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The Australian-Made Earthing Sheet that’s designed as an Undersheet or Underlay

Designed and made in Australia by Better Earthing

The only manufacturer in Australia to give a 2-year warranty on effective earthing life

  • Our earthing bedding is designed as an under sheet so you can still use your favourite bed sheets.
  • Gently powerful and long-lasting – less ‘wear’ and washing due to our underlay design.
  • Our custom fabric using premium silver coated fibre from France that’s made by one of the world’s best suppliers (learn about different quality earthing sheet fabric here).
  • Silver is the most conductive metal in existence and makes for excellent earthing strength.
  • Always hygienic due to antibacterial and antimicrobial nature of silver – it kills odour, repels dust mites and reduces the need for washing.
  • Machine washable on gentle.
  • Each square metre of fabric contains 7,500 metres of silver fibre for reliable earthing conductivity and immediate earthing effect through your regular sheets and pj’s (no need to wait 5 to 20minutes).
  • 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee & our 2 Year Repair or Replace Warranty (plus find out why you need a warranty on earthing effectiveness).
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Proven Health Benefits

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Better circulation and blood flow
  • Relief from pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Top up on antioxidants naturally
  • Boost your immune system
  • & more!

Read our Earthing for Better Health articles for more info.

Hear from our happy customers…

My Better Earthing sheet gave me a marked improvement in quality of sleep. More comfortable nasal breathing and no need to arise at night. Leading to more freshness and vitality during the day. Surprisingly, didn’t need my glasses at the movies. That’s the first week. Looking forward to more benefits with continued use.
Mark Brady, QLD
After 4 days of sleeping on a fitted sleep system my arthritic stiffness in my hand and hips had disappeared. It seemed too hard to believe. But now 4 weeks later, all is still good with no arthritic stiffness, and I now know the Earthing sheet did this. I’m also sleeping much better.
Lyn Harris, QLD
I get a little ragged from long working hours and long commutes to work, which can cause me to have a little bit of insomnia or deep sleep issue’s. Also I do physical work which causes aches n pains as one might expect. Having used the earthing sheet for just over two weeks now, I notice a marked improvement in sleep and feel more rested and vital as a result. Less aches and pains too, which is great. And I just feel more grounded, or earthed, if you prefer! My partner is also enjoying the benefits.
Paul Treacy, VIC
I am sleeping so deeply on your under sheet. Thank you so much for creating this gift for people.
Rachel, QLD

Our Range of Earthing Bedding

Fitted Under Sheet

Our Fitted Earthing Sleep System comes in King, Queen, Double and King Single sizes. It is gently powerful and lovingly sewn in Australia from pure silver coated fibre (50% of the earthing fabric) and undyed, sustainable tencel from Eucalypt trees (50%).

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Silver Slumber Earthing Sleep System

Better Earthing Pillowcase with 15-20x More Silver

Better Earthing Pillow Case

Reduce neck tension, improve circulation and more with this pure silver coated fibre inner pillow case. It is also a handy, ultra-light size for travelling.

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Universal  – Our flat undersheet

Get 8 hours Earthing overnight in whatever size bed you’re in with universal sleep system. It covers half of a King, Queen, Double bed and the full length of a Single bed.

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Better Earthing Traveller

Better Earthing Sleep Pad in situ

Better Earthing Sleep Pad

This small 1-metre long sleep pad is a great introduction to earthing overnight. It suits one person and is designed to be used like a mini mattress topper that you place under your existing fitted sheet.

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