions. Sleep has noticeably improved, feeling calmer, more energized and an amazing sense of overall well being. Get grounded and judge for yourself.

Daniel Calleja, QLD

I am a chiropractor in the blue mountains of NSW and have been raving about this earthing sheet to many of my patients and I know 4 different people have now ordered the same sheet and are equally as thrilled, especially patients dealing with chronic pain. Thanks for what you are doing!

Dr Leanne Jenkins B.Ch.Sc M.Chir, NSW

Why Choose a Premium Earthing Sheet Underlay from Better Earthing

These are most advanced and durable earthing sheet underlays or undersheets in the world. They are backed with a 5-Year warranty and will outlast every other earthing sheet, earthing sleep system or earthing sleep mat worldwide. We expect they will last and earth effectively for 15+ years for most people.

Our patented fabric took us over 2 years to develop and includes 15% solid medical grade stainless steel filament plus antibacterial German-made fibre woven with sustainably produced Tencell and Lyocel (similar to bamboo but stronger and more environmentally friendly).

The earthing strength is excellent when new and the stainless filament will not lose conductivity over time, hence the 5-year warranty.

FITTED Premium Earthing Underlay by Better Earthing

Use this fitted earthing underlay or grounding mattress protector alongside your favourite sheets. Available for King Single, Double, Queen, King, Extra Large King and custom sizes of bed.

Unlike silver or carbon-based earthing sheets and earthing sleep mats, you don’t need to be concerned about damage from various ingredients in body creams, lotions, essential oils, magnesium oils, sulphur in heavy sweat, body and hair oil, or black carbon coatings breaking down. We just don’t say our products will last, we have the confidence to give a 5-year warranty.

Premium Universal Earthing Underlay

This one size-fits-all (flat sheet) suits all sizes of bed: King, Queen, Double or Single. Choose from two widths: 100cm or 150cm. They both have a 190cm long conductive earthing section, plus 75cm printed cotton ends to tuck under the mattress and hold the underlay firmly in place.

The fabric is the same as our fitted underlay and it also comes with a 5-Year warranty.

How Does Better Earthing Bedding Compare to Other Options?

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